Heal Core Emotional Wounds with the Angels A 4 week LIVE course hosted by Rachel Vanhinsbergh, Spiritual Life Coach and Angelic Therapist.

This programme is for spiritual and angelic souls who are wanting to cleanse, clear and purge old emotions. To heal your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of emotional trauma, wounds, limitations and fears and bring joy, peace and abundance back into your life. This programme offers you all of the spiritual methods that Rachel has been given by her angelic guardians and guides to help release negative emotions. She has channelled and used these methods herself, and she offers them to you in the very same order that they have been delivered to her. This course will help you to rebuild emotional wellness, health and wholeness, so that you can live your life to your fullest potential.

Rachel will be teaching you individually on a one-to-one basis, on how you can learn processes to help you heal mind, body and soul, how you can cleanse and purify your chakras, meridian channels and aura, how you can shield and protect yourself from harsh negative energies, how to transmute and shed your third dimensional light body into the 4th and 5th dimensions and how you can raise your intuition, clairvoyant abilities and tune in to the angelic realms.

Over the last 7 years of her journey, Rachel has not only certified as a Spiritual Life Coach and Angelic Therapist, but she has been on her own healing journey with the angels to release old emotional wounds, heal past fears, limiting beliefs and trauma, and to create a life free from depression, suppression and restriction. She has been able to manifest joy and abundance and create a life of freedom and happiness for herself and her family. Rachel knows that reconnecting with and reclaiming the perfect wholeness of our being is the secret to living a successful and happy life and she is keen to show you how to clear the path to your best life.

Rachel works alongside the angelic realms – the wonderful Archangels and Archeia who support and guide us through our journey of healing here on earth. Merging your energies with the powerful Archeia and guardian angels in this course will enable you to draw on their healing therapeutic qualities. You will take on their strengths and qualities and feel emotionally more stable and intuitive each day that you work with them. These powerful beings help you to deal with old emotions that keep resurfacing and new emotions that arise in your daily life. Their energies help you to reclaim your power and put a stop to emotional leakage.

As you work with these Archeia and guardian angels, you also work on your chakra system - the root chakra, the underpinning and foundation of your entire healing system; the sacral centre, the home of strong emotion identity and the throat centre, where we know, speak and live our truth. If these chakras are not rock steady, you’ll struggle not to topple over under the pressure of life’s emotions. This course teaches you how to breathe into them, cleanse them with the help of the Female Archeia and open them up to the vast network of energy around you.

When you have the angelic tools and when you pull in support from these powerful Archeia and angels and invite their therapeutic strengths into your life, you will feel resilient, empowered, balanced and inspired.

Your angels, guides and archangels will be present throughout the course – supporting you, holding the space and guiding you towards deep inner healing. 

Over this course you will...

  • Merge your energies with the Archeia and develop a healing relationship with the archangels, archeia and guiding angels
  • Learn how to channel divine healing energy for strength, courage and bravery (Ariel), Faith, trust and self-assurance (Faith) and higher wisdom, emotional self nurture and intuition (Haniel).
  • Work with your guardian angels and guides and surrender your emotions over to them and their familiar loving energy
  • Receive your wings- for confidence, strength and stability
  • Learn how to express yourself wtih honesty, integrity and clarity
  • Discover how to see your problems clearly and reach wise solutions
  • Explore the tools used by the angels to supercharge and enhance healing energies
  • Cleanse and purify your sacral, root and throat chakra of emotional wounds
  • Learn how to strengthen and open your root chakra to energise the sushumna with movement, exercise and visualisation
  • Activate the causal chakra for higher wisdom and intuition
  • Raise your intuition and clairvoyant abilities
  • Become more spiritually aware and in-tune with the angelic realms
  • Learn processes to help you heal your emotions
  • And much more!

