Helping you to create a happy, high vibe and heart centred life

Rachel works with clients to help them achieve a whole and harmonious life of balance, truth, abundance and self love. She helps them to experience a life of growth, transformation and alignment with their deepest authenticity, breaking through limiting fears and beliefs. 

Rachel is a fully certified Spiritual Life Coach, Angel Therapist, Mindfulness and Meditation Therapist and Energy Healer. Alongside her many years of training and study in human psychology, counselling, wellness, spirituality, and energy healing, the angels also support Rachel in her coaching and therapy sessions, providing her with the exact guidance, technique or spiritual tools that she needs to help you with your journey. She has taught hundreds of happiness-driven people how to super-power their feel good vibes and live more joyful lives and she is passionate about helping you to do this too. 

The Support Rachel Offers...


Rachel has studied and practiced all areas of spirituality for over 17 years. Angelic connection and guidance is her specialism within Spiritual Life Coaching as the angels are always present when she coaches clients, offering their wisdom, guidance and support throughout the session and providing practical and spiritual tools for healing and personal growth.

Life Coaching

As well as her extensive spiritual knowledge and training, Rachel has a background in teaching,  psychology, counselling and wellness. She understands that full healing and wellness is a process of connection between mind, body and soul and all of her teachings expertly bring these three components together for full holistic emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. She has always sought to bridge the gap between science and spirituality and her coaching will provide practical counselling tools as well as spiritual tools in order to help you move forward. 

The Process

In each session, I connect to your energy and the energy of your Higher Self, your guides and your angelic team. I combine my spiritual knowledge, psychological and wellness training and therapeutic tools with the connection of spiritual higher guidance to bring you clarity, healing and forward movement.

The angels let me know what deeper help and support you specifically need and we explore this guidance more in terms of what you're actually experiencing in your life and how we can manage that.

 Each time, they offer us their wisdom, their support, their guidance and they show me which angelic and wellness tools, techniques and methods will help you the most. Think of the angels as your therapists - working through me.

Sometimes the angels will want to deliver wisdom and guidance to you, at other times, deep energetic healing. Each session is often different. As your therapist, and in collaboration with you and your higher wisdom, we will receive whatever it is that you need for that session.

It is important to note that I am not a spirit medium. I’m not trained to converse with or deliver messages from family members who have passed over. My connection is with the angelic realms. My connection with the angels comes through a holistic, healing window of therapy, coaching and wellness. They give me what I need to know in order to help you live a healthier, happier and more high-vibe life. 

During our sessions we explore your life in more detail, looking at specific issues that you may want to focus on in more depth. We think about what you would like to achieve and why these things are important for you. We define your current goals. Your goals will be based around how you want to move your life forward and improve it. They will be personal to you and will therefore need a personalised approach.

Sessions are between one and two hours long and can be delivered via telephone, zoom videocall, or in person. Most of my clients like to have sessions every fortnight, but the frequency of sessions you would like is up to you, there are no commitments. 

Rachel's coaching clients are saying...

Fab session. Thank you. I'm buzzing with ideas/thoughts. I really like that I've got stuff to work on. I've come out of the conservatory 3 times and then had to go back in to scribble more in my journal. Thanks for going with my ping-ponging and I appreciate you putting some structure in there for me to think things through and tackle things in order. I really appreciate the challenge re how to take my "I'm good enough" to next level. So, thank you!



I cant thank you enough for the hugely positive impact your sessions have had on my anxiety levels. The depth of your knowledge, coupled with your ability to convey complex ideas in layman's terms, make them thoroughly enjoyable and educational in equal measure. 



Your enthusiasm, love and warmth shine through in everything that you do. I look forward to every session and cant wait to continue my path of self healing with you.



It has and is taking my meditation practice to a whole new level and has helped me create and maintain a self love practice in a much more consistent and practical way. It’s shifted my knowing I needed to take more care, give more love to myself to actually doing that everyday in a way I can sustain and enjoy. It’s been fab thank you Rachel


Downham Market

All of Rachel's coaching clients receive...

  • Guidance and wisdom from the angels
  • Angelic and spiritual tools for their healing and progression
  • Practical counselling and coaching tools 
  • A personalised, transformative approach that works best for you
  • Personalised action steps to help you meet your goals, stay focused and grow
  • Home tasks and reading assignments, when they are wanted, to further your self awareness, learning, knowledge and understanding
  • Confidentiality, freedom to share openly and honestly, inspiration, motivation and empowerment


As your partner and coach, and in collaboration with your angels and guides, I will support you in understanding and removing what is in the way of your best life. We'll establish clear, concrete, measurable goals and support you in connecting to your own inner wisdom. I will support you in an honest and understanding way. There is nothing that you cannot shift!

These sessions will work for you if you can commit showing up 100% for each session, and if you are willing and intentional about breaking out of your comfort zone. 

60 minutes Personal Spiritual Consultation    £35

90 minutes Personal Spiritual Consultation £48

Payment is required up-front in full. Payment is accepted via bank transfer or paypal/credit/debit card with an additional 3% service fee.

Daytime, evening and some weekend appointments are available.


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