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Your Personal Power – What It Is & How to Take It Back!

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I’ve consulted the universe four times this week on the best topic to talk about and they keep coming back to ‘personal power’! Rather synchronistically, this has been a recurring theme in my clients lives of late and personally, I’ve also had some sharp lessons with personal power. I’m guessing this may be a sticky subject for you too since you’re here reading this blog so my hope is that I can share what I’ve learnt and what I know to be useful practices and mindset shifts for myself and my clients.

Firstly, what does it mean when someone talks about your ‘personal power’? I feel that your personal power is your honest, authentic self. So, you own your power when you live in an honest, authentic way. Your personal power is very unique to you. It reflects your innate values (see values checklist below) and individual code of ethics and morality. It reflects your likes, dislikes and the way that you see the world. My personal power will be different to yours because your true self is different to my true self. We live in an honest, authentic way when we accept and bring our whole self to the table.

Here are some ways you can empower yourself to find your personal power and take it back!  

1. No one is you. That is your Power!

Let’s start at the very beginning with WHO YOU REALLY ARE. There is a reason you are here on Earth at this time in its history. You have a very important part to play as a moving part of humanity. You are here to love, to inspire, to teach, to serve. None of which can be accomplished if you don’t step up to owning every facet of your being – the good, the bad and the ugly! We all have the ‘parts’ of us that we are ashamed to show the world for fear of them not being good enough. Many of us experience imposter syndrome and so we continue to play small in our own lives. By staying true to ourselves and by connecting with our innate authentic instincts, we walk a path that is in alignment with our personal power. Your personal power is exactly what the world needs right now, at this time. Recognise and nurture your innate gifts as your unique present to give to the world. And then speak up and share your experiences because nobody can tell your story like you do. Your story, told in your unique voice, has the power to change the direction of someone else’s story. You honour your life by sharing it and you will create transformation in those who resonate with your story if you have the courage to just be yourself. No one is you. That is your power.

Affirm “I am committed to bringing forth my greatness, I will no longer play small” and “owning my power inspires others to do the same. I am not afraid to shine”


2. Honour Your truth in all things

Your personal power is honoured not only in listening to your own intuitive guidance and recognising what your values are, but also, and most importantly, in making choices and decisions that reflect those internal discernments and values. What use is it to know what you would prefer if you don’t then stand in that truth with your actions? Boundaries are so important here! To be powerful we must keep enough energy for ourselves to take care of ourselves. This reminds me of the seven of fire in the tarot which teaches us so determinedly not to yield to other peoples needs and desires at the expense of your own personal power. Question yourself by asking “Am I standing up for my own truth here? Say ‘no’ when your heart tells you that someone is asking too much of you and know that you’re right to do this. You have all the courage that you need within you so don’t give up on what you know to be right for you, no matter how hard others may try to emotionally manipulate your convictions.


3. Challenge the fears

You may know what your personal power is, what your innate gifts are and you may be able to hear your intutive guidance perfectly well, but you may then struggle to take the action that aligns with your authentic power. Fears can get in the way of us stepping into our personal power.  Fears of judgement, fears that we may be wrong, fears that others know better what is best for us, fears that the risk may not pay off. There are always many ‘what if’s’ to every action we take. But the best guidance I can give you, coming from my own experience and that of the many hundreds of clients I’ve worked with, is that your heart will never see you go wrong. If you follow your heart, and not your head, you will know you are on the right path. Whether the outcome is the one you desired or not, you will be on the path that is exactly right for you, and your souls evolution, at this time.

Often times, we get into an argument with our head about what we ‘should’ do. Our head, unfortunately, can try to emotionally manipulate our hearts. It throws in the worries, the fears, the negatives, the comparisons to others and it tries its best to just keep you ‘safe’. But our heart is where our soul shines through. Drop down into your heart and ask it “what does my heart want me to do?” and see how it speaks to you. Your heart will always encourage you to follow your joy and it has all the answers you need.

Change those “what if (negatives)” to “what if (positives)” so that instead of saying “what if this is the wrong choice to make?, you say “what if this is the perfect choice to make?” You then change that fear into possibility. Replace negative self talk with positive affirmations and couple these with two powerful energy medicine techniques that I use to really lock these into the mind, energy and habit fields (see resources below)


4. Embrace solitude and stillness

By being in solitude you learn more about your authentic self and you create the space for personal power to blossom. Go for long walks, sit and listen to music, meditate or watch the world go by out of a window. Taking time out to be in solitude is never ‘doing nothing’, it is so productive. Embrace it and you will become more aware of what you are truly like in your own company and conversely, what then threatens to stifle your power.

Giving away your personal power robs you of mental, emotional and spiritual strength. Making a conscious choice every day to take back your power and stand in your truth propels your life forwards in a tranformational way. You start to live a life that is more in alignment with joy, authenticity, purpose and meaning. Don’t disguise who you really are and what is important to you, be willing to stand out from the crowd and dare to be different.


Check out these Free Resources:

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