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How to have a high-vibe day, everyday, with a Book of Creation

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"The most important book that you will ever read is your Book of Creation. Your Book of Creation will become your bible. Your first read of the day, your last read before bed".


I know that you're always doing the best that you can but sometimes you still end up feeling like a failure.

I know that you want to make life work for you but sometimes you just can't seem to do it

I know that you feel like you're always striving and never getting anywhere, like there’s no peace and life is a hard slog

I know that you often feel stuck, fed up and like you just want to break free?

I Know all of this because I was the same. My life wasn't working for me. I didn't feel complete. When I was skirting the drain of depression, I felt stuck, overwhelmed, exhausted. Wanting to break free from the shackles of my life and find that inner peace that other people seemed to have.

I felt like a meteor firing through space. Life was whizzing past me whilst parts of me were breaking away and disconnecting.

“You’re not alone. You’re not failing. I’m here to help!

Certain areas of life were really good. I had a beautiful, growing family and a wonderful husband. So why did I feel so incomplete?

I had two choices. I could either seek help in anti-depressants or I could seek help by really overhauling my life. I chose the latter and thank God that I did!

I went back to college to get my counselling diploma which forced me to focus on my own self-awareness and development. I threw myself into my spiritual practices in a really conscious and intentional way, no excuses! And I began to pay attention to my body and started to treat her more kindly and lovingly.

Part of that process of recovery involved self-help and spiritual books. Hands up who loves a self-help book? Yeah, me too! The beauty of self help books is that they help you to get crystal clear on what is important to you, what isn’t working for you, what you value the most and what it is you want to change.

The downside to self-help books is that there are so many processes to master in each one before moving onto the next. And actually I don’t always want to do the tasks, I just want their advice and reassurance! If you followed every process in every self help book you read, it would take you all day to get through them and you’d end up more confused than ever! I had to find a process of picking out the bits that were relevant to me and what I needed, as well as what I could fit into my day!

What I discovered is that all we really need to know in order to help ourselves is two things:

  1. what isn’t working well for us right now 
  2. what it is we want to create in our life 

(check out the free personal assessment wheel and values checklist on our free resources page and download them to help you work out what isn’t working well in your life right now and how you can make it better!)

When we know the answer to these two questions, we then get to write our own self-help book. A book that is written specifically for you, by you, and which addresses your specific issues and concerns in life.

The most important book that you will ever read is your Book of Creation. Your Book of Creation will become your bible. Your first read of the day, your last read before bed.

Let’s look at why you need one of these…Untitled design (15)

“Who You Are is not a process of discovery, it is a process of creation.”

Who we are is not a set of life experiences, or a set of beliefs or a fixed idea of a personality. They do, of course, all contribute to our identity, but they are far too narrow to describe who we really are, at our core. We are broader, deeper and more profound than that.

Therefore, your persona really becomes quite irrelevant when it comes to the now. The past is gone, its helped you get to where you are now, and it taught you some valuable life lessons along the way, but we need to look forwards, to what it is you want the rest of your life to look like. Don’t keep looking back, focus on who you want to be.

“You get to decide, at every moment, who it is you want to be.”

Is that dress not who you are? Don’t wear it. Is that friendship not who you are? Don’t stay in it. Is that food choice resonating with who you are? Well, don’t eat it then! We all know intuitively, by tapping into our emotional guidance system, whether the choices we make sit well with us or not, whether they make us feel good or not. The problem is, we don’t normally listen to our intuition, our inner wise guru. We ignore her, and storm ahead out of habit or fear or just plain automatic programming.

I’m telling you now though, It is true….you are a creator! You create your own life through everything you think, everything you say and everything you do. Thought, word and deed. You are the key to your own happiness, you can open your own doors.

What is your intention for your life? Here are my intentions…are yours something similar?

My intention is to be positive

My intention is to make life work for me.

My intention is to take control of my life

My intention is to be happy

My intention is to live consciously, deliberately and on-purpose

“An open heart starts with an open mind. If you are to be free, you need to think free”.

It is so easy to get stuck in a rut. I know, I’ve been there! And I’ve learnt how to change my thoughts, change my words and change my life.

My Book of Creation has been fundamental in helping me to do that. It is the number one spiritual and psychological practice that you must work into your day if you’re going to ramp up the joy. It was inspired by my best friend Clare, who loves a positive quote, and she started me off on a whole book full of them! I’m going to show you how to make your own so that you can learn a new way, change your old routines and habitual, negative thoughts and live a life more in line with your deepest desires.

“Make sure you have a high vibe day, every day, with a Book of Creation”

So how do you start?

Untitled design (14)

You need to seek inspiration! You’re browsing social media and a quote pops up on your newsfeed that resonates with you. Print it out!

You watch an inspirational speaker and something she says really lights a bulb inside of you. Write that phrase down!

You come across a prayer that fits perfectly with what it is you’re trying to achieve in life. Make a note of it!

