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Angelic Esoteric Tools For Energy Healing and Empowerment

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Angelic Esoteric Tools For Energy Healing and Empowerment

Archangels are often linked with symbolic tools, such as Archangel Raphael’s Caduceus or Metatrons cube. These tools carry energetic properties, unique geometry, symbolic meanings and positive energy, supporting our healing work here on earth. Engaging with these symbols deepens our understanding of spiritual beings and provides energetic support for mental health and energy healing. Through meditation or energy work, we can attune to these tools, benefiting from their healing powers and enhancing our overall wellness and transformation.

Let’s take a look at some of them and explore their healing powers.

1. Archangel Raphael’s Caduceus

Archangel Raphael is well known as the primary healing archangel. The staff that he carries- the Caduceus- is a symbol of healing and medicine. The symbol of the caduceus depicts a winged staff with entwined serpents, symbolising the energetic channels of the body, transformation and regeneration, and the wings signify a connection to The Divine.

The Caduceus holds powerful energetic healing properties. When invoked by individuals seeking healing and guidance it facilitates physical recovery, promotes emotional stability, offers spiritual guidance, and acts as a protective talisman against negative energies. Many spiritual practitioners incorporate the Caduceus into meditation or energy work, visualizing the staff to access the healing energies associated with Archangel Raphael. The symbol can be invoked during healing sessions with Archangel Raphael to promote deeper healing. You can also invoke the caduceus for your own healing purposes, visualising it merging into your being and transforming your health into vibrancy.

2. Metatrons cube

Archangel Metatron's Cube Healing & Activation – Vince Gowmon

Along with Archangel Raphael, the Archangel Metatron is another regular being in my healing room. Metatron is often depicted and associated with the sacred geometric energetic symbol know as Metatrons Cube.

Metatron's Cube embodies sacred geometry, incorporating all five Platonic Solids, as well as the sphere and merkabah star, which are fundamental elements in the universe's construction. The cube signifies the interconnectedness of creation, reminding us of divinity within all living beings. The cube symbolises balance, protection, and divine wisdom, offering guidance on spiritual journeys.

This sacred symbol represents how the Divine's creative energy flows through the universe, bridging the physical and spiritual realms. Metatron's Cube holds energetic healing powers which transmit higher vibrational frequencies for DNA activation, clearing energy blockages, aligning chakras, and supporting the activation of the merkaba light body. Metatron passes the cube through your crown and along your energy channels to facilitate healing on deep levels.

Working with Metatron's Cube in meditation or spiritual practices facilitates physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, fostering growth and expanding consciousness. Connecting with this energy brings a sense of balance, alignment, and connection with one's truest self and the divine. It's a powerful symbol that I have had the personal honour and experience of receiving into my crown from Metatron himself, and I enjoy incorporating it into my spiritual practices.

3. Archangel Michaels Sword

The Angeles and St. Michael the Archangel on St. Michael's Sword of Light |  Welcome to all from Angel Love Blessings!

A healing session isn’t complete without archangel Michaels sword of light cutting through etheric cords and attachments. He has also been known to enter healing sessions with my clients and place his sword into the clients throat chakra to anchor in higher authentic expression.

Archangel Michael's sword is a potent spiritual tool, symbolizing divine protection, courage, and spiritual strength. It cuts through negative energy and outdated patterns, and offers real protection against physical harm. Often depicted as a radiant, vibrant blue flaming blade, the sword represents the dispelling of darkness and the revelation of truth, embodying Michael's role as a warrior and guardian.

This powerful symbol serves as a reminder of our inherent ability to overcome limitations, doubts, and fears, enabling mental clarity, embracing potential, and fulfilling our soul's purpose. Known for its esoteric healing powers, Michaels sword can be invoked in meditation and energy work alongside the archangel, to release blockages, cleanse the aura, and sever unwanted cords. He anchors his healing sword in to areas of the physical and energetic body to infuse its strength within us.

Working with Michael's sword brings spiritual protection, energy cleansing, increased confidence, and a sense of self-empowerment. It aids in cutting away limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns, promoting overall well-being on spiritual, mental, and emotional levels. It's a transformative process that clears negativity, aligning us with a more positive and empowered existence.

4. Archangel Zadkiel & St Germains Violet Flame

Transmission from The Heart of Beloved Saint Germain. - The Portugal News

Archangel Zadkiel works with Ascended Master St Germain to bring us the violet flame, and the gold, silver and violet flame of transmutation. In 1987, during the Harmonic Convergence, the violet flame, a potent spiritual force, was reintroduced to humanity. St. Germain and Archangel Zadkiel played crucial roles in petitioning for its return. Although withdrawn at the end of Atlantis due to misuse, the time was deemed right for its reintroduction. The violet flame serves as a tool to transmute lower energies that are no longer beneficial. Regularly incorporating it into your spiritual practice is known to bring about miraculous transformations in your life. You can call upon the violet flame and visualise it burning through your chakras to clear them, you can call upon it to clear your home of negative energy, you can call on it to enlighten your workplace, to improve your physical health by clearing stuck energy from the body and mind, to heal conflict in relationships and to raise the frequency of light. You can use the violet flame to bless and purify your food before eating, to go to places where there is war and unrest or to clear your worrying thoughts.

5. Archangel Jophiel's Star

Connecting with the Archangels. Archangel Jophiel. | Kevin Hunter

I love this symbol. Archangel Jophiel often makes her presence known in sessions with my clients when she wants to empower them with her star of hope and optimism. Her star acts as a symbol for upliftment and the aspiration of spiritual growth. It encourages us to aim high, to keep our eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel and not to give up. The star is always guiding us toward our highest potential and brightest future.

