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6 Easy Ways to Own Spiritual Living like a Pro!

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Spirituality is who I am. It is who you are.

Spirituality, to me, is the extraordinary process that we call Life. We all have a life. We all want to live our best one. As Neale Donald Walsch says “There is nothing Life creates that is not Life Itself. All that you see everywhere around you is Life, expressing. Life is everything. It runs in, as, and through everything. YOU are Life, expressing. And Life is You, expressing itself as you.”

But life is busy, right? We have all of these different spiritual paths that we want to explore, a tonne of books stacking up by our bed, a variety of different spiritual practices that we want to delve into, and yet so little time! How can we live spiritually every day, with little effort? We can often feel like living a spiritual life just isn’t possible with our schedules. Or is it??!!

With four children, a work-away husband and a business to run, I have become the Queen of time-saving spiritual practices. I’m telling you now, let yourself off the hook, you don’t have to spend hours of your day in rituals and meditation to achieve open-heartedness, connection and higher wisdom. When you connect to the wonder of the process that is your life, you’re already living spiritually!

Spirituality is the process of your life. It is change. It is growth, evolution, expansion, adaptation. It is awakening and becoming. Expressing our spirituality is just our unique way of expressing who we are in Life.

So, let’s not get our knickers (or pants!) in a twist when we can’t calve out an hour in our day for the next spiritual ritual. No, let’s just make sure that our life incorporates spiritual practices in its natural expression. Here are my 6 ways to own spiritual living like a pro!

  1. Go within

Begin a schedule of daily meditation, deep prayer, silent listening, whatever you are comfortable with. Make it ‘quiet communion time with your soul’. The emphasis here is on the ‘quiet’! 15 mins in the morning and 15 minutes at night can change your life – 15 minutes is exactly the time that Esther Hicks allowed herself to meditate in order to be able to channel the wisdom of Abraham. 15 minutes is enough to raise your vibration and superpower your energy.

I spend my 15 minutes focussing on my breath as it enters my body and my brain, visualising it expanding my brain cells and nourishing every cell in my body. Other times, I’ll focus my inner vision on my third eye area, watching the ‘no-thing’ there, the dark space, intermingled with colour and shapes. At all times, I’ll put ear plugs in my ears to block out the distractions and house noises. The silence is beautiful. It allows me to really feel into my body, my aura, my internal senses. Quiet communion time with your soul allows you to contact the deepest innermost part of you. You’ll be in touch with your soul.

2. Exercise your body

Now I’m not talking about sweating it out at the gym for hours here. I don’t want you to view exercise as an attempt to lose weight or to tone up. This isn’t about weight or how good you look. This is about energy.

Your mind doesn’t fully and easily take in new data if your body is unenergized. Think of a battery. In order to power a toy, the battery has to be charged. In order for you to power your life, you have to be charged. How do you recharge your body? Through exercise! Just 20 minutes a day of purposeful physical exercise is enough to allow life force energy to flow through you. All of that lovely new life force energy will clear the old, stagnant energy from your meridians, energy channels and chakras, and you will feel more clear-headed, more energised, more motivated and more inspired.

Try some walking, dancing, yoga, swimming, anything that gets you moving your body for 20 minutes a day.

3. Eat well

I can feel your eyes rolling now! Yep, I know this one is so dull to keep hearing over and over again. But again, I’m not worried about your weight or dress size here. It’s literally the energy component of foods and drinks that bother me.

We dull our minds and kill our bodies with the junk we consume and our bodies are not designed to cope with it all. Fact!

You intuitively know the foods that don’t agree with you, but you still continue to eat them. You know that alcohol dulls your senses and makes you feel rough the next day, and yet still you drink it. And so do I!!! We’re only human, and it’s really difficult to cut them out altogether. I wouldn’t be mean enough to ask you to do that.

What I am doing, however, is asking you to be more mindful of what you ingest so that you can be more mindful of what makes you feel amazing. Pay attention to how your body feels once you’ve eaten half a packet of biscuits. That sugar rush??!! Woah!! Pay attention to the breathlessness in your lungs when you smoke the next cigarette. And also pay attention to how you feel energetically when you’ve eaten healthy, nutritious food for a few days. Huge difference, right?!

All of these things – sugar, starches, animal fats, alcohol, smoking, all serve to eat away at your health. Can you be more spiritually disciplined with your obsessions and cravings? Can you eat or drink less of them?

