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"It is not nearly so important how well a message is received as how well it is sent. You cannot take responsibility for how well another accepts your truth; you can only ensure how well it is communicated. And by how well, I don't mean merely how clearly; I mean how lovingly, how compassionately, how sensitively, how courageously, and how completely."

(Neale Donald Walsch)

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    My mentor, Jane, tells me “you’re like a kid in a candy shop!“. She couldn’t be more right, my mind feels just like those rows and rows of sweetie jars; the thoughts and ideas are all enticing and each one calls to me, enticing me, asking me to taste it.
    “It’s frivolous“ she says “your mind is frivolity, it will get you nowhere. You can forage around in the dirt as much as you want and live with this frivolity, or you can harmoniously dismantle from it and follow your soul’s trajectory“
    “How does my soul suggest that I do that?“ I ask
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    Hey lovelies! As a 42-year-old woman on this beautiful journey of self-discovery and growth, I can't help but share my love for spiritual books! They've become my go-to companions on this adventure of life. 

    Spiritual books offer profound insights into the human experience, consciousness, and the wonders of the universe. They've expanded my perspective and inspired me to embrace new possibilities.

    In our fast-paced world, these books act as a peaceful sanctuary, guiding me to find tranquility amidst the chaos. The wisdom within their pages has helped me navigate challenges with grace and resilience.

    I feel deeply connected to the authors and their journeys. Their words have this amazing way of resonating with my soul, making me feel like I'm having heartfelt conversations with a kindred spirit.

    Spiritual books are like my personal growth toolbox! They've empowered me with practical tools and techniques to create positive changes in my life.

    Through these books, I've come to realize the beauty of universal truths that bind us all. They've taught me that love, compassion, and kindness are powerful forces that can transform lives.

     So, if you're seeking a deeper connection with your inner self, a touch of magic in your daily life, and a dose of inspiration, I wholeheartedly recommend exploring the realm of spiritual books! I’ve listed 10 of my favourite spiritual books below. It’s not the whole list. I could write a list of 100’s!!! Let's continue to learn, grow, and embrace the beauty of this amazing journey together. Read the full list by clicking here....

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    I’ve consulted the universe four times this week on the best topic to talk about and they keep coming back to ‘personal power’! Rather synchronistically, this has been a recurring theme in my clients lives of late and personally, I’ve also had some sharp lessons with personal power. I’m guessing this may be a sticky subject for you too since you’re here reading this blog so my hope is that I can share what I’ve learnt and what I know to be useful practices and mindset shifts for myself and my clients.

    Firstly, what does it mean when someone talks about your ‘personal power’? I feel that your personal power is your honest, authentic self. So, you own your power when you live in an honest, authentic way. Your personal power is very unique to you. It reflects your innate values (see values checklist below) and individual code of ethics and morality. It reflects your likes, dislikes and the way that you see the world. My personal power will be different to yours because your true self is different to my true self. We live in an honest, authentic way when we accept and bring our whole self to the table.

    Here are some ways you can empower yourself to find your personal power and take it back! Read more here...

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    What should you do when you’re experiencing a challenge in life? Any challenge?

    The angels tell us that our journeys will not be without challenge. Our challenges are our hidden gifts, the treasure of life. They help us to learn, grow and evolve. I know that in this lifetime, I am supposed to be sharing my challenges and teaching people about what I’ve learnt. Sharing our own unique journeys is how we help others.

    But when we’re facing a challenge that feels really tough, that’s out of our control and we can’t do anything about it, what’s the best way to handle it?

    This lesson has bitten me on the bum again recently and I’ve now got really clear advice about it from my angelic team. Read more here...