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How to Invoke and Sense Angelic Energy

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Do you want turbo powered breakthroughs and transformations on your spiritual journey? Course you do! We all want to heal and grow in the quickest most graceful way possible. And that can be accomplished by learning how to connect to angelic energy. It was a total game changer for me - I was able to heal all sorts of emotional and mental wounds using the help of angelic energy  - so much so, that is had become my lifes work to get people connecting to this universal energy themselves! But so many people are still unsure of how to invoke angels to help them and then their minds are full of questions about how to sense them once they've called them. Lets bring some clarity to that for you all...


The Full Transcript

I remember someone close to me saying one-day, “well, I can get on board with this whole energy thing and that doesn’t sound as 'woo woo' anymore, but it’s when you start talking about Angels that people are gonna think you’re weird!” 

I laughed and I said “yeah I totally get it, people don’t understand what they don’t experience for themselves.”

And that is the crux of it. You're never going to experience the universal energy of angels unless you want to and try to! 

But why would you want to? Well, the fact that you're following me might mean that you're curious about angels and how they can help you? On top of that, I think it's fair to say that we all want to heal and grow in the quickest, easiest and most graceful way possible. And that can be accomplished by learning how to connect to angelic energy. It was a total game changer for me - I was able to heal all sorts of emotional and mental wounds using the help of angelic energy  - so much so, that is has become my life's work to get people connecting to this universal energy themselves! 

But so many people are still unsure of how to invoke angels to help them and their minds are then full of questions about how to sense them once they've called them. Let's bring some clarity to all of that for you with this weeks training.  

So, invoking and sensing angels. I’d like to just start by stating that angels, are universal energies. Angels are the intelligent consciousness of the entire universe and they encompass and embody spiritual law, and the intelligence and wisdom of the higher source of energy, unconditional love and compassion, which some people believe is God, of course, and others don’t.

To me, in my personal experience, an angel is not a being like you or me. It has no physical form, no body, no face, no arms and legs. No matter at all. It is pure high vibrational energy that is everywhere, that is conscious, aware, intelligent, and totally geared towards service. Service to humanity, and service to the universe. They are the cogs of a really sophisticated engine called ‘Life’.

I have never seen an angel with my physical eyes, but I have seen its manifestation, its orb of colour and some details in my mind and inner eye, and felt the energy and the consciousness of angelic energy. Its indescribable really, there really is no feeling quite like it.

Now, Angels, or these strong universal powerful energies, they have the ability to help and support us on our journey through life, so as we travel through life towards our purpose and towards our meaning, they’re there to support us. And as we reach for a happier and more high vibe way of being, the angels step up as our guardians, they really are our most devoted caregivers and the most loyal of friends.

And there is an angel for every area of your life that you are wanting to work on. Although we commonly hear about the main 7 to 10 Archangels, in spiritual truth there are an infinite amount of angels – and archangels –Spirit guides – ascended masters – divine beings – all of which are simply and beautifully - universal energies- universal energies that are consciously and intelligently here to serve and support you.

So, lets say you were wanting to invoke an angel to help you with the huge amount of fear youre feeling right now. There is a particular Archangel known as Archeia Serenity. Now, this universal angel or universal energy delivers the quality of serenity, peace and harmony to us. So if you’re living in a state of fear and anxiety over something then if you invoke this universal consciousness and energy of Serenity a.k.a. Archangel Serenity, then your being will merge with that being of energy and it will ramp up your levels of peace, of serenity, of harmony and you’ll receive the deep energy of serenity throughout the whole of your being, into every chakra, into every Meridian, into every cell of your body mind and soul. You will feel more serene and fear will begin to dissolve.

But it doesn’t matter if you don’t know which angel or archangel to invoke. Just think about what your intention is! If you want to be free from stress – invoke the angels of its opposite – peace. The Angels of peace (who work on the spiritual ray of peace). If you want to be free from hate, and you want to forgive someone, then just invoke the angels of its opposite – ie forgiveness (who work on the spiritual ray of forgiveness). As long as you know what you want help with, you can call on the angels of that quality or virtue. Many archangels are named according to their virtue – so Archeia Hope, for instance, who, when invoked, fills you with hope and optimism.

You could also just call upon your guardian angel to bring you some relief from your challenges – they have a wonderful high and light vibration that uplifts your own vibration, and they’re hugely practical too – if you ask them, they can perform real miracles in the moving pieces of your life!

