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Stuck in an unfulfilling job? How to get out and move on...

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Hands up who’s in an unfulfilling job? 

I’ve had a mixture of jobs over the years. Some that made me feel engaged and passionate, making a difference in people’s lives each day and others that felt like I was just going through the motions to pay my bills that month. 

If you’re in an unfulfilling job right now and you’re ok with that, maybe because your life outside of work is fulfilling you enough to keep going on the day job, then I salute you for reaching a great balance that is working for you. 

If however, you’re fed up of the routine that you have, you’re tired of the work that you do and you’re uninspired by it’s prospects, your mind might start to turn towards the negative. It’s likely that you’ll feel really draggy about getting up to go to work everyday, you’ll be unmotivated to get anything done whilst you’re there, your work relationships may even start to suffer. 

When you’re not where you want to be, life feels hard! You’ll spend so much time thinking about how heavy and rubbish your work is, you’ll find yourself constantly complaining about what you have and moaning about horrible it all is. I know because I’ve been there. 

And you know what, the more you complain and moan about what you do have, the more rubbish you’ll get. Like energy attracts like energy. If you’re gonna complain about your work all the time and how it’s not earning you enough money, or it’s not successful enough or it’s boring and uninspiring, or too difficult, you’re just attracting more of the same to your experience. Nothing gets better whilst you’re still moaning about it. 

So, how do you move on from that unfulfilling job? 


Crazy hey! 

Being grateful for where you are is the number one way to get where you want to be. 

 I don’t mean the sort of gratitude that has to be wrenched from your very being- those forced ‘well, at least...’ statements that we all loathed to hear when we were kids (was this your mum too?....”at least you HAVE dinner, some poor children don’t even get to EAT!!”) that guilt-tripped is into grateful. No, I’m on about genuine heartfelt appreciation for what this situation allows you to have, be and do. 

For instance, does this job allow you to pay the bills? To keep a roof over your head? To keep your children warm, fed and safe? Without this job, what might life look like? What about the friendships you’ve found at this job or the Wetherspoons across the road that you enjoy on your lunch break? You might find yourself thanking the universe for this job after all. 

When you start to look at your work through a new grateful lense, you’ll raise your point of attraction to a higher vibe. When you start to think more appreciatively of what you have, you’ll start to attract more and more high-vibe experiences to you. You’ll be a better vibrational match to the amazing job that’s waiting for you in the wings, and If your current job is low-vibe and draining, then you’ll not be a good energetic match for that anymore, the universe will have no choice but to match you to a higher vibrational role.

My advice to you would be to keep your work goal in mind, visualise yourself in your dream job, feel how you’ll feel when you’re there, doing that work. Bring it into your new moon wishes rituals. Do all of that whilst spreading as much love and light as you possibly can in your current job. 

I used to work in a well-known clothes store and I really disliked it. My colleagues were lovely but the work was tedious, the customers were often rude, and my back and feet would hurt so badly by the end of the day. But, when I was stood bored on the changing rooms for an hour, I’d use that time to do clearing visualisations on all of my chakras. When I was serving irritable shoppers at the checkouts I’d set myself a challenge to make a happy difference to the customers who came through my till. When my feet and back hurt, I’d take my attention away from the pain by thinking of a famous mindfulness story I’d heard somewhere...Jack Kornfield, I think..not to focus on how my foot felt as it hit the ground again but the ease and release of pain as I would lift it up off the floor.

Try your hardest to approach every mundane task as an opportunity to grow, evolve and learn. Deal with those front line complaining customers with love, care and attention so that you can truly help someone today. Soak up the lessons, rise to the challenges and leave a magical trail behind you when you eventually leave and move into your dream job.


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