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Receive Angel Messages – The #1 Way to Receive Clear Guidance

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Receive angel messages - the number 1 way to get clear guidance blog post

Receive Angel Messages – The #1 Way to Receive Clear Guidance

There are times in life when we really feel the need to reach out to our angels and guides for support and guidance. When we’re facing challenges or stress, it is even more important for us to get clear and accurate answers to our questions and dilemmas. We long for their wise input to help us make the best decisions and to guide us through taking the next steps. But it’s often really difficult for us to sense, hear and know what they are trying to tell us! And we don’t always have the time, money or means to go to a medium or psychic for their input.

So, what do we do?! Well, keep reading!

There is a quick and efficient way for you to start receiving angel messages straight away, without the need for months of psychic skills training or hours of meditation or a trip to the local medium.

And it involves using a comprehensive, detailed, oracle deck with guidebook, and applying the following technique. Let me explain!

So, let’s say you have a burning question inside of you, like “how do I move my business forward?”, “what should I be writing about?”, or “what should I focus on this year?”

Maybe these questions are causing you some stress. You don’t have clarity and you’re seeking the ‘right’ answers, but your mind is too unclear. Maybe you’re so confused about the answers to these questions that you have had to seek other people to get guidance from. Firstly, take a look at this blog post that I wrote just for you about getting the answers you need from your heart! https://www.happyinthemoment.com/blog/read_205100/silence-your-mind-to-hear-your-angels-journey-through-the-violet-flame-door.html, and also download this free resource about ‘Heart Mapping’ that helps you to do just this! https://sites.create-cdn.net/sitefiles/58/0/5/580598/Heart_Mapping.pdf

But then there’s another method – the method that you’re here for – that involves you asking your angelic team and spirit guides for the answers and direction that you need.

You will need a good oracle card deck with a guide book that has lengthier, comprehensive interpretations for each card. I love the ‘Intuitive Life-Coaching Oracle’ Deck and the ‘Guiding Light Oracle’ by Kelly T. Smith, but any deck with a good guidebook will suffice.

Cleanse the deck by any method that suits you. I like to bang the deck clear, three times, and then ask the angels to “cleanse and clear the deck so that it may give me a clear and accurate reading”. I wave it over a candle flame and visualise their golden light rays infusing into the deck. Hold the card deck to your heart and then call on your Guardian Angel. Your Guardian Angel is “in and of your heart”, so you will be able to tap into their guidance more automatically than you probably know! Imagine calling them as if they were in another room and send the call out for them to be with you. Thank them for being with you now and start to sense their presence within and around you. If you can’t feel them, don’t worry, just trust that they are with you whenever you call upon them.

Then, speak to them as if they were a friend, you were unburdening your dilemma to. You don’t need to use fancy language, simply purge yourself of the emotions and then ask the question of your angel. If there is no question but just a need for general guidance around this issue, simply ask “what guidance can you give me about this situation?”

Keep the question in mind as you shuffle the deck. When you feel ready, fan the deck and use your left hand to select some cards. Let your intuition guide you as to how many cards you pull – there’s no right or wrong number – you may feel like pulling 1 card or you may feel like pulling 4 cards.

Then turn each card over, one at a time. Look at the image on the card, look at the wording on the card and try to piece the overall message together. Try to get a sense of what the cards might be telling you.

Now, you may look at the cards and immediately, the answer is obvious and clear. Great! You have your guidance! Or you may look at the cards and go “huh? That’s as clear as mud!”

In the case of the latter – the guidance is still unclear – then I want you to do two things:

  1. Trust that the answer lies within the theme of this card and that you just haven’t seen it yet, and
  2. Know that it will become clearer as you head over to the guidebook to read through the interpretation with trust in your heart.

At this point you may be thinking “well, she’s just going to get me to read the interpretation!”, but no, I’m not. I’m going to get you to do something far more intuitive. You’re not going to just take the blanket interpretation for this card. You’re going to apply your intuition to what you’re reading. As you read through the interpretation in the book, certain words or sentences will stand out, whilst others will feel insignificant. Know that your Guardian Angel will draw your mindful awareness to the correct words with a hit of resonance when you read it. Your consciousness will go “aha!”, “yes!” when you read the word or sentence that is the answer to your question.

Let’s give you a little example…

So, if I asked my Guardian Angel “how do I move my business forward?” and I draw the card “Divine Timing” which reads “you are on the right path. It is all about divine timing. Raise your awareness and release the need to know all the details…”, then I have been given a perfectly appropriate answer to my question – I know that I have to let go of the need to know how to move my business forward.

But, if I ask the question, “what should I be writing about?” and I draw the card “Heart Of Compassion” which reads “this situation calls for a heart of compassion. Your very presence gives people a sense of hope and a feeling that they are deeply loved and cared for”, then the response feels rather vague, less appropriate. However, the words that jumped out at me as I read through the interpretation were ‘compassion’, ‘hope’, a ‘feeling of love’ and I had a knowing inside of me that I should be writing content that addresses peoples challenges with compassion, that gives them hope and a feeling of love. That the content should be written from the heart. So, I used my intuition, my inner knowingness, to see and hear the message inside of me. My Guardian Angel lead me to the right words – the individual words and feelings they gave me with regards to the question-  and those words nudged my inner intuitive knowing to give me the answer. I didn’t just take the overall card interpretation. If I had of done, then I wouldn’t have received the clear and accurate message that my angel was trying to give me.

Remember that your angels and guides can answer your questions through a limited number of cards, and so they have to trust that we will see their response within the interpretation – by reading it intuitively, symbolically or metaphorically.

The more you use this process to open a two-way conversation with your Guardian Angel, the more you will train your intuition muscles and strengthen your communication channels. Eventually, you will be able to turn a card over and know immediately what it means and how to interpret it for you. This is because you will have learnt how to receive the knowingness within your heart and will sense it more readily with time and practice. You angel, your higher self, your intuition, will all be connecting strongly, giving you a knowingness within your consciousness that is clear.

For some of you, you may even eventually be able to drop the cards entirely, for as soon as you have answered the question, you will feel or sense the answer being formulated within your own consciousness. Afterall, cards are simply a tool for us to use to strengthen our connection with the angels. Once you’ve started, and then trained your muscles of intuition, you will become the channel yourself!  

With love,

Rachel x


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