Transformational Courses, Workshops and Masterclasses

Live Courses

Learn how to channel angelic energy for your own healing and for healing others with these accredited certified professional qualification courses.

Learn how to deliver Angelic Reiki on a professional basis through the Angelic Reiki system and methodology of healing.

Unlock your ability to read and deliver the angels wisdom and harness the innate power of your intuition.

Live more mindfully and medatitively , superpowering your feel good vibes with bespoke courses in Mindfulness & Meditation for adults and children.

Deepen your healing knowledge methodology and experience with The Metatron Methods. For all practitioners of Angelic Reiki 1&2

Digital Courses

A PDF Course & Workbook to crafting, starting and confidently managing your spiritual business online.


A FREE Online Video Masterclass to teaching you how to Invoke, Connect To & Channel Your Guardian Angel.