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How to Get Out of a Funk

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Feel like you're in a funk? Learn why this is and what you can actually do about it! 


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How to get out of a funk

Picture the scene…You’ve had a bad day, you’re in a bad mood, you’re in a funk.

That feeling of just feeling ‘bleurgh’ and like the whole world is against you.

It’s hard to shake off. It feels like burnout or boredom or just plain stuckness.

Like everyone else is having a great time in life and you’re not – you’re in the pits of sadness and purposelessness.

But you know what, here’s some good news, we can train ourselves to get out of a funk!

It’s a skill, a muscle we can build.

So I’m going to let you know the reasons for why you are in a funk and then I’ll let you know what you can actually do about it!

There are four main reasons you feel like you’re in a funk..

Number one - Tiredness

Think about it. You didn’t sleep well, eat well, you drank too much, you’ve been eating crap, processed food.

You need rest and recovery. What is your body saying to you? What is it whispering to you that it needs, screaming to you that it needs?

Listen to that.

When your body is telling you its tired, take care of yourself more.

Often when you feel like crap, its like a hangover effect. You’ve not been managing your body well!

We wreck and ruin our body – our vessel. The only vessel we have to carry us through this life!We ignore, ruin and deplete our own physical body and energy and then we get surprised by it! Crazy hey?!

Ask yourself ‘how have I been treating my body? How have I been taking care of my energy field? And how can I take better care of myself?’

More sleep, better nutrition, moving more? Balance – have I been working too hard, too much doing and not enough being?

Its likely you’re exhausted, fatigued or plain burnt out.

For women, track your cycle.

I know that when I’m at the end of my cycle due to menstruate, my energy is on the floor, I’m knackered!

But when I leave that part of my cycle and enter in the ovulation stage, my energy starts to ignite and for about 10 days I feel like I’m on fire!

That’s when I get most of my productive stuff done. That’s when I like to plan those big talks and work on new projects. Not when I’m about to menstruate.

That’s the part of my cycle when I like to go more inwards, hibernate, reflect and review, journal and assess.

So I honour and respect my own unique rhythm and anticipate when I’m likely to feel tired and then I don’t beat myself up for it! I accept and surrender to it!

 Number two - Reaction

Every time you’re in a bad mood, ask yourself, ‘what am I reacting to right now?’

Maybe someone was rude to you, maybe you’re reacting to a negative thought you had this morning. Maybe someone cut you up in the traffic this morning. If you think over the time period before you got into a funk, you’ll probably be able to see if there is something in your day that you’re reacting to.

Consciously you may not have questioned why you’re in a funk and what you’ve reacted to, you just know you’re in a funk. But in the unconscious mind, something may be lurking that has the answer.

Trace your thoughts back to what you were likely to have reacted to before you got in the funk.

Discover the trigger – was it embarrassment, overwhelm, anger or stress? Reaction often comes from sadness – was that the thing? Was there some self judgement or criticism?

Those are the things that can make us react.

Journal – think about what you’re reacting to. Become aware of your reactions. Life will always be throwing you curve balls. Shit happens, doesn’t it! The only solution is to manage your reactions. Change how you internalize and deal with funks.

Number 3 - Rumination

It’s likely that you’ve got onto a topic that makes you feel negative and you keep replaying the thought in your mind.

So. there may have been a negative feeling, a negative interaction, a negative situation, and you let your mind trip over and over the events and the emotions and the feelings.

You let the thought control your whole being and affect your whole energy.

If you feel like you’re in a funk, ask yourself ‘what am I thinking about consciously over and over and over again? What am I stewing and worrying on?’

And the fourth thing is Control.

Sometimes when you’re in a funk it can be because you’re feeling stuck in a set of circumstances outside of your control that are really crappy.

When people say they feel stuck and out of control like this, I always want to find out whether you’re well and truly stuck or whether that’s just an illusion.

Some people feel like they have no choice about their circumstances but the reality is that they actually do.

 You might feel like you’re stuck in a job that you hate. You might feel like the relationship you’re in isn’t working any more but there’s no way you can get out of it because of the ties and commitments you have with that person. Or that you can’t get out of debt because you simply can’t find any more income.

And often these are illusions. They’re not the reality!