I know that when I stopped smoking and cut down on alcohol and red meats, I felt more alive and energised. Every time I indulge in them I feel heavy and dense, low in energy and lethargic. I’ve paid attention to how they affect my mind, body and spiritual energy over the years and I choose to feel good, so that intention helps me to be more disciplined. All of that work you do to keep your vibration high is worth very little if you’re letting your diet ruin it.

4. Seek, on a regular basis, spiritual inspiration and sustenance to your soul.

Life is sacred and beautiful. If you want to engage with the beauty and wonder of your life, you can begin to absorb yourself in regular soul nourishment in whatever way this feels good to you. Some people like to visit a church or a circle. Others find spiritual inspiration in books or special facebook pages.

I keep books in every sitting area of my house. It annoys my family! I can pick one up in any of those areas and read a chapter here and there. It’s short and sweet and like food for my soul. I also blutac affirmation cards to my shower screen and display inspirational quotes around the house. You could keep a book of inspirational quotes in the loo if you fancy it!

It’s also about educating yourself. It’s true when they say there are many paths to reach the mountain top. Spiritually is like a rainbow. There are so many different spectrums within it and so many ways to reach the divine. There is earth-based spirituality, metaphysical spirituality, mind- based, heart-based and body-based spirituality. All of them as vast and varied as the next. All as beautiful and as valid as the rest. Why don’t you explore all of the different expressions of spirituality, the paths to the mountain top, and see if any of them resonate with your own inner truth – or bring you closer to it? Remember, “even a point of view with which you disagree can bring you closer to your inner truth”.

There is a caveat here though - when you’re reading all of these wonderfully inspiring books, be sure not to ‘swallow anything whole’. If you’re reading and something doesn’t resonate with you, don’t feel like you need to believe in that concept simply because a famous spiritual teacher believes it to be true. If a contradiction appears in your heart, ask questions, probe and explore, don’t go along with the crowd. Your spirituality is uniquely yours, listen to your inner truth and trust in it.

5. Give yourself time, each and every day, to be alone with yourself in any quiet setting. You may like to take a walk out in nature, listen to good music, or to read something inspirational. The aim here is to be alone, connecting with who you are, and the wonder that is your life. Remember that your life is your spiritually expressed. Being alone with yourself allows you to express who you are honestly and authentically, without interference.

I liken it to going shopping with friends or family. When you shop with others you have to visit the shops that they like and compromise on the places you eat and drink in. You are not expressing yourself, and you alone, in those events. You’re compromising who you are and what is important to you in order to fit in with others preferences and expectations. When you shop alone, on the other hand, your choices are yours alone, and your choices are defined by your preferences, values and unique spiritual expression. You choose the shops you go in, the clothes you choose to buy, the food that you eat. This is your spiritually expressed. Being alone affords you this freedom of spiritual expression.

6. Follow the path of joy.

I have lost count of the amount of times clients and friends have said that they’re confused about what they’re supposed to be doing with their lives. I’m sure that ‘What is my soul’s purpose?’ is one of googles most highest ranking questions.

I truly believe that we are on the right path when we follow the path to our joy. There is an old saying that goes “You’re not tired because you do too much. You’re tired because you do too little of what lights you up”. When we follow our hearts desires, life opens up to us. We feel inspired and passionate, driven and enthusiastic. I know it’s all too easy to ask you to ‘just do what makes you happy’. Its not that easy for us all to down our responsibilities and jack in our jobs for the high life. But there is usually a step that we can take to start to reach our deepest desires. The gap from here to there, from where I am to where I want to be, can feel huge and scary and overwhelming, and the fear of this huge change can hold us back from achieving it. The trick to bridge this gap, is to break it all down into manageable steps that don’t feel quite so scary.

To give you an example, my husband was wanting to leave a well-paid job, to work for himself as a carpenter. The thought of everything that he would need to do in order to achieve this self- employed dream was too much for him. It felt complicated and scary. I encouraged him to just think about the first step, and not to worry about the rest. The first step, he decided, was to sell his car and buy a van. This felt easier and manageable and so he focussed on this smaller step and not the bigger picture. Job done! He sold the car, bought his van and moved onto the next step. Each step felt much more manageable than the whole change.

If you have been wanting to write that book and haven’t yet started, how about writing a chapter a day, or a page a day even. If you’ve always dreamed of travelling but can’t afford it, what steps could you take to start saving for it? If you can take decisive action each day towards your dream, the thing that lights you up, you’re living life spiritually, on-purpose, consciously and mindfully. You’re evolving and growing. You are becoming the creator of your reality.

Do you have your own ways of expressing your unique sense of spirituality every day? Let me know in the comments.



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