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How to make a hard decision

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how to make a hard decision

Hard decision to make? This beautiful process taps into the psychology and spirituality of making that tough decision...

The Full Transcript

How to make a hard decision

I wrote in my journal, “Thankyou Angels for being here with me now. My head feels crazy busy.  I need to cleanse and ground. I need to lighten up and chill the hell out.”

What to some may not have been a big decision, inside of my head, there was a storm going on.  I had a choice to make, a decision that could impact the direction of my future for a long time and since there were pros and cons to each camp, committing to one choice felt like a big ask of me!

I swiftly recognised that just thinking on it and writing a pros and cons list wasn’t helping.  My head was full of the fears, implications and consequences of making the wrong decision.  So, after a day and a half of indecision and knowing that I’d yet again hit another intellectual ceiling with it, I took to my spiritual and energy practices to get deeper clarity and to feel into the situation in a more connected way. Here’s what I did:

  1. Sought solitude.

I literally shut myself away in the bedroom at my altar after I told my children that I was in need of some meditation (they know not to disturb me when I say that!)

2. Created a high vibe environment

I lit my candles, burnt some incense and raised the vibes in the space.  I called upon the angels and thanked them for being present.  I connected to my breath.

(I noticed then that I didn’t feel grounded.  I felt as if I was all up in my head.  So I went and ran my hands and wrists in some cold water to cleanse and ground.  That felt much better!)

3. Journalled

I knew that to meditate right now would be of no use to me.  My head was far too busy.  Right now, I had to get my thoughts and worries out onto paper. I journalled it all out – everything I was feeling.

4. Oracle cards for guidance

I took out my fave cards -the ‘Lightworker Oracle’ deck -and I cleansed them over the incense, saying “Thank you, angels, for cleansing and clearing the deck and for removing any negative and low vibrational energy from them.” I then charged the deck over the candle flame and said “Thank you, angels, for ensuring that I get a clear and accurate reading with these cards for my situation”.  I then drew three cards from the deck – the guidance one by one was so on-point!  And the invocations that each card gave were really relevant for the energy that I needed to invoke.

5. Meditation

I then closed my eyes and allowed myself to fully absorb the cards meanings and words -to absorb their wisdom and to allow the invocations/prayers for each card to absorb into my energy and my being.  I drifted off into sleep on my chair and I knew to just allow that to happen.  When I came to, it felt important for me to connect with my heart.

6. Connected with the heart

In a very relaxed, slightly sleepy haze, I closed my eyes I placed my hands over my heart and stated in my mind “I connect to my heart”.  I repeated this as a mantra several times over.  I began to see pink light flooding into my third eye space quite spontaneously. I knew this to be the pink ray of unconditional love flooding in.  I asked my heart “what do I desire?” And within seconds, a deep knowing flooded into my consciousness. I knew which decision I needed to make.  I was suddenly aware that I wanted, desired and craved one of the options over the other but I was stuck in fear.  The revelation was quick, deep, profound, intense.  The relief I felt was palpable.  I knew what I wanted! It wasn’t the most secure, the most safe option but, fear aside, it was what I felt was right for me.

My breathing relaxed and I looked back over the three oracle cards I had chosen earlier.  The words within them fell even clearer, sharper and more poignant.  I let the depth of them sink in even more.

My cards said that I needed to seek balance between the power of the divine masculine and the wisdom of the divine feminine.  The divine masculine acts again and again in accordance with the heart to end confusion.  It encourages us to focus on what we dream of and desire and to believe that success is inevitable.  The divine feminine empowers us to grow into our vision and to dream, to become what we seek and instead of trying to micro-manage and plan it all (AKA control it), to surrender the plans that we have and allow life to guide us through the experiences that we have each day.  There is a plan bigger than us and we will experience growing pains which caused doubt and challenge.  We need to trust in our hearts, in the divine feminine, to get us to our divine destiny in perfect timing -  “with gratitude and trust in the flow of my life, I relax and take the journey”.

The final card I drew was the ‘First Ray Of Power’ which assists me and all of us, in standing in the truth of our light. We are to believe in our own strength and take the initiative on what matters most to us.

Finally, simply because I love validation, I connected with another deck – my other faves – my ‘Intuitive Life Coaching Oracle’ deck.  I repeated the cleansing invocation and charging that I done with the previous deck and I asked the angels to give me their wisdom.  They delivered three pieces of amazing advice which, as it happens, is great advice for us all when it comes to those really tough decisions that we have to make.  They were:

  1.  Surrender

To surrender all control and let life unravel and flow and take its own course.  When we get stuck in fear, we then lose connection with our heart and we can’t hear what we really desire and need on a soul level.  We have to surrender the need to control and overthink and worry on the outcome.

2.  The journey

We have to honour and respect and even enjoyed the journey that we’re on and understand that every challenge we face has a hidden gift inside of it.  Think about it -if I hadn’t of had this experience today, I wouldn’t be sharing it with you now!  So hopefully the gift here is in sharing and helping you with this knowledge for your life.

3. Fear

Fear keeps us from moving forward.  We have three types of fear.  The first one is the fear of loss – if I do this thing, I may lose something.  In my case, I may lose my sense of security and safety if I make this choice.  The second fear is the fear of process pain -if I make the wrong choice, the stages in the process of doing that may be really hard and challenging.  The third fear is outcome fear -what if I make this decision and the grass isn’t greener on the other side?  What if I’ve lost my security and the process is hard, and I still don’t get the outcome do I want?

These fears always stop us from living our best life.  So, we have to let go of fear and instead of using ‘what if negatives’ we have to shift our thinking to ‘what if positives’ instead.  “What if I go through with it and it’s actually easier than I thought it would be?  What if it makes me wildly happy?”.

So, in summary, be sure to surrender, honour the journey and let go of the fears.  Those are key when making any decision and by using the process that I’ve given you from my spiritual adventure today, you’ll get the absolute clarity that you need right now and that you deserve to have. 


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