You do have some control that you can grab back in these situations. You can start to set small goals towards what it is you actually want to see, have and achieve in life and take deliberate conscious effort to take those steps each and every day.

You could start to clarify what job you actually do want and find out more about it. You could contact a debt agency and get some advice about how to get out of that financial situation you’re in.

You may not be in control of everything outside of yourself, but you are always in control of how you choose to respond to the external things.

And what if you are actually really stuck – what if you’re a carer and you cant stop caring? What if you’re a parent and you don’t have time to pursue the thing you want to achieve?

I get it – I’m a parent, I’m a carer, and its bloody tough. But you know what, there are always gaps in the day when I have 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour. To write something, read something, take a small step, research something, make a phone call, do a bit of my latest course I’m doing so that I can grow and develop. I can book a babysitter to allow me to go to that day course.

If I am motivated, dedicated, determined and forward thinking, there is always space and time to take back control of my life and get out of stuckness, and into freedom.

So, those are the four things that keep us stuck in a funk.

But what can you do about it when a funk hits?!

1.       Get up and move! Get back in charge – you’re in control!

Move - not to burn calories or to tighten or firm up the body, but to change the energy in the body.

Moving your body wakes it all up. It lets off the negative charge and brings in a new fresh life force energy, right from the earth, into the root and up through all of your chakras and energy channels.

 It’s like opening the windows to the house to let in fresh air. We let out the old stagnant air and allow the fresh in so that it feels rejuvenated and alive.

We need to do the same thing with our bodies!

 If you can’t get up and move your body – visualise cleansing your energy. Remember that thought is energy!

Breathe white light in through the nostrils and let grey negative energy out through the out breath, through the mouth.

Regulate your breath to allow yourself to release the old energy. Get out in nature, blow the cobwebs away, let the trees and the air blow away the denser energy you’re carrying around with you.

Just move! Bounce, dance, run, do some exercise. It’s tempting and easy to just sit and dwell on the tiredness and watch Netflix or eat for 10 hours straight, but it’s not gonna let you recover fast. Its gonna make you feel more crap! Rest and sleep if you need to and then get up and move!

2.       Up level your happy vibes by getting into something positive.

Listen to a positive podcast, or audio book. Read something inspiring and empowering.

Self help, spirituality, personal development. Interrupt your negative state of mind by putting something great into your mind instead.

Something funny, goofy, joyful. Do some Meditation to something guided, where it takes you to your happy place, your dream life.

Meditate on the energy of freedom – a beautiful orange ray - draw this consciousness into your chakras – into the solar plexus where you gain personal power, into your sacral where you soften and soothe and release emotion, into the heart where you can break down walls of old wounds and trauma that keep you stuck, into your root to empower a feeling of strength and groundedness.

Draw in that orange ray of freedom to all of your chakras and feel them release the old funk and allow new peace in.

Bring you awareness out of your mind and into your body – become embodied and connect with you soul instead of your ego.

Ponder that dream you have, put on a playlist that picks you up when you feel shitty, dance round the living room.

Get creative – I used to love crochet and sewing to get me out of a funk and in to my happy place – it was therapeutic and calming and also distracting! It will change your feelings around the emotions you’re stuck in to just get into something creative .

Be sure to take action – think about three things you can do by the end of the day to make you feel like you’ve taken back control. Just three things that will make you feel productive, goal oriented, on point and like you’ve achieved something.

3.       Reach out to someone.

If you’ve felt like this for a period of time and you’ve tried everything you can to get better, but you still feel like you’re in a funk, then get into some connection with other people.

 Talk to someone you love, someone who loves you, or ask them if they’ll come along and do something with you, in an effort to get out of that low mood.

Sometimes it takes connection to people we love, being vulnerable and authentic with them and sharing our funk, to get out of it. And speaking of connection, how about reaching out to someone to help them? To perform an act of kindness, to make someone else happy, to help to make someone else feel great and put a smile on their face, is a real funk fader! Send someone a gift, a text that says hey, I was thinking about you and how great you are! Whatever it is, just offer kindness to someone else.

Connecting with others really warms our heart and opens us up to love in abundance. Go do that thing! Take back control today and get yourself out of that funk. 


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