Working with Jophiel's star brings compassion and tolerance. The star is a reminder of our true being as spirit. From helping with the activation of your third eye chakra to encouraging you to access higher dimensions and embrace unconditional love, there’s a lot in store for those who welcome Jophiel's star into their life. When focusing on that star through the power of divine love we can direct healing to where there is need. It promotes positivity, happiness and renewal. The star can help you garner a deeper connection with body, spirit, and light. Just having it in your presence can help protect and lift you up.

6. Archangel Gabriel’s Trumpet

Manifestation Made Easy - ***Archangel Gabriel*** Archangel Gabriel is  often portrayed holding a trumpet. As the patron of communications, Archangel  Gabriel is the messenger angel, acting as a messenger of God. She

Whenever Archangel Gabriel appears in a reading I know that there is a new beginning on the horizon for my client. Archangel Gabriel is better known as the angel who announces the beginning of things. He announced the Annunciation to Mary, the birth of baby Jesus and the Last Day Of Judgement. He likes to announce changes and transformation for my clients, new beginnings and wonderful new opportunities.

In art, Gabriel's trumpet is a common symbol representing the archangel's role as a messenger and communicator of divine will. This imagery emphasises Gabriel's significance in facilitating spiritual awakenings and conveying higher wisdom, urging us to heed divine guidance in our lives.

From an esoteric standpoint, the sacred sound produced by Gabriel's horn possesses the transformative power to bring healing, enlightenment, and foster a connection with our higher self and I Am Presence. The spiritual energy of the horn can aid in aligning personal desires and aspirations in life, Cultivating greater joy and happiness and Uncovering divine mysteries and truths.

The healing properties of Gabriel's horn extend beyond emotional healing, providing energetic protection from physical harm, such as during violent weather or travel difficulties. By invoking Archangel Gabriel's presence, you can harmonise with the Divine, becoming more receptive to divine guidance and accelerating your personal growth.

7. Archangel Raziel's book

Angel Wisdom Tarot: A 78-Card Deck and Guidebook || Radleigh Valentine -  Angelic Roots

Archangel Raziel is often depicted as holding a book of wisdom. The name Raziel translates roughly to “Secret of God” and is known in Jewish Mysticism as the keeper of secrets and the Angel of Mysteries. He is also known as the keeper of God’s wisdom.

Archangel Raziel is the one who will help you to unlock your creativity and enhance your spiritual path or abilities. He is also there to help you understand any complex situation or puzzle you need help solving. He is enlightenment and empowerment on your path ahead.

Raziel provides openness and clarity to help you find your true purpose and path in life. Whether delving into the laws of the Universe, spirituality, or seeking general knowledge, Raziel’s scholarly energy serves to unlock doors, providing a more profound understanding and deeper wisdom. Call upon his book of wisdom to go deeper into your intuition and inner knowingness.

8. Archangel Uriel's Flame Of Illumination

Who Is Archangel Uriel? | Introducing The Angel of Truth

Archangel Uriel's flame is the Flame of Illumination, of Expansion, to light our way so that we may see through the darkness, to understand and perceive the shadows, the illusions, that surround us.

Uriel's Flame embodies enlightenment, inner wisdom, and divine guidance, and is often portrayed in images as a brilliant, radiant light illuminating the darkest corners of our lives. This luminous flame is thought to reveal hidden truths and provide a deeper understanding of challenging situations, symbolizing clarity and knowledge even in our darkest moments.

Archangel Uriel's Flame has the ability to transmute negative energies and thoughts into positive ones, making it a vital tool for personal growth and emotional healing. Utilising Uriel's Flame in meditation, visualisation, or energy healing practices can effectively clear and transform energetic blockages, promoting emotional well-being.

The purifying energies of the flame alleviate feelings of fear, uncertainty, and doubt, lighting our way into the places of darkness, shadow, chaos, confusion, within and without, replacing them with a renewed sense of clarity, wisdom, and inner strength. In essence, Uriel's Flame provides robust support for those seeking spiritual guidance and healing on their journey.

There are many more spiritual tools out there that the archangels enable us to utilise. These are just my top 8. Here is a simple methodology for you to follow to start incorporating these angelic tools into your own meditations and healing practices. Adjust the methodology based on your personal preferences and the specific angelic tool you choose to work with.

1. Set the Intention- Begin by setting a clear intention for your meditation. What aspect of your life or well-being would you like to focus on for healing?
2. Create a Sacred Space - Find a quiet and comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. Consider lighting a candle or some incense to create a serene atmosphere.
3. Connect with Your Breath - Take a few deep breaths to center yourself. Inhale positive energy, exhale any tension or negativity. Allow your breath to become calm and steady.
4. Invoke Archangel Uriel - Verbally or mentally call upon Archangel Uriel, expressing your intention for healing. You might say something like, “Archangel Uriel, I invite your healing energies into my meditation for [state your intention].”
5. Visualize Uriel’s Flame - Envision Uriel’s Flame, a radiant and powerful light, either in your mind’s eye or surrounding you. Picture it illuminating and purifying the area related to your intention.
6. Feel the Healing Energy - Allow yourself to feel the warmth and healing energy of Uriel’s Flame. Imagine it penetrating any areas of discomfort or tension, transforming them into positive energy.
7. Express Gratitude - Thank Archangel Uriel for the healing energy received. Express gratitude for the guidance and support provided during the meditation.
8. Ground Yourself - Slowly bring your awareness back to the present moment. Feel the connection between yourself and the Earth. Wiggle your fingers and toes, gradually returning to full awareness.


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