The Modules

  • Introductions
  • The emotional system- how it works and how it affects our life
  • Introducing Archeia Ariel - the Lioness of the Godess - a study of who she is and how she can help you
  • Merging your energy with Archeia Ariel. The Meditation. Releasing your fears, worries and anxieties to Lady Ariel and healing your root chakra
  • Introducing Archeia Haniel – Grace of the Goddess - a study of who she is and how she can help you
  • Linking your emotions to your intuition - developing your intuitive guidance system with Archeia Haniel to strengthen your emotional awareness and heal your sacral chakra
  • Archeia Haniel Meditation – washing away negative emotions, merging your energy with Haniel’s wisdom and intuitive insight & activating the causal chakra to alter our perception and broadens our horizons of emotional consciousness.
  • Connecting with your personal Guardian Angels/ Guiding Team
  • Receiving your wings - Raising your emotions to new heights. Uplifting, warming and strengthening your emotions. Releasing negative emotions over to your guardian angels and guiding team.
  • Balancing the emotions - messages from the Elohim – my guiding team
  • Introducing Archeia Faith – trust of the goddess - a study of who she is and how she can help you
  • Archeia Faith Meditation - Bringing Faith into an emotional situation to find solutions to your problems
  • Archeia Faith Meditation – merging with Faith's energy, receiving guidance and throat chakra healing, accepting the blue flame of the sword of truth, honesty and integrity, confidence and self trust.

Ready to heal and transform?

What's Included...

A LIVE course with me guiding you all the way! Over the four-week program you will have lots of exciting content coming your way! The 4 x 2.5 hour LIVE masterclass sessions will be held on mutually agreeable dates.

The sessions will be recorded for you to watch them via replay at any point.

You get:

  • 4 live sessions of 150 minutes each, with me, to deliver each of the 4 modules of work
  • All workshop presentations, materials, workbooks, handouts and printables emailed directly to your inbox for you to download
  • Live meditations and attunements
  • Full transcripts of the meditations

This course if for you if...

  • You love angels and desire to have closer contact with them?
  • You would like to increase your knowledge about the angels and their healing qualities?
  • You feel like your emotional and physical health is suffering?
  • You often feel low in energy and unwell but dont understand why that could be?
  • You have a calling inside of you to work more closely with the angelic realms?
  • You have a desire to sharpen your clairvoyance and intuition?
  • You want to raise your vibration in order to be an effective light worker?
  • You are on the path to spiritual ascension, preparing to activate your 5th dimensional light body?
  • You would like to be a clearer channel for healing energy?
  • You feel like you have emotional blockages and wounds from past experiences?
  • You would like a process for working through your emotions with the archangels and archeia?

By completing this course you will achieve all of this!

You will finish this course feeling inspired and empowered! It will bring balance, harmony and health to your mind, body and spirit. The more energetic healing you accomplish for yourself the more light you will be able to hold within you, to share with others.

Ready to heal and transform?


Rachel is able to offer this course for personal one-on-one coaching for £600 (there’s over £850 of content from Rachel here and a huge 10 hours of live tuition…That’s a huge saving of £250!)

What Previous Course Members Are Saying...

Thank you for your holding these wonderful workshops.
You have a rare gift of being able to balance teaching your immense knowledge in a manner that is so angelic in itself, that I'm sure it would be almost impossible to not make some connection to the angels. Your passion for your subject matter is infectious and with your intuitive guided meditations you supported me to have some wonderful experiences. You made me feel so at ease that it really helped the process.
I now feel much more able to call on the Archeia for some emotional healing and for that I thank you.



Since my session with you, I feel as if I’ve walked through a porthole, onto a new level. 

I hear my voice communicating more effectively in public. It feels as if some ‘issues’ from the past have been addressed & lifted. 

It’s been wonderful working with Lady Ariel. 

A neighbour was asking me questions. My answer was exactly what she was looking for and I know it came from lady Ariel, a pink loving light and a depth of knowledge with a hint of courage. I’m now so in tune with my higher self. Yin & yang in balance. I’m thoroughly enjoying my life.   


Lake District

Are you ready to bring balance, harmony and health to your mind, body and spirit and live a life of joy and abundance? Join Rachel today and turn your dream life into reality!