Little rituals and spiritual practices that you want to remember, like asking for protection or guidance each day, positive affirmations, quotes, memes, prayers, poems, pictures, anything and everything that speaks to you about how you want your life to be, gather them together.

For instance, recently I wanted to work on attracting more financial abundance into my life so I printed the Huna Prayer and ‘I am’ abundance statements, stuck them in my book and included them in my morning creation ritual. I also wanted to stop eating rubbish and get my body moving more, so I stuck some body positive and motivational quotes in my book to remind myself of this desire before breakfast!  

Find a beautiful book, mine actual looks like a bible and has my initials engraved into it (thank you to my buddy, Clare!), some glue and scissors and get crafty.

You can either organise your contents according to the order you want to look at them/recite them in. Or you can organise them randomly so that you can treat the book like an oracle card deck, scrolling through the pages and choosing one at random for a message that is meant for you for that day.  

My Book of Creation sits by my bed. Every morning, before I get out of bed, before I start browsing my phone or get in the shower, I open it and I read it through. I sometimes say the prayers three times through (the power of three), I get involved with the feelings that every quote gives me and I recite the affirmations that are most needed right now. Its quite a meditative process in itself. If I’m limited for time, I just make sure I choose a few pages to work on.

And the best part is that I know that every single one of those pages contains something that will help me consciously create a better life today.”

This is one of the best spiritual practices that I have ever created. In and of itself, it has moved mountains for me. It reminds me of my intentions, my strengths and my purpose. It helps me move from a place of lack and struggle and low energy to a place of empowerment and inspiration and pure power. It energises me and fuels my passions. It helps me to create a life that I choose.

When you start the day in a positive way, those vibes continue to attract positivity throughout the day. It’s science. Like attracts like. Think happy thoughts, attract happy thoughts. When you think positive, speak positive and act positively, you become aligned with the best possible version of your life. You’ve then cracked it. I can absolutely guarantee you that after doing this for a few days, you’re going to feel amazing!

Listen to what these Happy In The Moment followers had to day about the Book Of Creation...

"I love this ❤️
Last week I made notes for a morning routine, daily & evening routine. Doing This will just bring it to life...... have my Huna Prayer written out and quotes here there and everywhere, your beautiful meditations on YouTube to guide me....
. Just need to pull it all together, create My Wonderful Book and put into practice for it to be part of my skin, my Daily routine.
Thank You Rachel Vanhinsbergh
Thank You
Thank You
Thank You

 I have 100’s of little projects on the go ALL FOR ME ❤️ the house has gone to rack & ruin 😱 
Thank You so much for sharing this wonderful creative book it is going to be my ‘Souls Recipe Book’, my centre of excellence 💫🌟
Thank You
Thank You
Thank You


According to recent research, positive thinking is linked to

  • Longer life span
  • Less stress
  • Lower rates of depression
  • Increased resistance to the common cold
  • Better stress management and coping skills
  • Lower risk of cardiovascular disease-related death
  • Increased physical well-being
  • Better psychological health


If you’re ready to make life work for you and go through your day with a feeling of purpose, inspiraton and motivation, then download these FREE Tools...

Personal Assessment Wheel pin

Personal values checklist pin

They include:

  • A Personal Assessment Wheel to help you work out what isn’t working well in your life right now!
  • A Personal Values Assessment and Creation worksheet which will help you to think about what it is you really want to create in your life

Plus! Get a free ‘hearts desire’ MP3 audio meditation which will help you to connect to your inner most desires and wishes.

 angelic Loving Kindness meditation

The heart desires meditation will take you on a journey to the very core of your heart. There, you will find clarity, and purpose. With the help of your guardian angel, you will set a commitment to manifest your hearts desire.



Waking up in the morning and knowing that you’ve got what it takes to create an amazing life

Living a life in line with your grandest wishes

Having a strong sense of purpose and focus over your future

Feeling in control of your life and its direction

Feeling empowered to make changes and build new habits

Feeling connected and supported by the universe at every point in your day

How joyous your day would be if you were a magnet for positivity!


Don’t let life pass you by without a second thought. Take back control and live a life of freedom and joy.


“You are the key. You open your own doors. There has never been a better time than now. Let’s do this!”


Download your Personal Assessment quiz and values checklist to help you work out exactly what isn’t working in your life and exactly what it is that you would like your life to look like. You can then start creating this the conscious way!



Affirmations, Inspiration and Angel Prayers Kit!


Make life even easier for yourself and download my own personal bank of 28 beautifully designed positive affirmations, inspirational quotes and angelic prayers for your own book of creation. Only £6! and sent straight to your inbox as a printable pdf.

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It Includes:

  • Quotes channelled directly from meditations with the angelic realms
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Beautiful designs
  • Angelic prayers for Protection, abundance, health & healing, purpose & inspiration, bravery, courage and strength, intuition and wisdom, chakra cleansing

 Take me to the Shop to get my Affirmations, Inspiration and Angel Prayers Kit





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    Written beautifully. Absolutely agree on focusing on the positives to attract more abundance in our lives. A real inspirational to us all. Thank you Rachel xx

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