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What is Angelic Energy Healing?

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Have you ever experienced angelic energy healing before? Most people haven’t. I’m willing to guess that most people will find it a hard concept to get their heads around.

If you can get your head around the idea that all things are made of energy and that energy is interconnected, you may just be able to see how your own human energy field may affect the energy field of other people. Think about how you know that someone is staring at you from across the room, or about how you can pick up on someone’s mood before they even consciously express the way they’re feeling. What about when the phone rings and you know who is calling before you even pick up? You are interacting with the other persons energy, and it affects your own.

The next step then, is to contemplate that there is a source for the energy in the world, a root, a well. Where does this energy field come from? What quantum physics does know is that universal energy is conscious. It has an intelligence and a higher wisdom to it. It is responsive, mindful, aware, moving, and when it moves through us and into another, it carries the ability to heal. We are able to channel this energy into a human energy field system that is dealing with imbalances and disruption. The intelligent energy has the potential to bring a disordered or dis-eased energy field into balance again which has a knock-on affect on the physical matter within that energy.  

So, here’s another hard concept to consider. Where do angels come into all of this? Well, when I channel healing energy through my body, I feel different individuations of energy coming in and through me. Some energy feels light and feminine, loving and soothing. Other energies feel steady and stable, powerful and reassuring. At times, some of the energies are overpoweringly intense and make me feel like I have a ripple of electric shocks running up and down my spine. All energies are reassuringly loving though. Some of the energy provides me with a simultaneous mental image or a narrative as it runs through me – the intelligence and conscious ‘mind’ of that particular energy affecting my own.

Over the years, I’ve been able to assign a personality to these individual energies. As such, my experience of these separate identities of energy force my human mind to visualise a certain physical form. I’ve even been given names as the energy travels through me. I believe these energies to be those of angels. I can’t decipher my experiences as anything less than that. As much as I resisted this in years gone by, knowing that a belief in angels wasn’t socially acceptable, there comes a point when you just have to express yourself in full truth, regardless of what others may think.

Quantum physics is now beginning to catch up. Sadly, not to the existence of angels as yet, but in it’s understanding of how energy works. The study of the quantum field has revealed that the physical body is organized patterns of energy and information, which is unified with everything in the quantum field. This means that in terms of remote healing, we don't need to be touching or even in close proximity to any physical elements in the quantum field to affect or be affected by them.  

The feedback I continue to receive from my clients still astonishes me. I will forever be in awe of the depths and arrangements of energy, in the intelligence and conscious element of that energy – in angels.


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