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Feeling Guilty for taking time to yourself? Dissolve guilt in mindset and energy

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Feeling guilty for taking time to yourself? Learn how to dissolve this feeling in mindset and energy so that you can return to beingness, peace and ease.

The Full Transcript

 Guilt and shame eat away at the body, mind and spirit. This leads to so much judgement and self criticism  which can also cause deeper negative emotions like shame and embarrassment. Many people also hold the belief that they deserve to be punished.

 I’ve noticed in my experience with clients that people feel guilty about working too much, not working enough, not spending enough time with their children, spending too much money, or not being generous enough with it, eating too much, drinking too much, wanting to have material things, the list goes on. Anything and everything that we could feel guilty about, we do!

 Even relaxation and being in a state of ‘being’ causes guilt – because we live in a society that values being busy and productive and meeting those deadlines and accomplishing those goals. We often feel guilty for just ‘being’, seeing it instead as being lazy or unproductive or selfish

 Here’s the weird thing, the guiltier you feel about something, the more you’re encouraging yourself to do the very thing you feel guilty about. Case in point – the guiltier you feel about eating those chocolate oranges, the more likely you are to eat them!!! Because what you resist persists!

 All guilt is the same – its destructive to your body mind and soul. It keeps you stuck and in chains rather than helping you to transform and move into freedom.

 If guilt continues to reside in the energy field, it can trigger rea health problems. Guilt is associated with hip problems, migraines, weight issues, venereal disease, osteoporosis, parkinsons disease, insomnia, sinusitis, impotence, hernias and heart disease.

 My client is a single mother to many children. She’s also got responsibilities towards her family and owns her own business. Her life is filled with busyness and responsibilities. She feels unappreciated and unseen, except for when her services are needed. I asked her what she felt she needed, and she said she needs to have time to herself to build up some resilience to the tough times, to recharge, and to strengthen her resolve against the demands of her life.

 I asked her what her barrier was to her taking that time that she needs, It wasn’t time in this instance – she identified 8 whole hours a week that she could give to herself. The challenge was her own guilt. Because those 8 hours could be given to someone else instead, into fulfilling someone elses need, or in finishing an order for her business, or doing some housework etc. She just felt incredibly guilty for ‘doing nothing’.

 It was important that we dissolved this emotion of guilt. Because this was preventing her from being able to manage the stresses and demands of her life. She never felt settled or present, she was constantly in a state of stress and doingness.

 We worked on this as a mindset shift for her and also on an energetic level so that she ould eradicate that guilt when she was sat ‘doing nothing’ – or as I like to call it “just being in peace and presence”


  • Its ok to put yourself first
  • living your life to please other people can have a major impact on your mental health
  • While it’s nice to be kind and considerate of other people, you have to find the balance of looking after yourself
  • Putting yourself and your needs first is not selfish. It’s something we should all do because we all matter too.

I’d like you to write yourself out some affirmations for this. If you are this person. This person who feels guilty for taking time out for themselves. Guilty for taking me time. Guilty because you should be doing something productive instead. Guilty for daring to have wants and nees and pleasures. Write out some better feeling thoughts with me now. Write down

 It is safe for me to please myself

 I deserve time out just for me

 Putting myself first is not selfish

 I cannot pour from an empty cup – I fill my cup to help myself and therefore others

 Whilst it is noce for me to help others, I have to find the balance and take time to look after myself too

 I matter too

 Once you’ve worked through your better self talk around your guilt I’d like you to perform this Energy medicine process for dissolving guilt from the body and energy field. 

  • Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and tune into your body. Ask your body, where do I feel this guilt?
  • Place your hands on the part of your body where you feel guilt most intensely. Breathe into that area for a few moments while allowing any emotion to rise to the surface with little resistance
  • Relax your hands
  • Call on any spiritual beings you wish to support you here.
  • Visualise an orange-red flame burning through the area. Say “thank you, orange-red flame of purification, for dissolving all thoughts, feelings, and memories of guilt, regret and judgement from my consciousness. Thank you for helping me to let go of self-punishment, limitation and self-sabotage. Work with me to release patterns of shame, embarrassment and destruction. I am now willing to let go of all the heavy burdens that are weighing me down so that I can be free. Thank you”
  • Focus on the area and say the mantra ‘clear’ until you feel lighter.
  • Stay in this energy – continuing to observe the orange-red flame moving through your body, mind, emotions and energy field and begin to dissolve all negative thoughts, words, feelings, memories and images of guilt, self punishment, judgement and regret
  • When you feel ready, call on the green-white flame of purity and healing to regenerate your body, clear your mind and uplift your soul. Say “Thank you, green-white flame of purity for freeing me from guilt and infusing me with innocence, joy and enthusiasm, Thank you” Allow yourself to bathe in this energy for several minutes before opening your eyes and continuing with your BEING activity

 So you have just worked on the energy of the emotion of guilt within you. Now, when you’re engaged in an activity that brings up guilt for you, repeat the process you’ve just learnt – writing out better feeling thoughts and also moving the emotion of guilt from the energy field and body – and take yourself back to that activity. Enjoy it fully, be present with it and feeling joyful and enthusiastic whilst doing it.

If you’d like the pd script for that guilt meditation, download the script from the link and record it for yourself onto your phone so that you can keep dissolving that guilt when it arises.


 Also, the monthly theme for the members club in September is all about ‘moving into being mode, surrender and presence’. If you feel like you could use more intensive coaching from me on these challenges, if you’re that person who says "I’m always on the go" "I'm always doing something - I'm exhausted" “there’s never any time for me” “ I just feel guilty when I take time for myself” then come on over to the members club and join us to access this amazing bundle of content that will help you to transform that mindset and energy so that you can let go of doing, surrender to time and drop the huge amounts of striving and control that you have grown as an energy around your life.

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