About Us

Happy In The Moment is a community organisation which delivers mindfulness and meditation training. Our mission is to inspire and empower people to enhance their sense of wellbeing through the tools and practice of mindfulness. Our aim is to help people to challenge and change unhelpful habits and behaviours, improve emotional resilience and learn strategies to cope with all of their problems. 

Have you ever felt like:

  • you're always doing the best that you can but you still end up feeling like a failure?
  • you want to make life work for you but you just can't seem to do it?
  • you're always striving and never getting anywhere?
  • you're stuck, fed up and just want to break free?
  • there's no peace and life is just one hard slog?
  • you're isolated and lonely, because you don't know any other like-minded people to talk to about what you're going through?

If so, it's okay, you're not alone. Fundamentally, we are all the same. We're all trying to do the best that we can and we're all uncertain about whether we're good enough.

It takes courage to admit that our lives aren't working the way that we want them to work, but when we do admit it to ourselves, we can then do something about it. You just have to surrender, let go of the past and have faith in the future. 

Our mission is to help you do that - to live your life happy and in the moment. Our aim is to provide you with the inspiration, tools and community that you need to help you succeed.

I have had a good week shaking up my life thank you!! Honestly doing things that put a spark in my life. Used affirmations more, even in the Dentist's chair!! I am getting back to ME!! ( Mrs C. , Wisbech Workshops)