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How To Connect With Your Angels – Where To Start!

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how to connect with your angels - where to start


So, you’ve got a real interest in Angels but you’re not sure where to start in terms of how to connect, how to communicate or how to work with your angels?

I’ve got you!

Let me start by offering you this free workshop that I recorded which you could find really useful – it goes into lots more depth about this topic so that you can explore lots of ways to connect with your angels. .>>> Your Guardian Angel - How to invoke, connect to and channel your guardian angel (how I do it!)  https://youtu.be/unFIRdOt-c4?si=lIKvef-dZDas6KDR >>>

The best way to start connecting with your angels is through starting a conversation with them. Think about it- if you wanted to get to know another human being better, the best way would be to sit down with them over a coffee and have a chat. You get to know someone by entering into dialogue with them, getting a sense of their personality and a feel for their vibe. You give it time, you get curious, you become an awesome listener. You might open up a little bit about yourself too, sharing your inner world and finding some common ground. Just because you can’t necessarily see your angels, treat them as if you can.

In your minds eye is where they can best be seen. See, feel or imagine they are present with you, and trust that they actually are. Now, I know some people might say “well that’s just using your imagination and that isn’t true connection”. And maybe they’re right. Maybe, at first, it probably wont feel like you’re really connecting. But over time, as you let this practice develop, your sense of your angels presence will get stronger and you will start to receive signs that they’re with you – like goose bumps (I call them the ‘angel bumps’), a shift in the energy of the room, a coolness or a heat in the heart, a swelling in your heart or a tingling on your skin. Faith will bring them closer into your sensory awareness.

Set aside an hour every day. Grab a journal just for this special time and a favourite deck of cards (with a comprehensive guidebook) that will become your ‘translator’ between yourself and your angels. It will bridge the gap in communication! Light a candle if you like to up the vibe and play some soft music if you don’t like the silence. I prefer the silence, but I know some people don’t.

Call the angels in. Call them as if they were in another room, let your voice reach out to them. Call them by name if you have a named angel you would like to call on, or call your Guardian Angel or a Healing Angel. Whichever you feel guided to do.

Then start talking to them about what’s on your mind. You can talk aloud as if they were in front on you, or could write it down as if they’re reading the words as you write them. Pour your heart out, vulnerably share your fears and worries, bravely face your guilt or shame, dare to speak about the anger or envy. Laugh with them about the happy moments. They are there to help and it is their greatest joy to have you share this with them directly.

Once you have purged yourself of your emotions and challenges, thank them for their guidance and wisdom and expect to receive some. This is where your cards will come in. I’m going to assume you’re not a medium or master psychic and therefore haven’t trained that ability to see or hear angels as yet, so Id like to give you an easy way of accessing the angels guidance, comforting, love and wisdom through this deck of cards. Make sure you have cleansed your cards and held them to your heart to merge with your energy.

With any burning questions in mind, or your mind focussed on the emotions and challenges you have just purged, thanks the angels for their wisdom and guidance as you begin to shuffle the deck. Choose a number of cards – however many you feel guided to pull.

Turn the cards over and take in the images and words. Ask yourself what immediate impression they give you. How do they relate to your current emotions or situation? Think about the symbolic or metaphorical meaning of the cards. If you’re able to see the cards relevance to your situation and you can see the message straight away – great! But if the cards don’t feel relevant or resonant with you, don’t lose heart. The message will be in the theme of the card and you can now head to the guidebook to find it. Don’t take the blanket interpretation of the card from the guidebook, but see if just certain words or phrases stand out as being relevant to your situation. This blog post is great to help you with this >>> Receive Angel Messages - The #1 Way To Receive Clear Guidance >>>

Take your time and sit with the cards information to let it sink in. Hold the cards to your heart and let the meaning integrate. As you journey through the day, keep the messages in mind, as they may start to become clearer as the day(s) goes on. For instance, I was stewing on making social media videos for three days. I kept working on creating speak-to-camera videos that didn’t feel natural or normal. I asked for direction. The angels kept giving me “home sweet home” over the course of a couple days and I thought they meant I should be focusing more on home than work right now. But a couple of days later my daughter returned home and she suggested that I make videos about my normal life at home, videoing what I do personally in my spiritual life and for work at home. All of a sudden, I grasped the meaning of ‘home sweet home’ and videoing my spiritual life at home has been much easier! Stay mindful to their guidance!

In the mornings, note your dreams. The angels will give us guidance and awareness around our issues through our dreams. They may highlight the real issue underneath your situation – your fear of being exposed that is holding you back, your anxiety around self-worth that is threatening to drown you. They may wake you with a newfound feeling of gratitude or abundance.  

Do all of this consistently, day after day, making it your spiritual practice and you will notice your angels guiding you to new awarenesses, leading you to new experiences, opening doors of opportunity for you to step through. There will be signs and synchronicities all around you – note the angel numbers, the synchronistic social media posts, the timely emails, the relevant books placed under your nose. You may find yourself experiencing epiphanies and downloading new creative inspiration. You may receive gifts of time and help from other people. They will direct the universe to support you. Its your job to wake up and notice it all! As well as observing, write it all down in your journal, so that at the end of the week or month, you can read back and put all of those pieces of the puzzle together, giving you even more clarity around your situation.

This really is a great way to start connecting and working with your angels. Try it and see how you get on. I shared this with a beautiful lady recently and look what she wrote about the abundance of her day after starting this practice.  

“Hello my lovely, just thought I'd give you a little update. I had a trying day with my son yesterday and I that so much spinning round in my head. This morning I grabbed one of the many new notebooks I have sat in my cupboard and just started writing. Had a lovely peaceful shower after the boys had gone to school, took time to dry my hair and straighten it. I asked for help to clear my mind and shift my mindset. And to help get me ready for a work day.


I've actually not even started work because I suddenly had the thought in my head that I don't have to work 9-5 I get to choose how I spend my day. I have packed some parcels and although it was cold I kept thinking just how lucky I am that I get to have my workspace at my home. Just as I was finishing my dad popped round with his tape measure checking the space for my new workshop!

My felting pad desperately needed replacing I've been putting off doing it which is so daft because it makes work easier and takes minutes to do. So I got on and did that while I was watching a few Instagram stories. So now when I do start work that's all ready for me.

And I've also had 2 more orders come through this morning, and if I have another order before the end of tomorrow that is over £31 this month will have been my best ever month for turnover in my business!

Thank you angels!

And thank you for last week and helping me to realise how important it is to have a daily practice. I've really enjoyed it and have so munch more peaceful today. I really do feel like Im seeing things with so much more ease than I have been for a while.  ✨️”


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