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The Number 1 Divinely Inspired Way to Fix Your Low, Lingering Mood!

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Have you been feeling low, unmotivated, stuck and uninspired and you just don’t know why?!! Same here! But I was given the solution...

The last two weeks have been tricky for me. I’ve felt myself slide into a funk that I couldn’t get myself out of. No matter how I tried to think differently, behave differently, raise my vibes with my tried and tested methods, something was up! And I couldn’t put my finger on it. I’d tried my salt baths, extra mediation, chakra cleanses. I’d extended my self care on Saturday to incorporate longer exercises and reflection. And although it all helped, my heavy mood was still looming!

My husband kept asking what was on my mind and I couldn’t pinpoint what I was thinking about specifically. As I sat for many hours staring into space, with nothing specific on my mind, but everything general, and a huge cloud hanging over me, I wondered whether depression was coming back for me. Just the thought of this made me feel so powerless. I couldn’t understand it. I had nothing specific to be maudling over. Life was good right now. What the hell is going on with me?!

I had been having nightmares over night for a week now, a true sign that something was off, I had been tired and really negative, unmotivated and uninspired. I felt like I’d broken out into judgement and criticism at every turn. My sense of direction in life had become stagnant- I had no faith in my broader purpose and felt like there was no point- why was I doing this again? I had started to distrust my inner voice and became angry with my angels and guides, swinging between demanding that they help me to shouting at them that they weren’t helping me at all and to leave me alone from now on! My perception about life and where I was headed had become negatively skewed and nearly unrecognizable.

I truly felt stuck and insignificant. It was a feeling of psychological paralysis.

And then I had a breakthrough. I woke up this morning at 4.30am, after a couple of weeks of feeling worse and worse gradually each day, and I felt guided to get my large amethyst crystal. I walked back to bed and placed the crystal on my third eye. I immediately felt movement there and I drifted in and out of sleep with the amethyst crystal resting gently on my forehead.

At 6.30am my angelic inner voice woke up and got in touch with me, I sat upright in bed! I needed to meditate now. I spent the next hour in a state of deep meditation, reciting the mantra ‘peace’ as I breathed in a sparkly white diamond light. The sparkly diamond white air looked just like angel aura quartz and I breathed it in and out again into my space. For the first time in about 14 days, I was able to focus on my meditation. I was able to filter out the mind chatter. It was easy again!

And wow! The cloud had lifted. Piece by piece, I started to reclaim myself again. I could’ve cried with relief. Except I didn’t want to cry...I was full of joy. I felt motivated and inspired once more. I felt alive and energetic. What a difference!! I couldnt stop smiling!

I then started to put the pieces of this puzzle together. My third eye had been blocked!! Of course. It all made total sense now. And I remembered now exactly when it started to block- with the grief of losing my little Olive a couple of weeks ago.

I had all of the symptoms of a blocked third eye- the nightmares, the stagnant, uninspired energy, the lack of direction and doubting my inner voice. And I knew that life transitions like death could cause the third eye to jolt out of Balance. There were other things I was then able to recognise- my physical eyes had been watering a lot, and I couldn’t work out why. I had also felt lots of tingling energy around the right side of my head, but not positive energy, it felt heavy. How had I not pieced this all together sooner? Oh yeah, because my third eye was blocked and I couldn’t see it!!

Amethyst is a beautiful choice for the third eye. Any purple crystal will help to clear it.
The meditation, breathing the word ‘peace’ into and out of my being along with the diamond white sparkly light, cleansed and purified the negative energy I had been holding onto. I am eternally grateful to my angels and guides for helping me with this, even though I had been angry with them and with Life for the past 14 days!

So what’s the lesson here? There are many!

Well, it’s clear to me that it’s hard to see what’s going on with ourselves when we’re so intimately involved in ourselves. I couldn’t see what was wrong with me because I was the problem. My energy was affecting my energy. My blockages were blocking me. If that makes sense?!

It’s so important to continuously monitor the events of our life and ask ‘how could this event be affecting me energetically?’ And ‘how can I make sure that my chakras are unaffected by this event?’

My blockage, this time, wasn’t cleared by my tried and tested methods, not completely anyway, I needed to try something additional, and something different. My intuition was being blocked by my closed third eye but my guides were able to get through to me in my sleep state and wake me up with the idea of using the amethyst crystal. Thank goodness they did! Trust those hunches that come to you in the middle of the night or at any other time and go with it!

What has worked for me, may also work for you and for any energy blockages you may be experiencing which are dragging you down.

To Clear your own energy field...

How have you been feeling lately? Have you been feeling low and you can’t really put your finger on why you might be feeling this way? It’s likely that your chakras need some tlc.

◦ Get yourself a set of chakra crystals, cleanse and charge them and place them along your chakra points on your body.
◦ Then follow the method that I described for you above- allow the crystals to alter your chakras naturally whilst you rest with them upon your body
◦ when you feel ready, sit up and meditate whilst holding those crystals in your hand. Use the mantra ‘peace’ and repeat it in your mind whilst you breathe a sparkling diamond white light into and out of your body.
◦ Do this for as long as you feel guided to. Make this crystal healing a part of your spiritual routine to make sure you’re clearing out stagnant energy as soon as it arrives.

Sending you lots of love and light, and wishing you well on your self-healing journey,

Rachel xxx


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