Learn To Meditate

A question that many people ask me is “how can I learn to meditate?”

They all have a desire for more peace and moments of tranquility. They want to uplevel their spiritual practices, master their mind, and open the door to greater wellbeing and purposeful existence.

They often ask me for books I recommend and I often then trawl out a list of books that they can work through and piece together. Not ideal! 

So, I decided that I would write my own “Learn To Meditate” book. It quickly evolved into a book/course/challenge- the three in one! I wanted it to contain the practices that I use and that I know work! I wanted it to be perfect for those who wanted one simple easy method to build the meditation muscle, and just as perfect for those who like to learn in a more paced way, over a period of weeks, with a variety of meditation processes. Therefore, it satisfies both- you can either just use my one “does-it-all” meditation method every day to train your meditation muscle or you can work your way through 5 different meditations and mindfulness exercises which are the core methods that I used to learn how to meditate and live more mindfully, over a period of 8 weeks. Either way, you’ll learn to meditate unguidedly, pretty quickly and easily! 

'Learn To Meditate' is an immersive and comprehensive 27 page PDF workbook course designed for those seeking the profound benefits of meditation. In the midst of life's bustling demands, this course serves as your sanctuary, providing a clear and accessible pathway to mastering the art of meditation and mindfulness.

As you embark on this enlightening adventure, 'Learn To Meditate' offers more than just techniques; it is a holistic guide, carefully crafted to meet you wherever you are on your meditation journey. Whether you're a beginner eager to explore the world of meditation or someone looking to deepen your practice, this course unfolds over a series of thoughtfully structured weeks, each building upon the other to instill not just a practice, but a way of being.

Dive into a rich curriculum that covers the essentials of meditation, from understanding the fundamentals of mindfulness to exploring advanced techniques designed to elevate your practice. 'Learn To Meditate' is not just about finding moments of tranquility; it's about integrating meditation and mindfulness into your everyday life, enhancing your overall well-being, and opening the door to a more peaceful and purposeful existence.

'Learn To Meditate' is not just a course; it's an invitation to cultivate a lifelong practice that will empower you to navigate life's challenges with grace and embrace the boundless serenity within. Are you ready to embark on this life-changing adventure?

Learn to Meditate Will Help You:

  • Develop the skills and mindset needed for a sustainable and enriching meditation journey
  • Discover peace and confidence in your life
  • Cultivate positive thoughts and feelings & gain power over negative thinking
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase resilience in the face of challenge
  • Achieve emotional balance
  • Empower yourself to choose how you live your life
  • Learn how to respond instead of react
  • Train your skills of attention, focus and concentration
  • Embrace your mind non-judgementally and with compassion

This Course Includes:

  • A 27 page highly valuable, and downloadable, pdf workbook with printable resources
  • An 8-week programme to help you master meditation
  • The 5 guided meditation scripts and processes that I used personally to master meditation
  • A master “Learn to Meditate” process for those who want the one simple method that “does-it-all” rather than a variety of meditations
  • An 8 week meditation challenge for those who want to commit to real growth
  • Practical exercises for expanding your awareness and bringing mindfulness into your life.
  • A ‘Learn to Meditate’ certificate and free gift upon completion of the course!

This course meets a variety of meditation needs. This course is perfect for:

  • Beginners and the more advanced.
  • Those who want one simple but powerful meditation process that ‘does it all’ and that will help them master meditation
  • Those who want a whole 8 week programme to gently develop their skills in attention, meditation and mindfulness
  • Those who want to challenge themselves to reach a goal of 8 weeks of meditation
  • Those who want a variety of powerful meditations to help train their attention and develop their skills in meditation and mindfulness


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