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3 Ways To Ask The Angels For Help

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3 Ways To Ask The Angels For Help

You have a support team of Angels standing by patiently, awaiting your call. There’s not one individual- human or animal – that doesn’t have this one on one support from the angelic realms. The Angel’s purpose, and greatest pleasure, is to guide, protect and illuminate our paths. You call and they respond. The moment you express your desires in prayer or meditation, they respond. Your request becomes a beacon that aligns their energies with your intentions. It’s simply a matter of extending your hand and inviting them into your journey.

Enter the concept of free will. Free will is a gift that grants us the autonomy to make choices, both wise and not so wise. We have the freedom to navigate our journey however we wish. The Spiritual Law of Request is a cosmic contract that respects the sacredness of free will. The Angels, bound by divine law, cannot interfere with our lives without our explicit invitation (except for when our lives may be at risk).

The angels honour the choices we make, understanding that our growth and evolution stem from the consequences of those choices. They don’t see free will as a limitation, but rather, they acknowledge it as our sovereignty, as a dance of co-creation with the divine, where our free will and the angelic realm intertwine, sculpting the masterpiece that is our life.

Allow your requests to be heard and allow the angels to help you where you need and want it. They are never to busy to help, and no request is too big or too small. How do you do this? Well, let’s explore my 3 ways below…

  1. Ask For Help Out Loud

According to angelic mysticism, the sound of a prayer creates a vibration that allows for the transmission of waves from the material plane to the angelic plane. Prayers addressed to angels are situated on 4 planes…

  • The first plane is the physical sound of words
  • The second plane is the numerical sense of the word (known as Gematria)
  • The third plane is the vibratory plane of breath
  • The fourth plane is the plane of emotion

If you have a desire, wish or prayer, or something you want to manifest, light a candle, call in the angels  - repeat their name in your mind and literally visualise them entering the room and your auric field - and speak your prayer out loud, knowing that this will accelerate and elevate your desire through the four planes to the angelic realms.

You don’t have to use traditional language or religious wording. You don’t have to outline HOW you want your prayers answered and you don’t request, you thank. This moves you from a feeling of fear to a feeling of love, from an energy of lack (I don’t currently have this thing) to an energy of abundance (I know this is available to me). For example:

“Thank you Angels for guiding, protecting and illuminating my path today”

(instead of “Angels, please guide, protect and illuminate my path today”)

2. Mentally Ask For Help

At times, its not appropriate to ask for help out loud. The angels still hear prayers and requests that are spoken internally. Find a comfy spot, close your eyes, place a hand on your heart and take a deep breath. Call on the angel mentally and visualise them entering your aura. If it helps, imagine yourself in a serene space surrounded by the energy of the angel you wish to connect with. In this spaced, engage in a heart-to-heart conversation, expressing your concerns and letting go of the worries that are impacting you. Allow your intuition to flow, embracing any insights that gently arise and any guidance given to you by the angel. Mentally state your request to the angel you are with, remembering to thank them for the request you have, in the energetic assumption that it is already available to you.

3. Write a Letter to Ask For Help

This is one of my favourite ways to ask the angels for help. I love the mindful process of this, which transforms a ‘quick ask’ into a leisurely and joyful hour of connection with the angels. It’s rather like comparing sending a text message with actually visiting someone to enjoy a catch up properly.

There is magic in the written word – in the act of putting pen to paper to pour your heart out. Use the paper as an angelic sounding board - releasing your fears and worries into a letter addressed to your angelic ally. Feel the weight lift as you express gratitude for their ever-present guidance. Clearly articulate the specific help you're seeking, thanking them for their support with reaching the very best outcome, and then, with intention, decide whether to keep the letter as a symbolic release or send it to the universe through the sacred act of burning. Personally, I like to keep these letters in a special box that contains an angelite crystal, and a white feather. But there have been times that I have felt the need to burn the letter, especially when it involves releasing or letting go of hurts or unforgiveness. Allow your intuition to guide you every time.

 These 3 practices are invitations for you to start co-creating with your powerful, all loving angels. Approach them with sincerity and an open heart and watch as the angels weave their gentle threads of support into the tapestry of your life.

You can write or speak any prayers you wish. To get you started, here's a heartfelt prayer to invite the assistance of angels:

 Dear Angels of Light and Love,

In the quiet spaces of my heart, I come before you with humility and gratitude, seeking your guidance and support. I open my heart wide, inviting your loving energy to surround and fill me. May your radiant light fill every corner, dispelling any darkness within and without.

With gratitude, I acknowledge the blessings you bring into my life, seen and unseen. Thank you for your unwavering love, wisdom, and the gentle nudges that lead me on my path.

Angels, I humbly thank you for your guidance with… [express your problem and what you seek help with]

Thank you for illuminating my path with your divine wisdom, and helping me to navigate the twists and turns of this problem with grace and clarity.

As I face challenges, both known and unknown, I thank you for your strength to endure and your guidance to overcome. Thank you for wrapping me in your wings of comfort and reassuring me that I am not alone.

Thank you for extending your protective embrace to my loved ones. For showering them with your healing energy, so that they too feel the warmth of your love and guidance.

I release my requests to the universe, trusting that you have heard the whispers of my soul. Thank you for making your presence be felt, and your guidance being a compass in the journey of my life.

With heartfelt thanks and unwavering faith, I invite your love into my life.


 May your journey be filled with light, love, and the celestial guidance of angels. Until next time, stay blessed and connected.



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