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Breaking the Stereotypes: Embracing Everyday Angels for a Genuine Spiritual Journey

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Breaking the Stereotypes Embracing Everyday Angels for a Genuine Spiritual

I would love to try and normalise the concept of angels.

I’m so fed up of scrolling all the latest social media channels for people talking about angels and seeing lots of cliche, over-commercialised, cringey, spiritual hippy-dippy types of posts that make the rest of us ordinary believers feel like we're on the outskirts of a genuine and relatable spiritual conversation.

I remember a client/friend of mine saying to me that she was trying to describe me to her other friend, and she found herself saying “she teaches about angels… but she’s actually really normal!”. It confirmed to me how people with belief systems like mine are often perceived by others. The assumption is that I’m going to be the opposite of normal…..“weird” or out to preach to people with my woo-woo ideas. And, bless her, my friend felt the need to defend me against that stereotype.

I hear this all the time. People come to me and say “I absolutely believe in angels, I’d love to connect with them more, but I’m afraid of what others will think”. I get it, I’ve been there. That was me. Until I realised that the fear of judgment was holding me back from embracing something that brought genuine positivity into my life. It's natural to worry about what others might think, but the beauty of connecting with angels lies in the personal and transformative experiences they bring. Overcoming that fear opens the door to a world of support, comfort, and guidance that transcends societal expectations.

I feel like ITS TIME TO SHIFT THE GENERAL NARRATIVE, strip away the stereotypes, and create a space where everyone, regardless of their spiritual journey, or lack of, can comfortably explore their everyday experiences of angels and other spiritual beings in our lives. I’d love that to start with no more of those cringe-worthy posts that portray the spiritual community as vacant, flowery people who are alien to everyday humans; I’d love to just bring spirituality back to its roots – simple, genuine, and inclusive.

There’s no need for over the top spiritual narratives that are just not comfortable to watch or listen to (stop it media!) Whether you’re a seasoned believer or just curious about them, the idea of angels doesn’t have to be shrouded in an aura of mysticism. Embracing the idea of angels doesn't require a transformation into a stereotypical long-haired hippy; it's about acknowledging the subtle moments of support from the universe that often go unnoticed or unspoken about. Angels shouldn’t be reserved for the eccentric or the overly spiritual. They’re a very real experience for many ordinary people, navigating the ups and downs of life. From a mother managing a hectic schedule, to a professional person finding solace in a quiet moment of connection, angels are here for everyday individuals seeking positivity and guidance.

The people who come to me for support and learning about angels, are very authentic, genuine, compassionate and spiritually minded people. They have normal lives, normal challenges, normal relationships. They hold down normal jobs and they fit in to everyday society. They don’t look anything like this advertised, commercial view of spiritual people that the media likes to portray. They may have had real, down to earth experiences with angelic beings, and with other spiritual beings and they have a deep connection or curiosity to the spiritual side of life. They understand that we are more than mind and body, but spirit too. They know that angels are messengers of hope, comfort, and guidance, available to anyone seeking positivity in their lives. They don’t feel the need for grand gestures or elaborate rituals – they know that angels are here for the ordinary moments, supporting us in navigating life’s challenges.

It’s time to step away from the clichés and share real stories of angelic encounters, confidently. From a timely stranger’s advice to finding unexpected solutions to problems, these moments often go unspoken about because of the fear of ridicule. By highlighting these subtle, everyday experiences, we bring angels down to earth, making spirituality accessible to all.

I’m all for steering away from the cringey and exploring the practical side of angelic wisdom. Whether it’s trusting your intuition, finding inner peace through meditation, or seeking guidance in times of uncertainty, incorporating angelic principles into daily life can be a subtle yet transformative journey.

By sharing authentic experiences, steering clear of stereotypes, and embracing the practical aspects of spirituality, we can make angels approachable for everyone.

We can create a world where angels are not confined to the pages of ancient texts or the images of celestial beings but are woven into the fabric of our everyday lives, offering guidance, comfort, and a sense of connection to something greater.


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  1. bababhuvaneshus

    Thank you, Happy in the Moment, for your empowering blog post on embracing everyday angels. Your refreshing perspective breaks stereotypes and reminds us of the beauty in everyday encounters.

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