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Play In The Abundant Garden. You manifest who you are being, not what you want.

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WOW! Look at all the things that I have!

I woke up this morning feeling rather perplexed at a string of dreams I’d just left. One after the other, I dreamt that family, friends and even animals were dying. There was no blood or gore, nothing horrific or horror movie-esque, just gentle scenes of rolling sadness as I watched family members pass away, one by one. When I woke I had an awareness that this dream brought a message with it.

I called upon the Queen of The Angels, Mother Mary. I resonate with her so much, her advice and guidance always speaks to my heart and uplifts me with its wisdom, whether it is happy guidance or something I don’t necessarily want to hear! She always has a way of helping me to understand the greater meaning and that, in itself, allays any fear I might have.

After my dream, I wanted to know the significance of it. She showed me an abundant garden.

Let’s think about that for a moment. An abundant garden – a garden that does not lack anything, nor fear anything. It is life. The very opposite of death. It blooms and grows new life. It is ripe for transformation, working with the cycles of the seasons and being unapologetic in its beauty. It is life without limit. For everything that dies, new life is created to supplant it.

I realised that this dream was a message of abundance. I had been so concerned with my needs for survival of late that I have become blind to how much I already have. I sat upright in bed and the though occurred to me – “wow! I have a bed…a warm bed…in a safe home…how lucky am I?!”. I looked around my bedroom at the ornaments, trinkets, the wardrobe bursting with clothes, the carpet covering the floor and my mind said “wow! Look at all this stuff I have! I truly am abundant!”

I felt it. That was the point. I felt truly abundant as I looked around my bedroom. My eyes were open and I could see the richness of my life. There was no fear of lack in that moment, there was no fake or half-hearted reciting of gratitude statements, I really had it all

Our fears of lack are habit more than anything else. Thoughts that we have practised over and over and that have become default mode. There is always abundance, wherever we choose to look. I tested this out as I walked around my home.

I looked up at the peeling paint and chipped plaster around my bathroom window, something that really irritates me usually and has me thinking something like “why can’t I just have a beautiful home!”, “I don’t have enough money to fix that”, “I have so many jobs to get around to and no money or time to sort them”, “why has my husband not fixed that”. I looked at it with abundant eyes this time and thought “wow, I have a window, on a wall, that protects me from the weather outside and anyone who might want to come in”, “wow I have the opportunity to fix that wall if I want to, if I set my mind to it, I can make that look tonnes better without spending more than £20”, “wow, aren’t I lucky that I have a husband who can do DIY”, “wow, I could teach myself something new and have a go at repairing that wall myself”.

Habitual thinking! If I am looking at the world through habitual thinking, my mind defaults to the negative. If I allow myself to see the abundant garden that I live in, all I see is the wow!

We have so much already, and can open up to receive so much more. As we let go of the fear of loss and lack that shuts us off from the universal flow of abundance, we welcome more abundance in. In the universal garden, there is always bloom, there is always abundance, it is always flowing. All we need to do is open our heart and notice what we already have.

We must learn to play this game of life in the abundant garden, in the plentiful provision of the universe and trust that the flow is continuous. If you are willing to take a shift from scarcity, fear of poverty and fear of lack, into a place of genuinely trusting in the abundance you already have, then you will become abundant. You will BE abundance. And remember, you manifest who you are being, not what you want.

 Let go of fears of lack. If the fears flood in, play the “wow, look what I have” game, play in the abundant garden. Shut the door on the lack mentality.

Let go of fears of failure, or fears of not being valued, or fears that are preventing you from taking the steps you need to take now or in the future... Trust in the universe to feed abundance to you through your new-found level of trust in the abundance you already have. You already have everything you need within you to be who you want to be.

Your life is like a tree of life. It thrives in the garden of abundance. It is magnificent, large, majestic. Tremendous amounts of energy rise up from its roots into its branches. The energy flows freely so that the tree can bloom and bear fruit. The tree trusts in what the universe, the earth, is providing it with. It trusts in what is coming so it can let go and just let it happen. The tree trusts that it is provided for and does not have any fears that it won’t be. Be that trusting, abundant tree. 

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