Teen Mindfulness Courses

Teens experience stress just like adults do – if not more so – and teaching them how to embrace mindfulness can go a long way to helping them live a happier and more peaceful life.

Long lasting and intense stress has been linked to a smaller memory centre in children’s brains. These differences in the brain also extend to cognitive ability, with children who live stressful lives performing less well on spatial memory tests.

Most parents and teachers would probably agree that stress in young people is not good and finding ways to help them counter-act it can be life-changing.

Mindfulness and meditation helps young people to counteract the effects of stress, with simple ways it can be brought into their daily routine.

Our Teen Mindfulness courses aim to help teenagers benefit from practising mindfulness. To help with techniques that will help them to handle negative emotions and give them tools that they can use throughout their lives

Following a course in mindfulness, young people show an improvement in attention, calmness, social compliance and even caring towards others. Research has also shown that mindfulness training for children has the ability to increase attention and social-emotional awareness as well.

The benefits of mindfulness for teenagers:

  • Better able to stay more focused
  • Better able to pay more attention in class
  • Experience more awareness of their body, thoughts and emotions
  • Experience less test anxiety
  • Classroom management improves because mindfulness improves impulse control and interpersonal skills
  • Executive function increases, a key predictor of academic success

Mindfulness training leads to structural changes in the brain that develop and enhance the qualities of:

  • Kindness
  • Patience
  • Compassion
  • Attunement to others
  • Increases executive function
  • Better impulse control
  • Longer attention span
  • Mindfulness has shown effective in treating depression, anxiety, illness and stress

I provide small group and large group mindfulness and meditation sessions for teenagers, in schools, in clubs and in their own homes. This training is not only beneficial for the children but for parents, carers and teachers who would like the opportunity to create a mindfulness practice for their children.

These sessions will be tailored to meet your requirements and could take the format of an assembly, lunch-time or after school clubs, sessions in the classroom as part of a well-being program or as a special topic or private sessions in your own home. I am fully flexible in my delivery.

I get the young people interested in practicing mindfulness with fun and interactive games and mindfulness activities. I teach them the important concepts and definitions of mindfulness (e.g., awareness, gratitude, self-compassion, empathy) and lead them through guided meditations designed for teenagers which really appeal to their imaginations. These are designed to be suitable for all abilities

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