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Your Mind Is Frivolity. It Will Get You Nowhere!

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My mentor, Jane, tells me “you’re like a kid in a candy shop!“. She couldn’t be more right, my mind feels just like those rows and rows of sweetie jars; the thoughts and ideas are all enticing and each one calls to me, enticing me, asking me to taste it.
“It’s frivolous“ she says “your mind is frivolity, it will get you nowhere. You can forage around in the dirt as much as you want and live with this frivolity, or you can harmoniously dismantle from it and follow your soul’s trajectory“
“How does my soul suggest that I do that?“ I ask
“Come out of mind and into heart. Go into the sweet shop with an open heart and a pulsating third eye. Go in with the word “passion.”
Jane reminds me to reconnect with my heart; a practice I all too often forget when I am busy and in energetic moods. In the times when I’m feeling low or burnt out, in my winters, I’m used to just being with my heart in this way. But when I emerge from winter into my spring, an increase in my energy levels brings a surge of doing driven energy. I bounce into action, and with renewed motivation, I start foraging for projects and creative tasks to grit my teeth into. On the surface, this feels like a productive mode, my mind is alive with possibilities, but it is actually counter-productive, as I find myself leaning too heavily on my intellect to make my choices and decisions for me. I forget to consult my heart and I abandon my soul in the process.
When I am in my mind, there is an abundance of sweets to choose from, all as delicious as the next. How can I possibly choose just one? This is the dilemma I have when motivation peaks: all of the options of things I could do overwhelm me. How am I to choose just one path?
Jane patiently invites me to walk into that sweet shop with my focus solely on my heart and soul. I place my left hand on my heart, my right hand on my solar plexus, and I diligently enter. “Leave thought out of it” she suggests. I attempt to leave thought on the other side of the door.
As I open my heart in that sweet shop, I sense one of the jars on the shelf become illuminated. It expands and draws towards me as of floating on a beam of light. On the front of the jar is a label with a large red pulsating heart. The word “write” flows into my awareness and the other jars on the shelves fade into the background. I’ve totally lost my appetite for them.
My heart has spoken, and the options now don’t all seem so appealing. There is only one thing my soul has directed me to do. Right now, it longs only to write from the heart.
Thank you Jane  🙏💛

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