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"It is not nearly so important how well a message is received as how well it is sent. You cannot take responsibility for how well another accepts your truth; you can only ensure how well it is communicated. And by how well, I don't mean merely how clearly; I mean how lovingly, how compassionately, how sensitively, how courageously, and how completely."

(Neale Donald Walsch)

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    WOW! Look at all the things that I have!

    I woke up this morning feeling rather perplexed at a string of dreams I’d just left. One after the other, I dreamt that family, friends and even animals were dying. There was no blood or gore, nothing horrific or horror movie-esque, just gentle scenes of rolling sadness as I watched family members pass away, one by one. When I woke I had an awareness that this dream brought a message with it.

    I called upon the Queen of The Angels, Mother Mary. I resonate with her so much, her advice and guidance always speaks to my heart and uplifts me with its wisdom, whether it is happy guidance or something I don’t necessarily want to hear! She always has a way of helping me to understand the greater meaning and that, in itself, allays any fear I might have.

    After my dream, I wanted to know the significance of it. She showed me an abundant garden.

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    What Is An Earth Angel? And How Do You Know If You Are One?

    Earth Angels are individuals with a unique spiritual purpose to bring love, light, and positive energy to the world. They are messengers or helpers sent to contribute to the greater good. Does that feel true to you and your purpose?

    These individuals often display traits such as compassion, empathy, and a strong desire to assist others. Whilst some might connect the term ‘Earth Angel’ with an actual incarnated angel, or an earthly manifestation of a celestial entity, it is my belief that an Earth Angel is not an actual angel but is a metaphorical angel – an individual who embodies the kindness and goodness of the Angelic Realms. Earth Angels, in this context, are ordinary people who choose to live with extraordinary love and goodness, making a positive impact on the world through their actions.

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  3. New Blog Post Announcement Social Media Post (8)Do we all have our own Angel?

    Many people ask me “so, do I have an angel then?” And my answer is always a huge YES!

    Have you ever felt a guiding presence in your life, a force nudging you toward the right path, or a comforting embrace during challenging times? This is likely to be your own Guardian Angel.

    My first experience of meeting my Guardian Angel was so moving. I remember being sat on my bedroom floor, meditating and intentionally calling on my Guardian Angel. I didn’t feel very hopeful. I’d tried to connect with my Guardian Angel many times before and had never felt anything hugely significant. Why would this time be any different?! Luckily, my level of hope didn’t affect what happened next.