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Find your heart's desires.

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Find Your (1)


What is it that you really want?

I really struggle with this at the best of times. I have so many wonderful opportunities to explore that I find it hard to know which ones I really want to focus on and grow, and which ones I would like to filter out. Often, I try to do them all and this ends up in overwhelm. I know that I have to prioritise, and focus on what's most important to me, and at this time of the year, I start to reflect and decide upon what it is I want to manifest. 

I stumbled upon a meditation by Nikki Wyatt and this became the inspiration for the meditation Ive written below. I intend to practice this meditation lots over the Christmas Period and New Year. I record them onto my phone and listen to them whenever I can. I'm hoping that I have greater clarity around my direction after practising it so that I can hold the visualisation in my mind in the weeks to come. I wanted to share it with you all to help you if you're struggling to know what it is you want to manifest in 2020. Let me know how you get on with it!!!


Your Hearts Desires

To open your heart, sit with either a real rose, rose essential oil or rose incense and a rose quartz crystal. Put your hand on your heart and take five long deep breaths in and out.

Take your attention to your heart chakra. See or feel a small pink flame burning within the very centre of your heart. As you look at it closely you see the pink light expand, burning brightly and vividly. As the flame grows brighter and clearer you start to see flecks of emerald green within the flame. Together the pink and the green create a marbled effect within the flame.

The pink and green flame starts to push outwards to absorb other parts of your body. Feel it spread as warmth outwards as it encompasses your throat, your diapragm, your stomach, spreading up to your head and down into your pelvis and lower back. The pink and emerald flame expands out and around, it now completely surrounds your body in a bubble, your whole being surrounded by the loving energy of your heart, your deepest and most heart centred desires permeating through your entire being. Your heart is now bigger than your mind, your heart is heard loudest above the workings of your mind. You have come out of your thinking mind and into your heart.

As you see yourself surrounded by and bathed in this beautiful pink light, you see yourself falling into a pile of soft pink clouds. You see yourself relax into the softness, settling down all of your muscles. You are safe and held within the cloud, supported and protected. A guardian is there with you, you become aware of their presence. An energy that loves you unconditionally.

Your guardian beckons you to follow them. You see yourself walking along a beautiful path, sumptuous and delightful, you enjoy the path to your destination, the journey from here to there is peaceful and joyous.

You see a door ahead of you, a golden door. Ornate and graceful. Grand and exquisite. A sign on the door tells you that this is the door that leads to your hearts desires. Curious and excited, you push open the door and walk through it.

What do you see ahead of you? What scene is ahead of you now? Where are you? Take a moment to fully absorb the scene infront of your eyes.

You can see the scene in front of you. The scene of your hearts desires. What it is you truly want, from the heart. You may see a landscape, you may see people, relationships that you have. You may see yourself fulfilling a job or a role of some kind. Don’t judge what you see, simply take it all in. Take in what is there.

You may feel emotional or weepy and that’s fine. When we admit and acknowledge to ourselves what we truly want, it can bring up intense feelings. We often don’t allow ourselves to see what it is our heart desires because it can be hard to face how far our current life differs from what we would really like. Our frustration and sorrow can mean that we have simply closed the door on these desires and refused to admit they are even there. But not this time. This time, you can confront your heart desires, you can embrace them. This time, sit with the feelings that surface as you look at what you’d really like and know that your heart is speaking to you.

However impossible your dreams may appear, however complicated your current life may be, you are calling upon universal energy when you allow yourself to dream. You are calling upon realms that exist beyond the physical dimension, where all sorts of magical coincidences and synchronicity is conjured up. Look at your guardian now. They are still with you, watching you take in the images and scene in front of your eyes. Your guardian has always known about your heart desires. Their only wish is to help you manifest your heart’s desire, they know that you deserve to receive everything your heart wants .

As you look once again at the scene unfolding around you, and back to your guardian, you make a commitment. Affirm to yourself and your guardian “together, we will manifest this. I AM this scene. I feel love and appreciation for the help that I am given and I commit to listening to you every day’. Your guardian may respond with words or wisdom or you may feel them transmit love and peace to you. You receive this energy and feel confident and excited in knowing that you will keep this commitment to receive your hearts desires. You thank your guardian for taking you on this journey to the centre of your heart and together you walk back towards the golden door.

As you pass over the threshold, you decide to leave the golden door open, so that you can see your vision perfectly whilst you manifest it. You walk back towards the pink and emerald flame within your heart chakra. You feel your hand resting on your heart and hear the rhythm of your breath. You start to come back to the room you are in in the physical world, the sounds around you becoming clearer and louder. You move your fingers and wriggle your toes and open your eyes when you are ready to do so.

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