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Make 2024 An Abundant Year- Connect With The Angels of Prosperity and Abundance

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Make 2024 An Abundant Year- Connect With The Angels of Prosperity and Abundance

There’s a lovely quote by Wayne Dyer that goes “abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into”. I love this quote because it reminds us that abundance isn’t something we have to go out there and get. Instead, it’s a sense of fulfilment, blessing and gratitude at the current richness of your own life, whatever that happens to look like. Abundance is a state of consciousness.

Abundance, in a broader sense, refers to having more than enough of what we need, not just materially but also emotionally and spiritually. It goes beyond financial wealth and encompasses a sense of richness in various aspects of life. It can include prosperity, good health, meaningful relationships, personal growth, and a positive mindset.

When you align with the energy of abundance and embrace a mindset of prosperity, you naturally draw towards you the wealth, relationships, positive energy, joy, and vitality needed for a beautiful and harmonious life. It's not just about having immense wealth; you could have abundant joy and harmony even with modest financial means, feeling inspired and enlivened by life. Equally, having substantial wealth doesn't guarantee true happiness and connection to what brings genuine joy and harmony.

One of my favourite ways to shift into an abundant mindset can be found here 

In addition, there are angels and archangels who are able to support you in aligning with an abundance mindset.

Various angels associated with abundance and prosperity are available for you to invoke, seeking their assistance in manifesting increased prosperity in your life. Angels and Archangels, are ready to collaborate with you in releasing obstacles to financial abundance, fostering an abundance mindset, and guiding you toward new ideas and opportunities for financial blessings.

Your Guardian angel, being your closest angelic friend, is ever willing to help in all aspects of your life, including addressing your prayers for financial assistance. Call in your guardian angel and use the following prayer:

Dear Guardian Angel,

I call upon your loving presence to guide and support me on my journey towards abundance and prosperity. Help me release any blockages that hinder the flow of financial blessings into my life. Illuminate my path with the wisdom and insight needed to align with an abundance mindset.

Empower me to recognize and embrace new opportunities that lead to prosperity. Infuse my spirit with gratitude for the blessings I already have and the ones yet to come. Assist me in cultivating a mindset of abundance that extends beyond material wealth to encompass joy, vitality, and positive connections.

Thank you, Guardian Angel, for your unwavering guidance and assistance. May your divine influence surround me as I manifest a life filled with abundance and prosperity.

And so it is!

Your guardian angel is willing and able to help you to manifest your highest purpose and to attract what it is you most desire in your life.

Additionally, numerous Archangels specialize in areas that can support you in manifesting prosperity. The archangels I choose to connect with most for this are Archeia Patience, Archeia Ariel and Archangel Raziel.

Archeia Patience (aka lady Shekinah) serves on the rainbow ray of manifestation. Patience teaches that everything manifests in divine flow. She reminds us that we don’t necessarily get rich by thinking rich. Her truth is that we receive what we match on a vibrational level- we receive who we are being.

Use the following prayer for Archeia patience’s support with abundance:

Beloved Archeia Patience, Lady Shekinah,

In your radiant presence on the rainbow ray of manifestation, I humbly seek your guidance and assistance in manifesting abundance in my life. I ask for your divine wisdom to release me from any cords, attachments, and roots related to poverty or lack across all dimensions of time and space.

Help me break free from the chains of envy and comparison to others, fostering a mindset of gratitude for the unique abundance that flows into my life. Teach me the profound truth that manifestation occurs in divine flow and that I receive in alignment with my vibrational being.

I affirm with certainty that there is always enough for me, and I am prosperity and abundance. Illuminate my path with the understanding that true richness is not solely a result of thinking rich but of being rich in spirit, kindness, and gratitude.

With heartfelt gratitude, I thank you, Archeia Patience, for your loving guidance and support on this journey towards abundance.

And so it is.

Archeia Ariel also serves on the rainbow ray of manifestation and oversees abundance and prosperity. Ariel offers guidance to lead you towards greater wealth in various aspects of your life. Whether you seek assistance in finding a job, starting a business, or simply recognizing your deservingness of financial abundance, Ariel is here to support you. By stepping into a role of service, she reminds you that your finances can flourish. Ariel also aids in opening yourself to receive prosperity and money from both anticipated and unforeseen sources.

Use the following prayer to call upon Ariel for her support with your abundance and prosperity:

Beloved Archeia Ariel,

On the radiant rainbow ray of manifestation, I humbly call upon your divine presence and guidance in the realm of abundance and prosperity. I seek your wisdom as I navigate the path toward greater wealth in various aspects of my life.

Guide me, dear Ariel, as I embark on (finding meaningful employment, starting a business etc) and recognizing the deservingness of financial abundance in my journey. Illuminate my understanding that my finances can flourish and align with divine abundance.

I ask for your support in opening myself to receive prosperity and financial blessings from both expected and unexpected sources. Release any blockages and limitations that may hinder the flow of abundance into my life.

With gratitude and trust, I welcome your loving guidance, Archeia Ariel, as I manifest a life filled with abundance and prosperity.

And so it is.

Archangel Raziel also serves on the rainbow ray of manifestation. He is the twin flame of Archeia Ariel and is know as the Archangel of Divine Magic. Raziel is here to support you in manifesting prosperity and unraveling the Laws and mysteries of the Universe. His guidance empowers you to leverage these principles, creating blessings in your life. Additionally, Raziel can assist you in magically aligning with opportunities and being receptive to Divinely inspired ideas that generate income.

Use the following prayer to call upon Archangel Raziel for his support with your abundance and prosperity:

Mighty Archangel Raziel,

In the vast expanse of the Universe, I call upon your divine presence and wisdom to guide me on the path of abundance and prosperity. Illuminate my understanding of the Laws and mysteries that govern creation so that I may leverage them to manifest blessings in my life.

Empower me, dear Raziel, to align magically with opportunities and to receive inspired ideas that lead to abundant and prosperous outcomes. Release any barriers or limitations that may impede the flow of divine abundance into my life.

With gratitude and trust, I welcome your celestial guidance as I navigate the journey toward financial prosperity and well-being.

And so it is.

A crucial reminder when seeking support, guidance, and intervention is that for angelic assistance, you must explicitly ask for help to invite the presence and aid of your angels in your life. While angels are always ready to assist, they respect your free will and typically refrain from significant interference unless you specifically request guidance or intervention. If you desire financial support from the angels, remember to voice your request and ask for their assistance. There is no right or wrong way to ask. Just ask with politeness and respect and with loving intent.

There are infinite numbers of angels who work on the day of manifestation. You’re able to pray to the angels of abundance in their entirety and ask for their assistance with abundance and prosperity in your life. Use the following prayer to support you in connecting with them and invoking their help;

Dear Angels and Archangels of Abundance,

With heartfelt gratitude for the countless blessings in my life, I acknowledge the abundance you've already guided me to feel and experience. Today, I seek your continued guidance to open myself even more to the flow of abundance.

Please assist me in discerning Divine opportunities, in understanding the highest and best next steps to take. Grant me the willpower to act upon inspiration, enabling me to be of greater service in the world. Open the channels for financial blessings and abundance to flow generously into my life.

Thank you for your loving guidance and support on this journey. And thank you for giving me a sign that my prayer has reached and been answered by you.

And so it is.

A beautiful way to start working with these angels and archangels is to set up an abundance and prosperity altar. On the altar, place images of the angels and archangels, crystals for abundance, like Citrine, and any other special items that you feel will support your desires, including the angel prayers above!

Wishing you all a propserous and abundant new year,

Much Love,

Rachel xxx


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