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Angelic Aspects Therapy: A holistic and spiritual approach to self-exploration and healing

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Sarah* was a courageous individual on her path to healing. Sarah had been carrying the weight of past traumas and unresolved fears that had impacted her well-being for years.

In our session, we began with Angelic Aspects Therapy. Sarah identified her inner child, a vulnerable aspect of herself still carrying the wounds of her past. This inner child was frightened, hesitant, and in need of healing. Sarah was rather panicked to discover this part of her and upon realising what her inner child was frightened of, her nervous system heightened.

Enter Archeia Mary, an angelic presence known for her compassion and nurturing energy.  During our therapy session, Archeia Mary surrounded Sarah's inner child with her gentle blue rays, creating a cocoon of comfort and safety. Sarah could feel the energy of the pale blue ray and her nervous system settled down.

Alongside Archeia Mary, Sarah could see a darker blue ray coming in around her inner child. I informed her that this was Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael supported the session, placing protection around her and cutting cords of energy between Sarah’s inner child and the person she felt afraid of. In Sarahs mind eye she could see the cords of fear being dissolved and the deeply embedded roots were healed within her body.

With the loving support of Archeia Mary, and with myself guiding the session, Sarah's inner child felt secure enough to explore her fears. It was a delicate journey but Sarah reported feeling immediately lighter afterwards and detached from the person who had caused her so much pain for so many years.

As we continued the session Sarah’s inner child began to release the pent-up emotions and fears, allowing for healing and integration. Her inner child felt understood, nurtured, and loved, which led to a deeper sense of balance and harmony.

Sarah now feels much freer from the ghosts of the past and has finally been able to move forward in life.

This story was an example of a session where I was delivering Angelic Aspects Therapy, along with the Angels. It’s a unique approach that has evolved from my work over the past few years working with various inner aspects of the self. 

What is Angelic Aspect Therapy?

Angelic Aspects Therapy is a holistic and spiritual approach to self-exploration and healing that involves working with various inner aspects of the self while seeking guidance and support from angelic or divine beings. In this therapy, individuals recognize that they have different facets or aspects of themselves, each representing unique emotions, beliefs, and experiences. These inner aspects may include inner child, inner critic, inner healer, inner warrior, and more.

The key components of Angelic Aspects Therapy include:

  1. Inner Aspect Exploration: Clients delve into their inner world to identify and understand different aspects of themselves, each with its own characteristics, beliefs, and emotions.

  2. Dialogue and Integration: Clients engage in dialogues with these inner aspects, aiming to listen, understand, and integrate them into a more harmonious and balanced whole.

  3. Angelic or Spiritual Support: Angelic or divine beings are invoked to provide guidance, healing, and support throughout the therapy process. These beings are often seen as a source of love, wisdom, and comfort.

  4. Healing and Transformation: The therapy process involves helping clients heal emotional wounds, release limiting beliefs, and overcome inner conflicts. The angelic presence is believed to assist in this healing and transformation.

  5. Personal Growth and Spiritual Development: Angelic Aspects Therapy is not only about healing but also about personal growth and spiritual development. Clients work to align with their higher purpose and deepen their connection to the divine.

  6. Self-Compassion and Self-Integration: The therapy encourages self-compassion and self-acceptance, allowing clients to embrace and integrate all aspects of themselves.

  7. Visualization and Meditation: Visualization and meditation techniques are often used to facilitate communication with inner aspects and to connect with angelic beings.

Overall, Angelic Aspects Therapy offers a unique blend of inner exploration, spirituality, and healing. It helps individuals connect with their inner selves, understand their challenges and strengths, and seek guidance and support from the angelic realm for personal growth, emotional well-being, and spiritual fulfillment.

Angelic Transformation

From a spiritual coaching perspective, Angelic Aspects Therapy is a valuable tool for helping clients on their spiritual journey toward healing and growth by addressing inner conflicts, fostering self-awareness, and promoting personal growth. I use this tool to help my clients identify spiritual conflicts, align with their higher self, to engage in inner dialogues with different aspects of their spiritual selves, to work on work on healing past-life issues, releasing karmic patterns, or connecting with their soul's purpose, to address spiritual imbalances, to deepen their spiritual connection and awareness and to heal present day issues or wounds.

Why It Matters

This blend of traditional part therapy with the angelic participation is extremely powerful. It works on the individuals emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, offering a full holistic approach to healing. It heals emotional wounds, and inner conflicts we might be troubled with. It encourages this mindful awareness of our own psyche which ultimately only leads to more personal growth and more healing. It bridges the psychology with the spiritual as we connect with celestial beings and tap into their healing energies and wisdom.

I have been using this therapy in my work for many years now. I use it in coaching sessions with clients when they are expressing emotions that pertain to parts of them which need healing; which may feel vulnerable, which hold limiting beliefs, and negative associations, or which are causing them suffering or restrciction in some way.

For instance, if they have a fear of something, I will get them to close their eyes and travel inwards. I will ask them to locate where the fear is in their body. They are always able to locate the emotion when they travel inwards. Their body shows them where it is.  I ask them to explore what that emotion looks like – it’s colour, shape, and feel. We then enter into a dialogue with the part, asking it directly what we need to know to bring us to a place of healing…and we move into the healing when the time is right and when any ‘protector’ parts allow us to.

