Angel Energy Healing Courses

Happy In The Moment is a CMA Registered Training College for Angel Energy Healing.

Angel Energy Healing Courses are professionally certified and accredited and will qualify and insure you to work as a professional Angel Energy Healer. 

The Level 1 Course provides you with a profound understanding and working knowledge of angelic energies and powerful tools for healing. In this course you will attune your energy to the Angelic Kingdom through Archangel Raphael and Archangel Mary and learn how to channel angelic healing energy for healing purposes. This course will gives you the tools, techniques and methodolgy to lay the foundation for you to heal others in the level 2 course. The Level 1 course will support healing of your own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, helping you to clear past traumas, fears or limiting beliefs and bring joy, peace and abundance back into your life. It is a comprehensive exploration of the angels, their healing energies and how to work with them. As well as being taught live in groups and 1:1 with Rachel , the Level 1 is also available to study on your own as a digital online course. 

The Level 2 Practitioners Course teaches you how to provide Angel Energy Healing for others and set up a business in doing so. This is a fully accredited, certified and professional qualification which will allow you to gain insurance to practice as a Professional Angel Energy Healer. Rachel is delighted that Happy In The Moment is registered and recognised as a quality training college and her courses provide thorough training and skills which will leave you feeling fully capable and confident in your professional practice. These courses are not 'off-the-shelf' nor basic. They are fully comprehensive, providing thorough and complete coverage of angel energy healing techniques and practices. They also teach you how to integrate Angel Energy Healing techniques and methodolgy with your existing healing practices - such as Reiki. The level 2 course in only taught in-person with Rachel.

Entry onto the level 2 Practitioners Course requires completion of the level 1 course. For full course details read more below.

The Level 1 Course

Imagine a world where we're able to ease pain, fight-off illness, correct conditions, relieve mental stress, all with our own energy! No doctors, no pills, just safe, natural energy healing that we're all able to deliver. Angelic energy clears away stuck energy, helping us to feel more energetic, more in tune with our higher selves and more alive!

 Whether you already have an established connection with your angels and already work as a healer or you have no idea how to connect with the angels and their healing qualities, this program will help you to nurture and grow that relationship into a strong and powerful one. You’ll be taken through the deepening layers and steps of clearing, cleansing, purifying, transmuting and rebalancing, drawing on the angels energy to help you remove blocks and limitations, release past emotional wounds and let go of suffering. You’ll be shown practical tools and methods along with spiritual tools and methods to help clear resistance and negative beliefs, to manifest health, peace and harmony and deep fulfillment with the life you lead. You will learn all of the foundational skills you need to enable you to heal others in the level 2. You will learn all about how angels heal us and how we can work with them to do that. 

Completion of this Level 1 course qualifies you for entry onto the Level 2 Angel Energy Healing Practitioners Course.

Level 1 Module Content

Module 1 & 2

  • An introduction to and history of angelic energy healing
  • Illness and dis-ease
  • Blockages and resistance to healing and setting clear intentions to heal.
  • Angels, Guardian Angels and Archangels & how they help us to heal
  • The Angel Breath & Angelic Alignment Meditations
  • Angelic Light Rays & Colours
  • Healing With Specific Light Colours
  • Angels & Crystals
  • The Healing Colour Meditation
Module 3&4

  • The Chakra System
  • Healing The Chakras
  • Angelic Chakra Cleanse
  • The Violet Flame
  • Third, Fourth & Fifth Dimensional Light Bodies
  • Angelic Etheric Cord Cutting
  • Cleansing The Aura
  • Opening The Energy Channels
Module 5&6

  • Spiritual Shielding & Protection
  • Ways to Invoke Angels
  • Prayer
  • The Heart Star
  • Intuition vs Imagination
  • Heart Mapping
  • Developing A Daily Spiritual Practice
  • Channelling Angelic Healing Energy - Ultimate Level 1 Attunement

Study This Online!

The Level 1 Angel Energy Healing Course is now available to study as an online course!

Start today and go at your own pace! Everything can be done in your own time and there’s no expiry on the content, meaning you can work through it at your own pace and come back to the content at any point in the future if you'd like to revisit the course.

What's Included?

  • A Digital Certificate emailed to you upon request after successful completion of the course. Get a sneak peek into the digital course in the video below! 

