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How to dissolve fear from the mind and body

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There are only two main fears in life- love and fear. Rachel discusses the three main conscious fears that we are aware of and the four main subconscious fears that we aren’t so aware of but are still very limiting to us. She then teaches you how to dissolve this fear in the mind and in the body by combining practices in psychology and mindset with spirituality and energy work.

The Full Transcript

There are only two main emotions in life. Love and fear. Fear has many guises. All negative emotions come from fear and can be traced back to the one overriding energy of fear.

Lets take a look for a moment. I want to share with you what I have learnt about fear.

Now, I love Brendon Burchards descriptions of fear. He says there are 3 main conscious fears that we have. These are the fears that we know about, theyre in our conscious awareness. The first one is loss pain. So, if I do this thing, what if I lose something. If I go on a diet, what if I lose the foods I love. If I do this job, what if I lose some respect from people.

The second one is process pain. This fear is about the actual hardship of the process. So to take the previous examples….what if I go on a diet and the process of that is really tough – weighing out food, counting calories, getting the gym. The process causes us difficulties. What if I quit my job and then I have to go through the process of updating my cv, applying for more work, attending interviews. Wow, that process is tough!

And the third conscious fear we have is outcome pain. What if I go through all of the loss, I cant eat what I want to eat, I then go through the process of counting calories and going to the gym, and I STILL don’t lose any weight? What if I quit my job, go through the whole cv thing, do the interviews and then I hate the other job at the end of it. Outcome pain is about fearing the end result!

So those are the conscious fears that we have. We also have some deeper rooted subconscious fears. These are the ones that were not always conscious and aware of in the moment but that are just as damaging to us.

The first subconscious fear is rejection. If I do this thing what if people reject me! What if what I want to do doesn’t please everyone and I’m rejected. What if it upsets one particular person? This fear of judegement and criticism really upsets our social need to be accepted and loved by everyone we meet.

Then theres the fear of regret. So if I actually do that thing, make that leap into the unknown, I may just live to regret it. I don’t wanna live with regret!!! The third one is responsibility because none of us wants to really have tonnes of responsibility on our shoulders. We actually fear that! Because responsibility means its our fault if it goes wrong. And the last subconscious fear is ruin. We fear absolute total ruin – financial ruin, losing our homes, bankruptcy, losing everything we have.

If we listen to all of these fears, we risk being sucked into the ego and we get into the habit of giving our power away to it. Fears are fed by what if negatives. What if this dreadful thing happens, what if the grass isn’t any greener the other side? What is Im ruined or criticised or if it hurts me.

So what can we do about these fears. Because fears that stay put threaten to really limit us. We fear failure so we fear trying. We fear risk so we never try. It’s a vicious cycle!

Firstly, what we need to start doing is becoming really mindful of these ‘what if negatives’ as soon as they start to come up for us. And when we notice theyre on rinse and repeat we need to make the conscious effort to shift our mindset. So instead of the what if followed by a negative, we can start to practise, what if positives. What if I take this leap of faith and it’s a huge success? What if the grass is so green on the other side. What if I go through the pain and hardship and struggle of dieting but I actually lose three stone and feel amazing afterwards. What if I quit my job, take the leap into self employment and I’m so successful that I am able to retire at 50!!!

The mindset shift is one of the most important things we can do for fear because our fears like to dwell in our mind, in our thoughts.  The angels tell us that all thought is prayer. Every worry is a prayer. Every anxiety is a prayer. This is because we are all Creators, creating the lives we see around us in every moment of our existence. The trick, they say, is to replace the fear with a new program of thought.

Now here’s the other thing. The energy part…

The path of any human is littered with challenges and obstacles. Sometimes these are minor challenges and we work our way through them without little damage. Sometimes, they’re major life catastrophes which leave a deep scar of fear within us.

When we experience deep trauma and fear, this severity of emotional wound scars us at a soul level. The fear is a heavier mass of energy generated by the body and it gets held within our energy field at the very deepest parts of our chakras, usually around a gland or organ. This mass of fear energy cause blockages, and stale energy to gather. It may be that the work you’ve already done to heal trauma and fear has been able to dissolve some of the blockage, to remove some of the negative energy held there, but remnants may remain. The more light you’re able to put into the emotional wound of fear, the more of it can come forward and heal. But there may be a need to get deeper into the root of the fear energy. You may still be experiencing the symptoms or re-emergence of fear when it gets triggered.

Fear tends to play out in our base chakra, and then it creates a ripple effect of fearful energy on our other chakras, and within that energy of fear, the emotions of anger, frustration, injustice and resentment become entangled with it and it then builds and strengthens its hold over us.

The base chakra underlies and underpins all of our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours and becomes the foundation for all of our growth. We want our lives to be built on a strong and resilient foundation and so it’s important that we work with our fears in the base chakra to make sure we have released them from the depths and therefore have a nice stable and secure footing. 

How can we clear the energy of fear from the base chakra?

Well, there are many ways but let me tell you about my client. She was a deeply spiritual lady and a wonderful lightworker. Her heart was full of gratitude for the life that she had and she felt very blessed to be able to help others through her work as an angelic reiki practitioner. She had many clients and she felt that she was evolving and growing into her business skin. We were living through a COVID pandemic and the whole of the world had no choice but to operate their businesses as much as they could, through the internet. However, she had one major hurdle to overcome. She had a very real and persistent fear of technology.

She came to me as a client asking for help. Intuitively, I received the message that she had fear in the base chakra around the computer, caused by a past traumatic experience which involved technology.

I was guided to take her through a fear releasing energy healing process.

I’ll explain what we did by guiding you through the stages.

>>>Take yourself into a relaxed state, breathing consistently and gently into your tummy, letting go of all tension.

Call upon the beings that you love to connect with in your meditations. Whether that be angels, or guides or deities. Thank them for being with you to support the process.

See or feel a huge ball of ruby red light glowing within your base chakra. As you breathe in and out, see the red light get more intense and brighter.

As you visualise the red glow in your base chakra, recite positive mantras into the area. For my client it was “it is safe for me to use technology”, “I am confident and competent with technology” Adapt your positive mantras to reflect the fear that you have.

As you recite these mantras, visulaise all negative fear based energy being sucked out of the chakra. I often call on the energy of archangel Michael and Archangel raphael here to help me suction fear from the base. You could call upon Archangel Ariel here too – she governs the root chakra also.

Picture yourself being completely free from the fear. Performing the action that a fearless person would take. Feeling no fear and doing that anyway. Feeling courageous and brave and completely secure. Focussing on the positive impact of letting this fear go. What you and others stand to benefit. The energy of this positive thought is now reprogramming the chakra into a more positive state. Hold the vision and feeling as if the vision were already true.

Feel the warmth of gratitude in your heart, the sense of security in your stomach and the relaxation of all your muscles as you trust the vision is manifesting for you now.

If the fears strike again, open your heart before you tackle the thing causing you fear and remind yourself of the ruby red positive mantras within your base chakra. Allow those to be your positive focus.

If you feel like you’re also holding the fears in any other chakra, use the traditional colour for that chakra and bring positive mantras into that area too.

I asked the client to repeat this exercise at home, and shortly after, she came back to me reporting that not only had she outgrown her fear of technology, she had signed up to zoom herself, learnt how to use it and was about to advertise her first ever online workshop. Amazing!

By combining practices in mindset and also in energy work and spirituality, I was able to create real transformation for this client. I'd urge you to bring the two together and the next time you’re feeling fear, address your ‘what if’ mindset and also the energy of the fear in your base chakra.


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