With that being said, how do you actually invoke an angel and then get a sense of them? Let’s start with invocation. Now, we have free will. If you want to connect to any angel, you’d need to ask them for their help. Angels don’t have free will. They respond to the calls of source – and since we are made of source energy, they also respond to our calls. They’re not our servants of course, but they love to be of service. As long as your request is positive and doesn’t interfere with your life’s blueprint – its plan – and as long as it doesn’t interfere with other people, then the angels will be able to help you with your request.

The veils between the worlds are now thinner in this golden age so although we have to put a bit of work in to connect with angels, we don’t have to spend ages getting there! The angels wisdom and inspiration is heard more easily when you’re in a state of being and when your vibration is higher. The more mindful and connected you can be, the more heartcentred you are, the more they are able to connect with you. Its all a matter of vibration. You have to raise your vibratory frequency in order to meet theirs, just like tuning into a radio – you have to ‘tune in’ to the right frequency to hear the sound!!! They in turn, lower their frequency to meet yours. The hope is that you’ll meet somewhere in the middle!!!

To call upon an Angel, centre and settle into a peaceful state. Light a candle, smudge your aura and the room, turn your mobile off and really create a mindful and peaceful environment. If you can. Prepare yourself by raising your vibration and connecting to your highest self by breathing gold through the heart and quietening the mind. Then breathe intentionally to connect to the heavens and the earth.

Now, imagine they’re in another room and you’re calling them to come be with you. Or imagine they’re at the other side of the universe (they’re not of course!) and really extend that call out to that distant place. It needs to be a call rather than a stating of their name. So, in your mind or out loud, call their name. 3 times is the magic number but you can call their name like a mantra a few times more if you want.

And then comes the sensing part. As you do this more and more, you’re gonna start to feel stuff! It’s really weird!!! You don’t have to be a medium to experience it – we’re all mediumistic to some degree. And the more you create an environment, and  little ritual for angelic contact, the stronger you will start to feel their presence. You’re building up the muscle each time.

Most people never actually see angels with their physical eyes. Most people feel angels, they become aware of their presence. Lets go through some of the things you might become aware of once you’ve called them

  1. You might feel a shift of energy, a pressure change, or a sort of magnetic pull around you or within you.
  2. You might start to feel tingles or tickles around you or on your skin.
  3. You might get the ‘angel bumps’, like goose bumps but from angels!
  4. You might hear a loud ringing in one of your ears
  5. You might feel a swelling of emotion or love rush in  or through your heart area (my guardian angel says this is because they are in and of our heart)
  6. You might feel deep peace wash over you or lots of emotion and tears begin to flow
  7. You might get lots of bright colours appear in your third eye area or a big burst of golden white light there in front of your eyes, even with your eyes closed
  8. If you’re already very clairvoyant, you may see images or get a spontaneous vision appear in your mind. You may hear something in your inner ear.
  9. I don’t get this, but some people say they feel breeze, or the brush of wings or angelic ands holding them. And some get smells and tastes hit their senses (I don’t)

The best thing to do is to keep an angel journal. Every time you try to connect, replicate the same conditions and get yourself in a high vibe zone and relax into the process. Then afterwards journal what you experienced. Become super mindful of the sensations going on in your body and around you. With time, you’ll probably start to notice different sensations from different angels. To me, the energy of Archangel Michael feels very masculine and action powered, whereas Archangel Chamuel swells my heart area and brings huge emotion through.

Choose an angel or archangel that you would like to connect with and get to know them better. The angels drop wisdom into your consciousness. If you’re unable to receive these messages because you’re not tuning in to them so well, they will produce a book with the answer on it, a tv programme or song to impress the answer to you, or a person will give you the wisdom you need.

Your angels want to teach and guide you so that you can start to grow and evolve. They also inspire us through dreams, so be sure to start logging them as well.  

And you can invoke them for everyday things. Call on your guardian angel to help you with everyday situations like parking spaces, broken appliances, lost objects, work issues, children issues, to help ease conflicts or when travelling. Nothing is too small. Be sure to thank them as well. I always pose a request for help as thanks – “thank you angels for helping me to fix this door – it won’t close and I need to lock it. Thank you for helping the door to close securely so that I feel safe overnight” That actually happened a couple of weeks ago and then, guess what, the door suddenly closed after lots of struggling with it before hand!

Let me know how you get on with it and if you have any questions or thoughts, get in touch!

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