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5 Ways Angel Energy Healing Helps You

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5 ways angel energy healing helps you


At a time in my life when the clouds of depression and anxiety were doing their best to rain on my parade, the connections I made with angels were my saving grace. The struggle was real, and the usual remedies were like plasters on a bullet wound – futile! It wasn't until I started healing with angels that things took a turn. As the angelic sessions stacked up, it wasn't just about managing my mental and emotional health anymore. I really started to transform – from feeling low and unable to cope to feeling uplifted and resilient. The angels were like the life coaches I never knew I needed. The heaviness began to lift, making way for a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

I soon realised I wasn’t alone in this experience. Popular books around the world are filled with stories of people experiencing the healing power of angels.

In a world increasingly aware of the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, people are now starting to awaken to more natural, holistic pathways for healing. It's a major shift, a turning point that shows how humanity is evolving and ascending, where conventional remedies are complemented or even replaced by approaches that align with the innate rhythms of life. Angel energy healing is quickly becoming a therapy sought by those seeking a more harmonious, integrative journey toward well-being. By those that recognise that the healing journey is not merely a physical one and that mental and emotional well-being are essential elements of our overall health.

Why do individuals turn to angel energy healing? Firstly, its curiosity – will this therapy actually help me? What will I experience? Perhaps it could make me feel better? Secondly, there’s hope. Hope that this therapy will help them to improve their health and their life. And then there’s the spiritual interest - It goes beyond the conventional and dives into the realms of spiritual connection, energy balance, and universal healing. It becomes a sanctuary for those seeking the compassionate love and support of angels.

I’ve been fortunate to have delivered Angel Energy Healing to hundreds of people, and I have identified 5 main ways in which angel energy healing helps them to positively transform their lives. From elevating vibrations to emotional release, from spiritual insight to tangible pain relief, lets take a look at 5 of the ways angel energy healing helps you….

  1.  Elevating Vibrations and Balancing Energies: The body is surrounded by a human energy field (HEF or aura). That energy field has a vibratory rate and frequency. Angel energy healing, when passed into the human energy field, elevates the vibrational frequency of individuals. When a person experiences poor mental or physical health the vibration of their energy field is naturally quite low and dense. By channelling divine energy, this healing modality helps to clear low vibrations and increase the overall vibration of the energy field. It balances the energy centres within the body, clearing out all stuck or stagnant energy, allowing them to flow naturally and the body to operate harmoniously.  Furthermore, this elevation isn't just a temporary fix; it's a transformative experience where the entire energetic composition of our being is lifted to a more harmonious frequency. As these energies align and balance, it's not just a physical sensation – it's a holistic experience that permeates the mental and emotional body of the person. The result? A sense of internal equilibrium, lightness and calmness.
  2.  Emotional Healing and Release: The gentle touch of angelic energy is a real balm for emotional wounds. Many individuals experience big emotional releases during angel energy healing sessions. What I have noticed is that first and second sessions are typically very physical for people – clearing, cleansing and realigning the energy system, and then in subsequent sessions, the angels start to focus on emotional wounds and traumas that are trapped in the energy system. It's as if the angels are building up to the release of negative emotions, making room for healing and joy to flow in through a fully operational energetic system. The angels pour their healing rays in to the emotional energy, helping to dissolve and break them down, freeing the meridians and chakras from their blockages and density.
  3. Physical Well-being and Pain Relief: Beyond the ethereal, angel energy healing has tangible effects on the physical body. As energy blockages are released and the energy networks start to flow without hindrance, pain can be dispersed. It's not uncommon for individuals to experience relief from chronic pain or discomfort after engaging in sessions. They often rise from the therapy table reporting feeling lighter, less achey, pains and aches having dispersed. I have seen this happen with so many ailments over the years - hernias, where people have reported that hernias have shrunk and reduced after angel energy healing, with back pain, where the stiffness has subsided, in earache, where infection has left the body overnight after angel energy healing. The list goes on. As healers, we can never guarantee that pain or ailments will leave the body – this very much depends on many ‘higher’ factors relating to the cause of the ailment in the first place – but where possible, ailments can and do disperse under angel energy healing. Its important to mention ‘Healing Crisis’ here (also read blog post of healing crisis here). A healing crisis, also known as a healing reaction, is a temporary worsening of symptoms that occurs when the human body has just undergone energy healing. A healing crisis can be an essential aspect of an effective, natural healing process. While it can be highly uncomfortable and sometimes alarming, this is a sign that your body is working to heal itself. It’s also dependent on how sensitive your body is to energy generally. Some experience them, others don’t, but they always pass by day 21 after the sessions.
  4. Stress Reduction and Relaxation: In our fast-paced world, stress has become a constant companion. Angel energy healing sessions offer a respite from the chaos, inducing a state of deep relaxation. We work hard as healers to create a nurturing environment for you to retreat to for your session. The room is cleansed of all lower vibrations, angelic tools are used to raise the vibes of the room – from crystals to sound to fresh flowers. People often report a feeling of safety, calm and serenity as soon as they enter my healing space. The soothing energy of angels who are present throughout your session – from the moment you walk in - helps calm the nervous system, promoting a sense of peace that extends beyond the session. Angel Energy Healing Sessions are the ultimate in relaxation.
  5. Spiritual Connection and Insight: Angel energy healing isn't just about the physical and emotional – it's deeply spiritual. Many individuals report a heightened sense of connection to their spiritual selves during and after sessions. It opens a door to insights, wisdom, and a profound understanding of one's spiritual journey. When you invite angels into your world, you can’t help but be touched by transformation. Their high vibration of light and love merges with your heart and switches on internal healing and growth. The angels are always concerned with your own personal ascension and potential. They help to fill you with hope, resilience, and power to move forwards in life. Not only will you forge a stronger connection to them through your sessions, but you may start to see and feel their presence during the session. Many people report feeling the angels touching them, seeing them in their minds eye around the therapy couch, seeing their colour rays and having spontaneous visions where their messages pass into your consciousness. I am always in awe of how the angels demonstrate their presence to people.

I like to think of Angel Energy Healing as not just a modality; it's a transformative force that touches every chord of our existence. One session can spark real transformation for people, but it is always best to gift yourself a course of sessions. This is because angel energy is accumulative – it builds and also clears more and more with each session. Give it a go, not just for a day, but for a period of time. Let the angels be your companions on this adventure of self-discovery and well-being. Find a reputable angel energy healer, attend a session, or access a reputable angel energy healing online course (like mine here - https://www.happyinthemoment.com/angel-energy-healing-courses.html) and allow yourself to be open to the experience. Feel the vibrations, welcome the emotional release, and embrace the potential relief from physical discomfort. Treat it like a beautiful experiment – your own personal exploration into the realms of angelic energies. During this period, you might notice subtle shifts or profound transformations. You may experience what we call ‘a healing crisis’ (go to my blog post on this topic) It could be a sense of calm, a release of emotional baggage, or even relief from that persistent pain. Let the experience unfold, and trust in the guidance of the angels.

The world of angel energy healing is not just a spiritual realm; it's a real and tangible force that can bring about positive changes in your life. So, whether you're seeking healing, growth, or a boost in happiness, give angel energy healing a chance to weave its magic into the fabric of your existence.

Your journey awaits, and the angels are ready to be your guides. Here's to your own angelic adventure – may it be filled with transformative moments and a whole lot of well-being.

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    This article beautifully highlights the profound benefits of angel energy healing. The emphasis on emotional balance and spiritual guidance is truly enlightening. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful resource!

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