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The importance of opening the heart chakra and how to do this yourself!

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I was shocked recently when for the first time in my spiritually aware life, my heart chakra became blocked. I knew why it had blocked and what I needed to do about it before symptoms of the imbalance started to play out in my energy field and physical body. Hear my story of heart healing, find out if you're experiencing symptoms of heart centre blockage or imbalance, learn why it’s so important for you to keep your heart chakra open and find out how you can do this yourself at home! 



The Full Transcript

I was shocked recently when for the first time in my spiritually aware life, my heart chakra was blocked.

I had gone along to a teach a healing session with my client and friend Sue. During the course of the session, I was teaching her how to discover the condition of each chakra so that she could determine whether particular chakras were open, closed, imbalanced etc. I gave myself up as a guinea pig for Sue to practice on and Sue diligently went ahead and tested each of my chakras. To my absolute shock, when she arrived at my heart centre, she discovered that it was blocked. I was so surprised that I asked her to check again, this had never happened before. True enough, she tried again and still she was getting the same response – my heart chakra was most definitely blocked.

I had a sudden awareness in that moment…

Days earlier, I had been to a wedding. There was an incident there which involved my very upset daughter and a very overly intrusive person. Without getting into the details of the incident, to protect identities of course, I was rageful. So, so angry with certain parties to the incident and in true protective mother style, I let the other party know it! I really did vent!

The day after the incident, feeling rather less adrenaline filled, I came to think that I should’ve dealt with the situation in a better way. The doubts creep in after a strong reaction don’t they?! I was thinking I should’ve taken myself away to calm down first, I should’ve been less reactive and more responsive, more thoughtful about my approach, but now it was too late. It had happened.

About 24 hours after that evening, I woke up with a pain between my shoulder blades. In my heart area, but at the back. The back of my heart chakra. I thought at the time that it could be a cord of negative energy between myself and the guy who had upset me (I know that these cords of hurt energy can cause pain in certain areas of the body) so I asked Michael to cut any cords of negative energy between the two of us. It was a rather quick and fleeting process and I didn’t even give much thought at all to the fact that it was it was in my heart area at the time. You see, I also suspected that I may of slept funny or had a draft on my back in the night because it felt just like a stiff neck that you’d get in the morning, except it was constant and spasmodic. Every time I moved, it was painful. That lasted for a whole 12 hours.

I went to bed that night, and by the next morning the pain had completely disappeared. SO of course, I didn’t give it any thought at all. A couple of days later, I went to my friends Sue to teach her some healing. And of course, she discovered that my heart chakra was blocked. That was then when the sudden awareness of the weekends stress popped up. I knew exactly what it was.

I knew in that moment that I had created a heart wall. When the heart goes into shock or upset, a layer of protectional energy gathers around it to protect the heart. It’s like a safety mechanism. This creates a wall of sorts that stops the heart from being further hurt by harsh emotions.

If we’re able to work through the emotional experience in a really mindful and thoughtful way and not attach our mind and judgements to the experience then those emotional wounds should clear from the energy field by themselves, but often, remnants of those big emotions stay trapped around the organs and glands. My emotions from the weekend had remained around my heart and caused a blockage in the chakra which meant that it was out of balance.

Luckily, with intellectual and conscious awareness of the emotion, that brought the emotion to the surface into the conscious awareness to be cleared and then I taught sue how to remove it for me through energy healing. It was actually a wonderful learning experience for my client and for myself!

Now, as she was passing energy healing into the emotional wound, the meridian from my heart to my left elbow began to clear the blockage. The blockage also began to dissipate through my shoulder meridians and into the neck.  I experienced relief and ease through the clearing process – it was wonderful

In the days that followed I really reflected on this.

The heart chakra is associated with compassion, affection, and love. It forms our deepest connections to affection, tenderness, and endearment and embodies our ability to love unconditionally. It Regulates energy associated with self love, self acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, unconditional love. It is where the physical and the spiritual come together – at the core of our energetic frequency and as it is Motivated by love, our heart chakra is responsible for moving love throughout your life. It is also the seta of the soul – the area of our beings where the soul is most clearly heard.

Now, I know that my angels and guides would not of allowed me to have a blockage in my heart chakra for long – I have too much spiritual service to do! – but had my heart chakra of stayed blocked, I would likely have started to experience all sorts of side effects.

