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Do We All Have Our Own Angel? Unveiling the Truth About Guardian Angels

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Do we all have our own Angel?

Many people ask me “so, do I have an angel then?” And my answer is always a huge YES!

Have you ever felt a guiding presence in your life, a force nudging you toward the right path, or a comforting embrace during challenging times? This is likely to be your own Guardian Angel.

My first experience of meeting my Guardian Angel was so moving. I remember being sat on my bedroom floor, meditating and intentionally calling on my Guardian Angel. I didn’t feel very hopeful. I’d tried to connect with my Guardian Angel many times before and had never felt anything hugely significant. Why would this time be any different?! Luckily, my level of hope didn’t affect what happened next. 

With a rush of force, I felt a surge of energy flood into my heart from behind me. Like a tidal wave, an overwhelming sense of love drowned my heart entirely and I was overcome with emotion. Tears streamed down my face as I felt the full power of angelic presence in my heart. It was a fullness, a completeness, an all-encompassing deep love that transcended any other I’ve ever felt.

Through my tears, I asked my Guardian Angel “why can I feel you in my heart?” (as opposed to seeing you or feeling you elsewhere). The answer I received, as clear as crystal in my mind was “because I am in and of your heart”

Those words rang through my consciousness, embedding themselves deeply into the fabric of my being so that I never forgot them. To this day, I can still feel their power as strongly as the day I first heard them.

Our Guardian Angel is not a separate being to us. It is so merged with us that they are part of our heart- our higher heart- our deepest heart. It is often difficult for us to discern the voice of our Guardian Angel as separate from us because we are so deeply connected to one another.

I teach people to connect to their heart every day, to listen to their inner knowing, their intuition, their Angel, which all resides within their heart and which are all the same energy. The reason we are encouraged to listen to our intuition is because it carries the virtues of our Guardian Angel- the same compassion, positivity, clarity, love and warmth that your Angels have. Your inner knowing is never negative or criticising or fearful. It always knows what is best for you. Likewise, your Angel is never negative, criticising or fearful. Your Guardian Angel always knows what is best for you.

Just as you carry your heart with you wherever you go, your Guardian Angel is also always with you. It travels with you through every emotional high and every traumatic low, every adventure, every new beginning, every mundane day and every normal night. It never leaves your centre. It pours love into your being constantly and whispers to you of your highest potential and capabilities.

Your Guardian Angel has never lived a human life. It is a purely etheric energetic being, which has learnt how to best support and guide you personally. Its biggest desire is to serve you. It wants nothing more than to help you flow smoothly through your life. It wants you to be happy and healthy and is ready, waiting to be asked to assist you. I’ve lost count over the years of how many times my Guardian Angel has helped me.

She has gotten me home in a conked-out car which miraculously kept working just for the duration of the homeward journey; she has instantly unlocked doors that others have been trying to unlock for an hour; she has fired up a boiler that wouldn’t ignite; she has helped me reboot old computers that have faded to a ‘blue screen of death’; she has put resources under my nose that I needed for the next steps of my goal; she has helped me clear debt; and manifest money; she has brought work to me when I was worried I wouldn’t get any…the list goes on.

My Mum had never invested in the idea of angels, until recently when, after a conversation we had, she felt inspired to ask her Angel for help. She was in need of a very specific saucepan for her new induction hob and had been struggling to find the correct one anywhere. She said she thought “oh sod it, I’ll ask my angel to help me find it, I’ve got nothing else to lose!” She asked her angel for the specific pan that she needed and was in absolute shock when the very next day she stumbled upon the most perfect saucepan which ticked all of her boxes, on a random display in a high street shop! She’s now very enthusiastic in telling that story to anyone who will listen and is now a true convert!

Your Guardian Angel knows what your soul plan is for this lifetime and helps you to uphold it wherever she can. She tries to keep you on the correct path and steer you toward your highest potential for this lifetime. You have free will of course, and she cannot step in and redirect or help you without your request. A beautiful prayer to encourage help from your Angel every day is this: “Guardian Angel, please walk before me and pave the way for a fully beautiful and purposeful day. Help me to align with my highest potential for this lifetime, directing me and showing me the way. Thank you”

There are so many ways that you can connect to your Guardian Angel. Try writing to your Guardian Angel. Open your heart and let your emotions pour onto the page. Pull some oracle cards from your favourite Guardian Angel deck for her guidance and wisdom to be delivered to you. Ask your Guardian Angel for signs and she will leave her calling cards around for you to notice. You may see Angels in cloud formations, you may find feathers or pennies in unusual places, or hear the word “angel” in a song on the radio or on TV. You may see angel numbers - like ‘11.11’ more often than usual. Set the intention to connect with them and they will try many methods to get your attention.

Building a strong personal friendship with your Guardian Angel helps you to build a stronger connection to your own angelic consciousness. They become your therapist, your guide and your teacher through life, and as a result, life begins to flow much easier.

Our Guardian Angels are here for us, but their support should never be abused by us. If you wish to use angelic energy for selfish reasons or for egoic purposes, nothing good will come of it. The angels will not deliver requests that do not come from a place of love.

Your Guardian Angel is with you before you even take you first human breath and stays with you until after your earthly body has died and your soul transitioned into the spirit realm once again. It helps with your transition, and can even support your loved ones who grieve for you back on the earth planes. They may then choose to start their process of guardianship anew with another soul, or may choose to follow you into another lifetime that your soul chooses.

Your Guardian Angel is deeply intertwined with your heart and soul, guiding you with love and care throughout your life. As you continue to explore your own connection with your Guardian Angel, remember that this relationship is a two-way street.
Your guardian angel is ready and willing to assist you, but they respect your free will. A simple prayer or an open hearted conversation with them can be the bridge to deeper communication and understanding.

Let me know what your thoughts are on your own personal Guardian Angel. I’d love to hear them. Feel free to leave a comment below, let us know your own experiences and let’s keep this conversation alive!

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