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The secret to living a more happy, fulfilled and successful life!

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The secret to living a more happy, fulfilled and successful life!

( WATCH THE VIDEO HERE Video Link click here https://youtu.be/Tksc-k59h4Y )

“Traditional counselling, therapy and life coaching is no longer enough for you to access deep breakthroughs and transformations”

Life is evolving and so are you!

Most life coaching and counseliing focuses on psychology or mindset and mostly on how past events create beliefs that run your current entire life. Spiritual Life Coaching integrates the psychological with the spiritual. So when you move into your beingness, your spirituality, your energy, you start to move into the person that you are meant to be, designed to be. You create an energetic alignment, one where you live in integrity with your authentic higher self. When you create an energetic alignment with psychological tools and methods, you create a life you’ve always wanted.

Let me tell you that blending psychological practices with spiritual law is the secret to creating life-altering breakthroughs.

I have been coached and counselled in the traditional ways myself. I even went through college and got my counselling qualifications, and I worked with people with deep mental and emotional challenges and I still felt that just traditional coaching and traditional counselling wasn’t getting me the results I needed. In my personal life, I felt like I had hit a ceiling, where no matter what I was doing, I couldn’t get past my issues. It was frustrating. For my clients, I was seeing the same thing. Talking therapy and psychological therapy gets us so far, but it doesn’t give us the deepest transformations. This is why people in stay in therapy for a long time – because they’re not releasing the energy that underlies it all.

And when I started applying spirituality, energy work, universal laws, and merging spirituality, energy and psychological practices, my personal success just opened up and my life began to heal. when I started applying spirituality, energy work, universal laws, and merging spirituality, energy and psychological practices, with my clients, their success just rocketed. What really made me understand where I was going wrong in finding complete peace with my past and beliefs and in only having limited success in shifting them was because I wasn’t embracing my complete beingness and connecting with the divinity within me.

So I started to pay attention to all of my energetic parts, and making the spiritual part the connection I prioritised. I realised that because the universe responds vibrationally, because we attract our life and circumstances through the subconscious mind, as opposed to the conscious mind, my dominant vibration from my past beliefs was controlling my reality and calling the shots!

I started to be really honest with myself and I allowed myself to really explore my thoughts feelings and beliefs in a deeper way. I promised myself that whatever I was thinking, feeling, believing, I would release the energy of that, so that I would be in alignment and truly feel the joy and fulfilment that is my birthright.  

But, back then, I didn’t have anyone to show me how to do it! I had to learn the hard, the long way. I had to learn, from scratch, how to correctly implement the laws of the universe and live in alignment.

If you’re a happiness seeker, If you’ve read all the books, been to all the workshops and talks, been to all the therapists and coaches, and you still don’t feel that inner peace, spiritual coaching is the way to go.

I had a client who had been working on herself for decades, she’d read all the books, hired all the therapists, and after fully committing to finding her happiness, she still did not feel fulfilled or satisfied. Sure, the needle had moved for her, but she didn’t feel that deep inner fulfilment that she wanted. After just a few months of spiritual coaching with me, she released blocks that she had held onto forever, that had plagued her her whole life. She is now more joyful, centred, aligned and fulfilled than she has ever been.

A lot of people think, well if you bring in the spirituality, its gonna get all woo-woo and weird. It has no proof or evidence, does it really work? And there’s also this thought process that you can’t mix spirituality with psychology, that the two can’t possibly go together. But spirituality and working with energy has become an integral part of my success and the success of my clients. For every person I’ve coached, it’s that energy work that has seen them creating lasting changes in their life. And guess what, spirituality is hugely backed by science!

We can’t deny the spirit or the energetic part of us. It is that part of us that’s creative, that governs our reality. We are both physical and non-physical. We are mind body and spirit. And when we’re not open to spiritual coaching, we’re not open to the whole, holistic part of us, the wellbeing, the success, the abundance that is our true birthright.

The truth is that there is an undertone of something much more powerful leading our lives that must be understood and tapped into for us to make the greatest transformations.

Spirituality is the way you live your life and create your reality. When you start to look at creating your life by applying the spiritual laws, principles, tools and methodology, life becomes very simple and flowing and easy. But if you don’t know how to do it, life can feel really difficult. Like you’re pushing against the grain. When you work with the flow of life, you find your own flow. You flow with life.

For me, when I started to think of my thoughts, emotions and beliefs as pure energy, I had a huge shift in perspective, I understood that I could shift this energy and direct it where I wanted it to go.  

I always felt I had to go at it alone, that I had to take care of my own life. And when I started to feel the presence of the energy that is moving through me, that is beating my heart and guiding me through my path, I now know I’m not alone. I’m not alone when I’m coaching my client, creating my business, raising my family. I am creating my life in partnership. With a universal partner that is always present, all knowing, all supportive. It hears and acknowledges, it understands, it loves. When we can know our consciousness and align with the energy of what we desire, we create our reality consciously and deliberately and intentionally.

Learning this spiritual work is essential to creating the life you want. We are all energy beings as well as physical beings. We live in a vibrational universe and learning how to master your energy, your vibration, is essential. And since were the only ones responsible for our consciousness, its important to master.

I had a client who was trying really hard to be happy. She was experiencing grief and had tried hard over the years to move through it.  Because the energy of that grief was stuck in her, she was experiencing incredible indigestion and stomach pain. Really from not digesting the emotions. Once she had started to allow herself to feel the emotions and release the energy of those emotions, she felt better, the indigestion and stomach pains went away, she was better spiritually, emotionally and mentally. She is now more joyful, and thriving in her life, life is flowing through and with her once again. She also feels that now she has a new understanding of life as a spiritual and energetic being.

