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Balancing Act: Nurturing Balance Through The Heart.

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Balancing Act: Nurturing Balance Through The Heart.

I am a woman of many faces; a shapeshifter, chameleon, all things to all people. I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a healer, an entrepreneur, a writer, a pet owner, a sister, a daughter in law, a friend, a student, a mentor … the list goes on. My roles in life are many and varied and I love them all. I don’t praise myself enough for how I manage to effortlessly ‘change hats’ throughout the day, transitioning seamlessly from businesswoman to Mum, to wife, to friend. That’s just what I do, I don’t question it, I simply juggle my various roles as well as I can.

An image flashes through my mind of the Two of Earth from my favourite angel tarot deck. The image shows a person perched precariously on a tight rope, juggling balls in the air. This is me. And probably every other adult human I know. Performing a balancing act and striving to stay on top of the rope.

I gaze out of the window at the tall grass and the ploughed field. Balance is a virtue that Earth manages to demonstrate perfectly. With its various cycles and ecosystems all interacting together to sustain the planet.

It is us humans that seem to disrupt the delicate flow of nature, with all of our pollution, urbanisation and greed with resources. The way humans mistreat the Earth mirrors the way we mistreat our own sense of balance. Just as we disrupt ecosystems and natural cycles, we can also disrupt our own inner harmony and well-being.

We overconsume, ignore boundaries and limits, neglect self-care, prioritise the short-term gains over long-term sustainability. We disconnect from our nature and natural rhythms, we allow pollution into our minds through negative thought patterns and we often fail to adapt or change. Whilst nature has evolved over billions of years to find balance, us humans are still struggling to align with natures harmony, and maintain any sort of equilibrium.

Why is that? I muse.

My awareness takes me firstly to the chaos that is my life. The complexities of raising four children in a busy household, with a husband that works away, whilst running my own business, means that I don’t have the time to balance work, family, social life and personal time very often.

My desire is for all areas of my life to be as perfect as can be, and therein lies a problem - perfectionism. I often put untold pressure on myself to achieve, be productive, organise everything well, feel successful, support the family financially. This often means I overwork and neglect other aspects of my life as a result. My need for perfection often wars with my need to compromise, let go and allow imperfection in order to get better balance.

I glance at the phone resting beside me on the sofa. That thing doesn’t help at all. Constant connectivity through phones and computers blurs the boundaries between work and personal life, making it challenging for me to disconnect and relax.

There are times when it all goes to pot. When I realise I have not set myself clear boundaries, I’ve spread myself too thin and worn myself into the ground. At these times I become aware that in my attempt to excel in every area, I’ve failed to recognise my own limits. In these times, I feel utterly exhausted and emotional.

A bird takes flight from the long grass outside of my window. Freedom.

Awareness is the key to our freedom here. Finding balance involves self awareness,
setting priorities and making conscious choices to allocate time and energy to different aspects of life. It’s a journey that requires constant effort, discipline and adaptability. Things I don’t always have, but aim for nonetheless. I am able to recognise that setbacks will happen in my journey towards better balance, and that it’s ok to readjust and keep working towards it.

Periodically I take the time to sit down and assess where I’m heading in life. Just last week I wrote ‘Direction’ down on a piece of paper and then, with hand on my heart, I asked my soul where it would like to guide me to. My heart told me that I need to write more, ‘play’ less on social media, spend more time in stillness and solitude. It told me to create and run a workshop in angel card reading (a spontaneous vision of cards shuffling emerged!).

My heart was able to prioritise for me. It holds the wisdom to guide me toward the balance I seek. It becomes a compass for my life, quietly whispering the desires and needs of my soul. Gently reminding me of what truly matters. By listening to my heart I can discern when it’s time to work and when it’s time to rest. This intuitive connection with my heart is the key to finding a harmonious equilibrium in my life, aligning my actions with my deepest intentions and ultimately achieving a sense of profound and lasting balance.

Just as I listen to my heart to guide me towards personal balance, the Earth listens to the rhythm of her own beating heart to guide her back to equilibrium. She is like a wise friend, inspiring us to find our own balance whilst also enjoying the beauty of this wild, chaotic life. Earth reminds us to take things one step at a time, to slowly adapt to change, to adjust resiliently in time of challenge. She is the perfect mirror for us because, in her timeless balance, we find a strong but gentle guidance to harmonise our own lives with the rhythm of the natural world.

🌈 We all wear multiple hats in life. How do you prioritize and maintain balance among your various roles and responsibilities? Share your top tip for staying centered amidst life's chaos!🤹‍♀️ #BalanceTips #LifeRoles

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