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5 Top Tips For How To Cultivate More Hope In Your Life

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 What are you Hoping for right now? A miracle, a breakthrough, a small victory?

 Hope is one of the most beautiful virtues that we can cultivate. Hope helps us to see the light at the end of the tunnel, despite the challenges. It encourages us to try one more time, and to believe in the seemingly impossible. Hope is power, hope is passion, hope grows miracles.

When you’re living in trying times, how do you actually start to see that light at the end of the tunnel? I’ve pondered this for a while recently, since Hope is a theme that keeps recurring and popping up in my experiences.

Here are my 4 top tips when it comes to cultivating more hope in your life.

  1. Call in the big guns!

Did you know that there is an actual Archangel who’s whole job it is to spark your energy with hope and optimism? Archeia Hope is known as the angel of wishes and she works on the pure white flame (4th ray) and so just by setting the intention to draw her close and by visualising breathing in this pure white colour ray we are infusing our energy with her endless optimism. In meditation, call her name three times and feel her come into your auric field. Sense yourself wrapped in her shimmering white cloak of optimism and use this beautiful prayer to draw upon her virtues. “Thank you, Archeia Hope, for elevating my spirit and igniting the spark of hope within me. I feel inspired and aligned with my true potential and divine path. Thank you for helping me to sustain a powerfully hopeful and optimistic vibration throughout the day ahead. And so it is!”

2. Observe your thoughts.

Watch them. See how they run away with you. Are you imagining the worst, instead of thinking about the best possible outcome? It’s likely that your thoughts may be doing a job on you and dampening your hopeful spirits. Be mindful of attacks of negativity and nip them in the bud by thinking of more positive thoughts to counteract them.

3. Spiritual practice.

This is the underpinning of my whole life. It’s the vein that runs through the centre of everything that I am, everything I think, say and do. Developing a spiritual practice creates a larger and more hopeful world view. It gives us a sense of purpose and connection. Believing something greater than ourselves creates a more hopeful and optimistic outlook.

4. Surround yourself with positive people.

Some people feel just like a breath of fresh air and the embodiment of light. These people raise you up, praise your efforts, boost your self-esteem and confidence and support you through it all. Having these connections with others is so important if you’re to stay hopeful through the hard times.

5. Appreciation.

There’s no better way to train yourself to see the silver lining than with gratitude. Hope is about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and one of the best ways to train this muscle is by noticing all of the blessings you already have in your life right now. You’ll notice that the light was there all along! There is always something to be grateful for and equally there’s always something to be hopeful about.

 Sending you love, light and hope in abundance,

Rachel xxx

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