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How to Let Go of Negative Thoughts and Beliefs - The Mindful Focus Flower

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My Mindful Focus Flower.

"A belief is just a practiced thought"

  • To challenge your negative thoughts and beliefs which are limiting your life.
  • To practice greater self-belief, self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem.
  • To cultivate a positive point of attraction so that you align with the best version of your life and manifest your hearts desire.

How do you let go of negative thinking?

 Affirmations aren’t always enough. 

There was a woman at one of my workshops who said to me, "I have this quote by my bed and I looked at it every morning when I woke up. I tried every morning to keep repeating it and in the end it just made me angry because I couldn’t believe what it was telling me. The quote was ‘I am enough’" .

I suggested that she was trying to run a marathon before she could even walk.

 When we’re struggling with negative thinking and negative self belief, the trick is to reach to the next best thought in a chain of thoughts, rather than to the most positive thought possible.

I told this woman, "If you’re feeling completely hopeless about the 'I am enough' statement, perhaps you might better believe a statement like ‘I am learning to appreciate myself for...,or...’actually, I am pretty good at...’

These thoughts are a step up in in positivity. They’re believable, realistic and they energetically attract more positive thoughts to them!

 So, when you say ‘actually I’m pretty good at...’, you can bet your next thought will more likely be ‘oh, and I’m also pretty good at this....’.

 You’ll start to see mental images in your mind of things you’re good enough at. You see, when you start to change your point of attraction to positive thinking thoughts, you’ll start to attract more positive thoughts towards you like a magnet. They'll build upon one another.

 Over the years I’ve come to coin this technique my 'Mindful Focus Flower'. Find out more about it in the video above. 

Ive created a beautiful 8-page printable for the Mindful Focus Flower which guides you through the process of how to let go of negative thinking. It gives examples, step-by-step instructions, and a blank template for you to use the technique for your own negative thoughts and beliefs. Click here to head to the shop to get your copy emailed to you.

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