The angels need only be asked in order for them to be present and at service in these sessions. In my experience and practice, because I am already deeply attuned to the angelic kingdom, the angels are there before I have even called them. My clients often report being able to see their coloured rays, before I’ve ask prompted them to notice them. I explain that these are the healing rays of the angels. The angels guide the session whilst myself and my client simply observe how they bring their healing to it. I will periodically ask the client “what are you seeing now?“ And they are able to express what I can also see within my minds eye; and what the angels are actively doing to work on the issue. The angels dissolve the negative emotions and the clients feel lighter and clearer- a transformational and magical experience to participate in. These clients often have no belief in angels, and no experience in connecting with them, and are amazed at what they’re seeing and how they’re being led inwardly on this healing journey.

I questioned for some time, whether the Angelic Aspects Therapy was something I could teach others. I now know that I can, and I will in due course. Any person who seeks to practice Angelic AspectsTherapy with another individual, is able to invoke and utilise the energy of angels. They need only to invite them into the session, to be aware and knowledgeable of how the angels work, and to guide the session from beginning to finish, holding the space of healing for the individual.

The angels teach that healing has to happen on all three dimensions of who we are – the mind, the body, and the soul. Angelic Aspects Therapy accesses your psychology, your body’s energy, and your spiritual essence. It allows you to rationalise, reframe, and restructure your psychology and mindset around challenges that you face. It allows you to transform and transmute the energy of old emotional wounds and traumas, releasing them from the meridians, the chakras, the cells, glands, and organs that they permeate. It allows you to free your aura and cleanse your soul of their heavy vibration. It allows you to work not only on the emotional wounds, such as fear, guilt, shame, forgiveness, anger, and hurt, but it also allows you to work with the ‘aspects’ of your being, such as your inner child, your inner parents, your inner saboteur, your inner adventurer, your inner protector and all other ‘aspects’.

The Angelic Aspects Therapy process gives you authority over your own healing. You know yourself better than any therapist or healer. Your subconscious mind is able to tell you everything you need to know and show you everything you need to see when it comes to your own healing. Through Angelic Aspects Therapy, the angels highlight and illuminate issues that need to come up from the subconscious mind to be healed. They then carry out the healing during the process.

This blend of tradition and celestial guidance has opened up new dimensions of transformation and well-being. I’m excited to be developing the therapy to teach it to my students next year. In the meantime however, if you would like to experience deep healing, self-discovery and transformation through Spiritual Coaching and Angelic Aspects Therapy then do get in touch. I'm here to accompany you every step of the way - you are capable of profound happiness in this very moment. 

*Note: *Sarah's name has been changed to protect her privacy, but this case study is based on a real-life therapeutic experience.

To give you a little taster of how Angel Aspects Therapy can work, please do try the guided meditation script that I’ve written for you to bring healing to your own inner ‘parts’:


Angelic Inner Healing Guided Meditation – By Rachel Vanhinsbergh

Begin by finding a comfortable and quiet space where you won't be disturbed. Sit down in a chair or on a cushion, whichever feels more comfortable for you. Close your eyes gently and take a few deep, relaxing breaths. Inhale deeply through your nose, filling your lungs, and exhale slowly through your mouth, releasing any tension or stress. Let's begin our journey to inner healing with the support of angelic beings.

1: Invocation of Angelic Beings

Visualize a soft, golden light surrounding you, creating a protective and loving space. Set your intention for this meditation: to connect with the angelic beings of love and healing.

In your mind, say or silently affirm: "I invoke the presence of angelic beings of love and healing to guide and support me in this inner healing journey."

As you do this, imagine gentle and radiant angelic beings surrounding you with their loving energy. You may sense their soft, glowing light or the presence of specific angels who are here to assist you.

2: Identifying the Distressed Part

Now, turn your attention inward. Focus on any emotional discomfort or unresolved issues you may be experiencing. Is there a particular aspect of yourself that feels distressed, anxious, or wounded? Trust your intuition.

3: Visualizing the Distressed Part

Imagine this distressed aspect as a separate entity within you. See it clearly in your mind's eye. It might appear as an image, a symbol, or even take on a physical form. Allow it to take shape.

4: Initiate an Inner Dialogue

Begin a gentle inner dialogue with this distressed aspect. Ask it questions and listen for its responses:

  • "What are your fears or concerns?"
  • "What do you need to feel safe and whole?"
  • "How can I help you heal and find peace?"

Listen carefully to the answers that arise within you. Be patient and compassionate as you communicate with this inner aspect.

5: Angelic Support and Healing

Envision the angelic beings surrounding you and the distressed aspect with their loving, healing energy. Visualize gentle rays of light or a soothing, comforting presence enveloping the part.

See this angelic energy soothing and healing the distressed aspect. Imagine it gradually releasing its pain, fears, or burdens.

6: Integration and Harmony

As the distressed aspect receives the angelic healing energy, visualize it transforming into a state of peace and harmony. Do not rush this part. Keep watching it transform. You may see this aspect dissolving or softening. It may disappear completely or change its appearance in some way. Feel a sense of wholeness and integration within yourself.

7: Gratitude and Closure

Express gratitude to the angelic beings for their support and guidance in this inner healing process. Silently thank the distressed aspect for sharing its needs and allowing healing to take place.

8: Return to the Present

Take a few more deep breaths and slowly begin to open your eyes, returning your awareness to the present moment.

Know that you can revisit this meditation whenever you feel the need for inner healing, guidance, or emotional balance. Trust the process, and may you find peace and harmony within.



*Angelic Aspects Therapy will be delivered as training for practitioners in 2024. In the meantime, if you would like more information or to have a session yourself, please do get in touch. 


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