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How to feel more confident and worthy

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Do you want to feel more confident and worthy? The this video is for you! My mindset and spiritual processes will help you to cultivate genuine confidence and self worth....

The Full Transcript

Want to feel more confident, worthy or deserving?
So one of my biggest struggles in life has been around feeling worthy. I didn’t really consciously know I had this self worth issue until I had to start pushing myself out of my comfort zone with my job and then all of a sudden, when I had to start promoting my work and offering myself to help people with their own transformations, imposter syndrome would set in...I’d be like, who am I to be teaching this stuff?! Who’d want to listen to me? What value do I have to offer the world?!
And then one day I recognised it. I was wanting to move my business online- when Covid hit I knew I had to start using zoom and marketing my business and myself on social media. I knew that to sustain and grow Happy in the Moment, I had to really push myself out of my comfort zone and into new territory, where I could help more people.
And when that reality started to hit home, that It was necessary for me to step up and show up in a bigger way. And I was scared! Properly scared! 
I started to notice myself procrastinating, putting things off, writing to-do lists and then getting into “busy-work” that was just filling my time with rubbish jobs so that I didn’t have to face the new stuff.
And being a mindful sort of person, and a person who doesn’t like to be beat by anything, after a week or maybe two or three, I got serious about it and acknowledged I’d hit a wall. Something was stopping me from moving forwards in my life, in my business. What the heck was it?!
So I sat with it and sat with it. I meditated, and meditated and I asked for guidance. I paid attention to where the feeling was. My body was guiding me to my sacral chakra. Right here under my belly button. The sacral centre is the home of emotion and feelings and in my meditation one day as I sat and felt into this feeling in my sacral, and called upon the guidance of higher energy, I had a vision.
The vision was of a large, fat maggot, buried deep within my sacral centre. It was stuck on there and all I could see was it’s wriggling tail end sticking out. It was a sudden, flash of an image but it brought with it an awareness, a sudden flash of insight- this maggot was a stuck emotion that was trapped in my sacral, and it was in need of pulling out. It was a feeling of unworthiness.
Wow that was interesting! To cut a long story short, I then spent a few weeks really focussing on this ‘maggot’ of low self worth. With the help of the angelic energy that I connect with, with energy work and meditation, with lots of journaling and reflection, I discovered it was a trapped emotion held deep within the innermost layers of my sacral chakra, coming from childhood.
As I was growing up, I grew up with this belief that I was in some way defective, and generally not good enough, likeable enough, acceptable enough, and so I noticed that whenever I had to put myself forward for things, to promote what I had to offer, to talk about the services I had to deliver, I found it really hard to value my own worth. At a deeper level, during my exploration, I noticed that if I was honest with myself, I wasn’t sure why anyone would really value my friendship, I wasn’t sure what I had going for me that people would want to stick around for. I believed that I wasn’t interesting enough or fun enough, or compelling enough.
Now on a conscious level, I was able to rationalise all of this and go, woah! That’s not true! Because look at all the people in my life who love and appreciate me for being who I am. Intellectually, psychologically, I could put this to bed and understand that this belief simply wasn’t the truth.
And yet, just the knowledge and understanding of this false belief wasn’t enough to get to the deepest layers. It wasn’t enough to pull that maggot of low self worth out. Because that belief was so deeply ingrained in me, it was buried so deep and had woven itself into the very fabric of my being and into every cell, that no amount of rationalising or talking it over was gonna remove it. It was keeping me stuck in the present, not able to move forwards.
So what did I do? Well, two things really....
Firstly, as soon as I became mindful of the fact that I had this issue going on and I wanted to shift it, i became super aware of whenever I was thinking, feeling or behaving like someone with low self worth. And then, when I noticed that I was in that mode, I’d immediately shift my mindset.
