Spiritual Life Coaching

Navigating life transitions, finding purpose, managing anxiety and stress, dealing with depression, exploring your spiritual journey, reaching your goals, enhancing your holistic wellbeing, mentorship for running a spiritual business or healing practice, fostering personal development, experiencing emotional challenges‚Ķ..there are an abundance of reasons why spiritual life coaching is a great idea for uplevelling your life. 

As a spiritual life coach, I am here to support and empower you to embrace your inner light, discover your true purpose, and navigate life's challenges with grace and confidence. Together, we will embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, unlocking your limitless potential, and creating a life filled with purpose, fulfillment, and spiritual alignment. Let's connect and illuminate the path to your highest self!

I am Rachel, a dedicated and compassionate spiritual life coach and energy healer, here to walk alongside you on this sacred pilgrimage towards your true essence. Together, we will unlock the wisdom that lies within your heart, empowering you to embrace your highest potential and live a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.

Nurturing Your Soul's Growth 

Your spiritual journey is as unique as you are, and I am committed to tailoring our sessions to your individual needs and aspirations. Through intuitive insights and gentle guidance, we will explore the depths of your being, shedding light on your innate strengths and helping you overcome any obstacles that stand in your way.

 Awaken Your Intuition and Inner Wisdom 

As an experienced spiritual teacher, coach and energy healer, I will create a sacred space for you to connect with your intuition and tap into the limitless well of wisdom that resides within you. Through angelic connections and healing energies, we will clear energetic blockages, align your chakras, and restore harmony to your mind, body, and spirit.

 Embrace Transformation and Empowerment 

This journey is about more than just healing; it's about embracing the power of transformation and stepping into your true authenticity. With unwavering support and encouragement, I will empower you to embrace change, release limiting beliefs, and manifest the life you have always envisioned.

 Align with Your Life's Purpose 

Are you seeking clarity about your life's purpose and the direction you should take? Together, we will work towards aligning your passions and values, guiding you towards a path that resonates deeply with your soul.

 Nurture Your Mind, Body & Spirit 

Your well-being is my priority, and I believe in a holistic approach to healing. Our sessions will not only focus on your spiritual growth but also encompass practices to nurture your mind, body, and spirit, leaving you feeling revitalized, balanced, and harmonious.

 Embrace Your Unique Brilliance 

You are a beautiful, unique soul, and the world eagerly awaits the brilliance you have to offer. Let's uncover your authentic self and celebrate the magnificent being that you are, shining your light brightly and inspiring others along the way.

 Your Spiritual Awakening Awaits 

Are you ready to take the leap and embrace your spiritual awakening journey? Together, we will co-create a profound and enriching experience that will illuminate your path and lead you towards a life of purpose, joy, and fulfillment.

I am honored to be your guide on this extraordinary expedition. Let's begin this sacred voyage of self-discovery and empowerment, transforming your life from the inside out. Schedule your transformative session today and step into a new chapter of your spiritual journey.

With love, light, and boundless enthusiasm,

Rachel xxx

Rachel's coaching clients are saying...

I recently made contact with people from my past and having listened to their stories, began to question where I fitted into all this, and questioned who I really was, was my perceived identity who I really was! I had some 1- 1 sessions with Rachel where we explored this identity crisis and I began to unravel the fact that I had attached myself to their stories and believed I should be more like them because of that. But as the sessions went on Rachel helped me to see that although I am connected to these people, they have their path and I have mine. Who they are is what they have chosen to be and I have carved my own destiny. I am not my past, who I am are my values, unique strengths and skills and my passions right now. I learnt to separate thoughts of who I am from the truth of who I am. I can now move forward knowing that the decisions I make and subsequent connections regarding these people will be for the right reasons. I am me and they are them and I have no need to mould myself to them (nor them to me) but can build a relationship based on us being connected but different and worthy in our own ways and I can now accept that both for myself and for them. My sessions were really helpful in allowing me to tell my story, acknowledge and explore my emotions and to redefine who my authentic self is, which was likely always there but just got lost in a whirlwind of events and emotions. So thank you to Rachel and I would say anyone who questions their true identity would benefit from her wisdom.


Downham Market

Outwardly I was the life and soul of the party. I worked in media so being a social butterfly was expected. Despite opportunities that most would die for I never felt fulfilled or content and I couldn’t explain why. I began researching various religions in the hope that their teachings would give me the answers I craved, they didn’t. Then I met Rachel and it was as if the pieces of the puzzle began failing into place, I couldn’t search externally to appease myself I had to look within and start work on myself. Id spent 2 years with self help books and influential you tuber videos but my growth and progress since having 1-2-1 weekly sessions with rachel have totally changed my life. I’m no longer people pleasing and I’m lowering the mask to unveil who louise is. I have a lot of respect and gratitude for Rachel and urge anyone who is unsure to give a session a try you may find those missing pieces.



Fab session. Thank you. I'm buzzing with ideas/thoughts. I really like that I've got stuff to work on. I've come out of the conservatory 3 times and then had to go back in to scribble more in my journal. Thanks for going with my ping-ponging and I appreciate you putting some structure in there for me to think things through and tackle things in order. I really appreciate the challenge re how to take my "I'm good enough" to next level. So, thank you!



I cant thank you enough for the hugely positive impact your sessions have had on my anxiety levels. The depth of your knowledge, coupled with your ability to convey complex ideas in layman's terms, make them thoroughly enjoyable and educational in equal measure. 



Your enthusiasm, love and warmth shine through in everything that you do. I look forward to every session and cant wait to continue my path of self healing with you.



It has and is taking my meditation practice to a whole new level and has helped me create and maintain a self love practice in a much more consistent and practical way. It’s shifted my knowing I needed to take more care, give more love to myself to actually doing that everyday in a way I can sustain and enjoy. It’s been fab thank you Rachel


Downham Market

What you will receive with a coaching package ...

  • A personalised, tailor-made and bespoke transformative approach that works best for you
  • Personalised action steps to help you break through blocks and limiting beliefs, meet your goals, stay focused and transform
  • Intuitive and Angelic guidance and wisdom 
  • Spiritual and Angelic energy practices and tools for your healing and progression
  • Confidentiality, accountability, freedom to share openly and honestly, inspiration, motivation and empowerment


As your partner and coach, and in collaboration with your Higher guidance, I will support you in understanding and removing what is in the way of your best life. There is nothing that you cannot shift!

These sessions will work for you if you can commit showing up 100% for each session, and if you are willing and intentional about breaking out of your comfort zone.

Sessions are 90 minutes long and can be delivered via telephone, zoom videocall, or in person. 

90 minute sessions £70

Payment is accepted via bank transfer or paypal/credit/debit card with an additional 3% service fee.

A free 15 - 30 minute discovery call will be offered to you with Rachel to make sure you’re a good fit for one another and she’ll also be able to answer any questions on the format/structure of the sessions etc. Please note these are simply introduction calls and not coaching – Rachel will not be able to provide you with any coaching or advice in these calls. 

If you want to go from good to great, if you believe in the extraordinary instead of the 'just ok', if you want to reach your highest calling and potential so that you can expand your world, then apply to work with Rachel below.

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