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10 Steps to a Higher Vibration

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Its 2021 and your vibration is more important than ever! As we climb the slippery slope to ascension, with tidal waves of ascension energy threatening to take us down, it becomes a bit of a battle to keep our vibes high and our chins up.

Nevertheless, despite what seems to be going on externally around us, be assured that all is as it should be. The universe is still moving in the right, 5th dimensional direction!

Since your vibration will have taken a bit of battering against the ascension forecast, its high time we looked at ways to keep your frequency high. Because when you vibrate higher, you’ll be feeling happier, more peaceful and at ease. So here goes…

  1. Ground, cleanse and shield

Yep, I know I go on about this. But that’s because it’s so bloody important to your energy! As a woman who is really sensitive to energy, I can’t stress enough how our energy loves to be pampered! You have the power to cleanse the old, negative energy away from your being – do it through visualisation, nature walks, yoga, using crystals, whatever way appeals to you! Just please do it. I ground and anchor down into my earth star chakra, which is our 5th dimensional chakra below our feet. When we activate this, it grounds us more effectively and for longer. If you want to know how to do that – drop me a line! And shielding can be done through prayer to Archangel Michael, or through visualisation. I like to visualise a golden bubble and thank the angels for placing a golden bubble around my aura. Lovely!

2. Think of love and blessings

One of the quickest ways to ramp up your energy is to think of someone you love and to cultivate gratitude by appreciating all that you have. A feeling of expansion, lightness and happiness comes over you whenever you attune yourself to your heart. When you feel yourself in a low energy, shift your attention to love and gratitude. When you wish to connect to guides and angels, consciously focus on love and gratitude to open your heart and vibrate higher.

3. Acts of Kindness

When you give to others from a place of open hearted love and genuine generosity, your heart opens wide and you activate higher frequencies. Give to others without expectation of a return gesture. Or give to charity and enjoy the higher vibration that it gives you

4. Meditation and Breathwork

Meditation settles your nervous system, centres your energies and aligns you to your highest self. One of it’s many benefits is that it lifts your entire frequency and leaves you feeling calm, peaceful and serene. Breathwork grounds you and anchors you to the present moment – filling you with life force energy and raising your vibes quickly. Sit or walk quietly for 15 minutes each day and take your attention inwards to bring your body back to peaceful meditation.

5. Forgiveness

Unforgiveness is like swallowing a teaspoon of poison every day. It can seriously damage your health, wellbeing and vibration. When your body constantly resides in a state of resentment and hurt, your vibration becomes negatively charged and densely grey. You’ll feel low, dense and sluggish. When we release unforgiveness from our energy system, we instantly vibrate at a higher frequency. We feel peaceful and free from the binds of hurt. I also call upon Archeia Mary to help me heal unforgiveness and lift it from my being.

6. Ingest high-vibe food and drinks

Processed and fried food, red meats, caffeine, alcohol, all ‘dead’ foods will lower your vibration when you ingest them. If you’ve been working hard on your vibration and then you go and eat a meal of processed food, or have a belly full of booze, you’re saturating and diluting that beautifully high vibe straight away. Eat organic, fresh fruit and veg as often as you can, drink plenty of cleansing water and and you’ll absorb live, high vibrational energy from them.

7. Practice positivity

Positive mantras, affirmations, prayers and visualisations are the best thoughts to feed your energy. Junk thoughts leave us feeling heavy and burdened. Focus on positive thoughts and whenever you hear the voice of criticism, judgement or harshness enter, override that voice with the voice of your inner loving parent.

8. Consume high vibe media

We are bombarded with a multitude of negative media daily. Social media, TV, music, radio, its never ending. Make sure that all of your entertainment is high vibe. Anything that is violent, aggressive, or distressing is going to lower your vibration. You can choose to leave these out of your day. Listening to high vibe music rather than heavy metal or rock is always beneficial to your vibration. Be selective!

9. Beautify your environment

Your home is your castle. Make it a special one. One where the colours on the walls soothe you, where the smells rejuvenate you and the objects in your home bring you joy and happiness. Declutter and place inspiring quotes and pictures all around. Use plants to oxygenate your home and open your heart chakra. Place rose quartz by your front door to ensure that only loving vibrations are allowed to enter and call upon the angel of your home to clear all negativity from within it.

10. High Vibe relationships

Limit your time spent with energy vampires and maximise the amount of time you spend with high-vibe people. The people who lift you up, encourage you and spur you on are the best friends to invest your time and efforts into. If you come away from others with a feeling of fatigue and drainage, you know they’re vibes are negatively affecting your own. Be sure to shield you high vibes whenever you’re around them again.

 We are all powerful creators, creating our lives in every moment of our day. As Abraham-Hicks has been quoted as saying, “As you think, you vibrate. As you vibrate, you attract.” What are you wanting to attract?! Let one of those daily choices be the intention to raise and then protect your vibration so that you can manifest the life that you want.


I hope you enjoyed this blog post and that its given you some great ideas for how to raise your vibration and create a high frequency for yourself. If you’d like to find out how to stop your struggles and create solutions, then keep an eye out for my new coaching program and free 5-day challenge coming out soon!!! Sign up to my newsletter so that you don’t miss out on receiving the information for these amazing opportunities.

As always, let me know your thoughts on this blog and share your ways to raise your vibration. Have a fab week and see you soon!

Love and Blessings

Rachel xxx

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