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Silence Your Mind To Hear Your Angels: Journey Through the Violet Flame Door

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silence your mind to hear your angels blog post

Silence Your Mind To Hear Your Angels: Journey Through the Violet Flame Door

In the chaos of our modern lives, finding moments of stillness can be challenging but is crucial for connecting with the celestial energies that surround us. Today, let's explore the art of quieting the mind to hear your angels. Quieting the mind doesn't mean erasing thoughts entirely; rather, it involves creating a tranquil space where the wisdom of your angels can unfold.

To do this I'm going to teach you how to journey through the Violet Flame Door into the lush green meadow of your heart. Here, amidst the stillness, you will open your heart to the whispers of your angels, leaving the chaotic chatter of your mind behind.

Step 1: Find Your Sanctuary

In the hustle and bustle of life, finding a space for serenity is essential. Begin by finding a quiet corner where you can immerse yourself in stillness. It might be a cozy spot in your home, a secluded nook in nature, or a sacred space you've designated for spiritual practices. 

Step 2: Mindful Breathing to Set the Stage

Before stepping into the metaphysical, ground yourself through mindful breathing. Inhale deeply, inviting positive energy, and exhale, releasing the stresses of the day. As you sink into a rhythm, let your breath be the gentle anchor that pulls you into the present moment, preparing you for the journey ahead.

Step 3: Visualising the Violet Flame Door

Visualise a magnificent door radiating with a violet flame. This door symbolizes a passage between the mundane and the sacred, the noisy mind and the serene heart. As you approach, feel the warmth and cleansing energy of the violet flame, purifying your thoughts and intentions.

Step 4: Stepping into the Green Meadow of Your Heart

As the Violet Flame Door swings open, step gracefully into a lush green meadow bathed in soft, golden light. This meadow is the sanctuary of your heart, a space where the mind's chatter fades, and the whispers of your angels become audible. Feel the soft grass beneath your feet as you enter this tranquil realm.

Step 5: Leave the Mind at the Door

Before venturing further, gently remind your mind that it's time to take a back seat. Visualise leaving your thoughts behind as you step through the Violet Flame Door. Imagine the door closing behind you, sealing off the mental chatter, and allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the heart's sanctuary.

Step 6: Lying Down in the Grass of the Heart Meadow

As you traverse deeper into the meadow, find a comfortable spot in the lush grass to lie down. Feel the support of the Earth beneath you, grounding your energy. Let the gentle rustle of the grass and the warmth of the sun above create a cocoon of peace around you.

Step 7: Asking Questions in the Heart Space

With your mind left behind, open your heart to the wisdom of your angels. Ask your questions with sincerity and curiosity. Feel the energy of the heart responding to your inquiries, not with words, but with subtle feelings, impressions, images and a deep sense of knowing. Trust the intuitive language of the heart.

Step 8: Silencing the Mind Amidst Heart Conversations

If the mind attempts to chime in, gently acknowledge its presence and lovingly remind it that you've left it behind at the Violet Flame Door. Redirect your focus to the heart space, where the angels' guidance resides. The mind's chatter diminishes in the profound stillness of the heart.

Step 9: Allowing the Heart to Respond

As you bask in the heart's sanctuary, allow the responses to unfold naturally. The heart speaks in a language of love and intuition. Listen with openness and receptivity, letting the messages from your angels flow effortlessly into your awareness. Embrace the beauty of this heart-to-heart communion.

Step 10: Gratitude and Return

When you feel ready, express gratitude for the guidance received. Slowly rise from the meadow, carrying the serenity and insights with you. Visualise retracing your steps through the Violet Flame Door, bringing the tranquil energy of the heart back into your everyday awareness.

Let me know how you get on with this beautiful process. Enjoy my lovelies! 

Rachel xxx

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