The Level 2 Practitioners Course

Once you have completed the Level 1 Angel Energy Healing Course you may feel guided to begin the process of channeling healing energy to others. The Level 2 course guides you through this process with ease and grace as you learn how to help others release their blocks and limitations, to let go of dis-ease and return to wholeness and harmony. By attuning to, connecting with and channeling angelic energy, you'll be able to free people of their emotional wounds, clearing and balancing their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

The Level 1 & 2 courses are fully certified and accredited so you'll be able to practice as an Angel Energy Healing Practitioner when you complete the Level 2 course and gain insurance to practice. The modules are below:

Level 2 Module Content

Module 1

  • The W’s of healing others
  • Palm chakra activation
  • Sensing other people’s chakras
  • Mental body activation and energising
Module 2

  • Chakra dowsing for energy healing
  • The importance of grounding
  • Preparing for a healing session
  • Learning to heal - process, techniques, tools and methodology
Module 3

  • Treating Physical pain
  • Treating Emotional Pain
  • Opening the third eye
  • Distance/Remote Angelic Healing

Sign up for the course today!

Rachel runs these Level 1 and 2 courses throughout the year. Get in touch to find out when the next courses are running and book your course today! Alternatively, you can be taught on a 1:1 basis throughout the year...enquire for more info... As well as being taught LIVE in groups and 1:1 with Rachel, the Level 1 is also available to study on your own as a digital online course. 

This course is for you if...

  • You love angels and desire to have closer contact with them
  • You would like to increase your knowledge about the angels and their healing qualities
  • You feel like your physical and emotional health is suffering or in need of improvement
  • You often feel low in energy and unwell but dont understand why that could be
  • You have a calling inside of you to work more closely with the angelic realms
  • You have a desire to sharpen your clairvoyance and intuition
  • You want to raise your vibration in order to be an effective light worker
  • You are on the path to spiritual ascension, preparing to activate your 5th dimensional light body
  • You would like to be a clearer channel for healing energy
  • You feel the calling to serve others and help them on their spiritual health journeys
  • You would like to be a professional Angelic Energy Healer.


Level 1 - £188 (Digital Online Course) £252 (Group Price) or £427 (1:1 price) 

Level 2 - £450 (Group Price) or £637 (1:1 Price)

Both courses are taught over 2-3 days. Times and days will vary, enquire about the latest days and timings for the next course by emailing Rachel 

What previous course members are saying...

The mix of practical and theoretical, time with Rachel was invaluable. I loved the way we worked in the moment with what came up it brought the content to life, time in between to practice, reflect. I loved the meditations and learning about chakras and different angels, etheric cord exercise, I can go on...



This has helped me take my self development to a new level and really connect the mind, body, spirit aspect which is key for my next steps. I have shifted some long standing stuff that doesn’t serve me anymore but I wasn’t sure how to deal with. It has given me tools, support, guidance for me to take back my power and get stuck in to the next chapter of my life



I learnt about myself and my natural ability to heal myself, its opened up a whole new way of living for me. This is now a way of life for me, it brings me such strength, faith and peace of mind in my day to day living. I have the tools to heal myself and deal with any ups and downs life brings me. The content was spot on and in easy bite size pieces, I didn’t want it to ever end!



Wow!!! What a wonderful course full of information and with the details in a big screen along with Rachel reading out the sections and also just ab-libbing. It was so amazing and easy to follow. I actually feel like a new person knowing what I know now and I am very excited to get started! Love and thanks 



Amazing course! I enjoyed the three days being with like minded people. Rachel made everyone feel welcome and valued. We were all able to contribute to the sessions with support given to all. The meditations were beautiful and my favourite part of each day. I’m leaving feeling more empowered and connected to the angels 



The course was so enjoyable. It was delivered at a good pace, very interesting, many things to take away. Much learnt and future learning to be made. A very friendly environment!



Excellently timed and length. Personal yet very informative. Environment comfy and welcoming. Candidates well suited together. So much work and effort put into the course content. Thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Rachel delivers every course with love, kindness and angelic energy.


Are you ready to bring balance, harmony and health to your mind, body and spirit and live a life of joy and abundance? Are you ready to step into service and help others to heal? Join Rachel today and turn your dream life into reality!


The Level 1 workshop can be accessed via zoom videocall workshops wherever you are in the world and is also available as a digital online course for self study at your own pace. The level 2 courses are only delivered in-person in the UK. 

Entry onto the Level 2 Practitioners Course (which certifies and accredits you to practice as an Angelic Energy Healer) requires competion and certification of the Level 1 course. Please email me to register your interest in the next round of practitioner level courses and I will let you know when they are due to start.

I understand that circumstances can vary, but unfortunately, I'm unable to offer refunds for the digital online course once it has been purchased. The course materials are carefully crafted to provide valuable content and experiences that support your spiritual journey and growth. Once purchased, you'll have access to a wealth of transformative insights and tools to enhance your practice. If you have any concerns or encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out, and I'll do my best to assist you