So to give you an example, a magazine came home in the boys book bags from school and my first thought was “ah, I could advertise my mindfulness sessions in there”, swiftly followed by my second thought of “whatever Rachel, who the hell are you to be advertising in that magazine, your courses aren’t good enough for that!”....and then I noticed it and switched it.
In that moment I used a great little tool on myself...one that works like a dream on myself nowadays....I said to myself “ok Rachel, so you don’t feel worthy of this prestigious magazine right now, but if you did...what would you do?” ...."if you were confident and worthy and fully deserving of this advertising space, what would you do about that?” And the answer that leapt back at me was “I’d contact the magazine and get my advert in there asap!” And so then....I followed through on that voice. I didn’t have high self worth but I still took the action of someone who did have high self worth.
You know what, the more you take the action of that person with high self worth, the more you will learn by experience that it’s safe to have high self worth, that it’s really rewarding when you achieve that step you were nervous of taking, that the world doesn’t crumble underneath you when you dare to be brave and just do that thing, despite the fears. That sometimes, by pushing ourselves into discomfort, we find greater strength and deeper self worth. If we never do what confident and worthy people do, we’ll never feel confident or worthy, because by avoiding the action of worthiness we’re avoiding the outcome of worthiness. We’ll never know what it’s like to feel real worthiness and real confidence if we never put ourselves in the way of an opportunity to experience it! Right?! So I constantly started to ask myself whenever it arose, “if I were a person who had high self worth, what decision would I make now?’ That was number 1.
What did I do next?
Number 2 was....So, I know that to move an emotion out of the body, we can’t just intellectualise it, think it out. We have to energetically move it out of the body. Therefore, I worked on my sacral chakra and my 'maggot' with energy healing techniques.
You can do at home- it doesn’t take anything special to do this! You don’t need a qualification to work on your own energy. I mean, try it! There are so many methods but what about these ideas to get you started at home.... you could use but what about this one for starters....
Activate your palm chakras, wake them up, and hold them over your sacral, and visualise orange light washing and moving through the chakra, clearing and cleansing the area, sucking the maggot or the low and heavy energy of old emotion out.
I would also use the yoni mudra. The Yoni mudra is one of the most popular yoga mudras that is super helpful to hold over the sacral to balance and release blockages on that area whilst chanting the sound of the sacral -Vam and listening to solfeggio frequency music at 417hz.
I would channel the consciousness of energy known as archangel Gabriel and Archeia hope to draw their qualities into my sacral chakra as they govern this chakra and help to rebalance it.
I would recite positive affirmational mantras into the sacral chakra to help release the maggot- things like ‘I am worthy and deserving’.
I would use crystals for the sacral whilst I meditated.
I’d have Crystals for the sacral tucked into my bra, and laid in my bed whilst I slept. I would do yoga poses specifically for the sacral and draw up fresh new life force energy into this area repeatedly. 
You might have other energetic ways to release emotion- you may practice self reiki, or eft or acupuncture or reflexology. And all of those are fine to help you move the actual energy out of your field.
So, actually working with the emotion in an energetic shifting sense creates the biggest changes in this area. Slowly the maggot began to release until I couldn’t sense it being there any longer.
I’m pleased to report that self worth isn’t something I struggle with right now. If habitual thinking returns to bite me on the bum I can always catch that thinking and throw it away so that it doesn’t turn into a belief or emotion of low self worth again. Now that low self worth has jogged on, I’m recognising my value and place in the world, I’m expressing my opinions and voicing my beliefs and standing stringer in my personal power. It’s powerful stuff!
If you've not heard me say it before....Let me tell you again that blending psychological practices with spiritual law is the secret to creating life-altering breakthroughs.
Talking therapy and psychological therapy gets us so far, but it doesn’t give us the deepest transformations. This is why people in stay in therapy for a long time – because they’re not releasing the energy that underlies it all. And when you start applying spirituality, energy work, universal laws, and merging spirituality, energy and psychological practices,your happiness and fulfilment will just rocket, just like it’s rocketed mine.  

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