For some, the thought might be, well, all this spiritual stuff is mumbo jumbo, nonsense, where’s the evidence? And I get it. If we don’t see this energy, how can we possibly understand it.

I always tell people that you just have to be open to it. You can create a new reality when you understand how to shift energy. When you understand how to release stuck and stagnant energy and bring in new life force energy, you create new beliefs, new thoughts, new realities.

Spirituality does not have to be woo woo nor is it about religion. You may fear it because it’s too ‘out there’. But living spiritually for many people is just about how they align with energy. It shouldn’t be confused with religion. When I talk about Angels, I am talking about a deep intelligent conscious energy that has a signature, or quality to it. An energy that moves through us, within us, that is more high vibrational and purer than our own. When I talk about angels, my perception of them is of an orb of light, conscious, intelligent energy that is geared towards helping us to up-level our own unique vibrations. When I talk about Angels, I’m not talking about the bible or religion in any sense. You don’t have to believe in angels to access spirituality. That’s my belief, it doesn’t have to be yours. A good spiritual life coach will work with the energy that you have, that you’re invested in. With your beliefs and connections. Your energetic self is your connection with higher energetic consciousness, your higher self, your higher being, whatever that looks like for you.

When I was growing up, I felt like God was a man in white robes, outside of me, over there, who was judging me, condemning me, telling me I was wrong. Religion taught me to fear. I didn’t feel like I had a supportive, co-creator partner in life and that made my spiritual journey very difficult because I had this conflict going on. Because of this misunderstanding, I felt like the universe was not possibly on my side, and so I struggled. I would do gratitude, affirmations, meditation and seek out my connection to the universe but then take a huge step back because my childhood conditioning had me associating spirituality with religion. Yet, I knew there was something else. When I went on my quest to have a deeper connection to myself and to life, I realised I had misunderstood what ‘God’ meant. Through my new, open lense, I learnt that ‘GOD’ is the creative, conscious, intelligent energy source that governs the whole of life. Not a judgemental patriarchal figure up in the clouds, wagging his finger at us all!

This new understanding of my source became everything to me. It became my commitment. I realised that religion and spirituality are not the same thing and that spirituality is really the understanding of energy. The deeper I got into my spiritual connections, the more I understood that this energy is really supportive and unlimited. Its pure potentiality and fulfilment. It is our job to be in alignment with it. If I am saying limiting things, thinking limiting thoughts, holding limiting beliefs , I am out of alignment with this energy, I’m not in flow with it. I’m competing with it.

Spirituality is really understanding that everything is energy. All energy carries a vibration. That vibration goes out into the universe and attracts other things to it. Everything is energy and energy is universal intelligence. It doesn’t matter what you call it. When you connect with this powerful energy in all parts of your lives, everything works. When you are aligned with pure positive energy, you are happier. Its essential you understand this part of your life for you to gain mastery over it.

I had a client who just couldn’t get her life off the ground. She felt stuck in the same groundhog day of life – lost and detached from who she truly was. Caught up in her roles and responsibilities.  She connected to her spirituality, she became aware and conscious of who she truly was and her life began to flow. She started to attract opportunities into her life that she couldn’t even comprehend weeks earlier. She felt fulfilled, with a deep sense of who she was and what she wanted in life, she was loving life. You can’t compartmentalize energy. When you shift the energy in one area, it has a knock-on affect in every area of your life. I’m so proud of her. Her relationships improved, her health got better, her career soared.

When you are spiritually and energetically aligned, you create your reality deliberately.You can create the absolute reality that you desire.

Spirituality is the missing piece to creating life-altering breakthroughs. Don’t shy away from spirituality because it appears woo-woo or because society says its not normal. Integrating spirituality in the right way is the most effective way to create results for yourself. If you’re willing to take your transformation to another level, ping me a message, get in touch and book a call.

My client, Louise said

“Outwardly I was the life and soul of the party. I worked in media so being a social butterfly was expected. Despite opportunities that most would die for I never felt fulfilled or content and I couldn’t explain why. I began researching various religions in the hope that their teachings would give me the answers I craved, they didn’t. Then I met Rachel and it was as if the pieces of the puzzle began failing into place, I couldn’t search externally to appease myself I had to look within and start work on myself. Id spent 2 years with self help books and influential you tuber videos but my growth and progress since having 1-2-1 weekly sessions with rachel have totally changed my life. I’m no longer people pleasing and I’m lowering the mask to unveil who louise is. I have a lot of respect and gratitude for Rachel and urge anyone who is unsure to give a session a try you may find those missing pieces. “

You can get results like this based on what the reality is that you want to create.

There’s part of you that knows there is a higher power with us, helping us to breathe, helping the universe to keep evolving, helping life to keep going on. You know that you need something deeper than talking therapy, you know what your issues are but you just cant get to the very root of them to pull them out. Whatever you do, these challenges and beliefs still plague you. As your spiritual life coach, I can help you to unlock your own power, to unlock and free and release those trapped thoughts, beliefs, emotions. To live into a life that you feel called to and a life that you really love living.

Drop me a message today, book a call so that you can start to move into your own personal transformation, deeper awareness and consciousness. When you begin to understand what true transformation is and that there is a powerful, proven, reliable system that helps to move your life forward with unwavering support and love, your life will change dramatically for the better.



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