I could have experienced:

  • feeling disconnected from the people around me (even those closest to me)
  • feeling withdrawn and try to avoid socializing with people
  • feeling needy in my relationships or feeling emotionally distant in my relationships
  • feeling terrified of being alone
  • a sense of needing to gain my self-worth from other people (people pleasing)
  • finding it hard to forgive and holding grudges easily
  • finding it hard to let go of bitter and angry thoughts
  • feeling a sense of anger or jealousy towards other people/life

I could of experienced

  • self-critical thoughts
  • constantly replaying or reliving my traumas
  • adopted the role of the victim or martyr
  • having poor boundaries making me prone to developing co-dependent relationships
  • struggling to give or receive love freely
  • being constantly suspicious and mistrusting of other people (infact this one was actually setting in already I remember!)

 So you see, heart chakra energy blockages can have real effects on our emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Had that of been left there it may also have started to have a physical effect on my body because blockages within the heart chakra can stagnate and create health issues in heart/chest area like asthma, high blood pressure, poor blood circulation, sense of heaviness in your chest. This is obviously far from ideal.

The heart chakra is our most important chakra of all – it’s the most important one to activate and clear in terms of ascension and growth and it connects us to our highest self. What condition do you think your heart chakra is in? Do you have any of those symptoms I listed before which could indicate that your heart chakra is blocked or imbalanced? Its worth going back over that list and asking yourself if you do!  

So, what can you do to keep your heart chakra in good health if you need to address it?

Obviously as I did, you can go to an energy healer, who will help you to clear and dissolve heart chakra blockages and imbalances. And that’s a great, effective and powerful way to keep your energy field open and receptive and vibrant. And there are also a multitude of things you can do yourself to help keep your heart chakra vibrating highly.

I’m going to give you some of the best ones.

Firstly, bringing light into the heart. Now you can breathe in gold rays, or white rays, or rainbow rays, or pale blue aquamarine rays, or emerald green rays. They will all help to heal the heart of blockages and dissolve unforgiveness or hurts or emotional wounds. Literally just visualise yourself breathing those rays into and out of the heart for as long as you can, as frequently as you can. Drop your chin to your chest and really engage the breath into and out of the heart, front and back of the chakra.

And when you’re in a great rhythm with this, and relaxed, call upon your guardian angel, or archangels like Archeia Mary or Raphael, or archangels of the heart like Charity or Chamuel, whoever resonates with you, to get their help with shifting the energy away. Remember that angels are conscious light beings, they infuse your light body with higher light to dissolve those lower energies.

See or feel the blockages dissolving. Thought is energy – direct your thought to clearing your heart centre with the colour rays. 341.3 Hz- heart chakra frequency- brings balance to the heart and 528 Hz- the love frequency -recalibrates your DNA structure and opens your heart chakra to unconditional love.

You could practice Yoga and Breathwork and Heart opening poses like the half camel, wheel, bridge, warrior, plank, bridge, and bow poses. You could also use crystals – red (purifies) and green (activates) so you could use green emerald and red jasper or beautiful heart crystals like rose quartz.

The sound seed ‘YAM’ can be chanted into the heart chakra for sound healing and you could even diffuse r smell oils like rose and lavender to harmonise and balance the heart too.

These are quite spiritual methodology but if you’d rather try more practical ways of heart clearing you could also take more walks in nature - for grounding and the element of air and the green rays of the trees. You could eat more heart healing green fruits and veggies like kiwi or cabbage and surround yourself in green clothing.

And to address the mindset and psychology element of heart chakra healing, start allowing yourself to feel all emotions and express them. Practise Shadow work – each shadow that’s brought to the light opens the heart a little bit more. Recite Affirmations like “I love and forgive myself”, practice Gratitude and counting your blessings – love all you have. Make Daily acts of kindness and practice Self love and strengthening your Boundaries.

There’s so much you can do to keep your heart clear and balanced and totally open, and its so important that you focus your attention in this centre regularly, and especially because balancing one chakra will create change in the others. If you are wanting to open yourself to love and nurture your emotional bond with others, it is well worth focusing on your heart chakra. If you are wanting

Self love and self acceptance, A softened heart that you feel safe to share to remove old toxic behavioural patterns and to Trust in yourself, if you want Consideration, compassion and empathy for others, forgiveness of others and a kindness flowing through you then please do dwell in the heart.

If you need or want any support with any of this, please do drop me a message and let me know how I can help you and if you loved this training today, and you’d like more training, workshops, tips, techniques, tools and methods to make your energy, your mind and your life work better for you, in a psychological and spiritual way, then I’m going to ask you to hop on over to my website to opt in to receiving more of this great training, ongoing, for free, into your inbox and/or signing up to the HITM members club. All of the details are on the website at www.happyinthemoment.com.



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