Mindfulness Workshops In Your Community

Life and the road to self-discovery is a journey best done with friends. We all need cheerleaders to encourage us and remind us of our goals. When we come together, as individuals seeking inner happiness, we create a movement. An alliance of like-minded people forming an energy of consciousness that will spread out into the community. Who doesn't want to live in a happier community? That person doesn't exist.

Our group meetings take the standard format for mindfulness workshops, and expands on them. Instead of mindfulness tuition and practice over a set course of 6-8 weeks, in these fortnightly group meet-ups, we cover a different topic each time, and throw in some meditations, visualizations, cognitive therapy tools and fun group activities as well! 

Studies show that people who attend just a one month mindfulness course will experience large increases in positive mood, and significant decreases in ruminative thoughts and behaviour. So, what are you waiting for? Delve in, join our mindfulness program by joining a group and get that mindful vibe!

What happens at each Workshop?

Happy in the moment are on a mission to inspire everyone to live a more mindful life. We believe that with regular practise, long term happiness is possible. At our group meet-ups, we will make lasting changes to our own personal wellbeing, and as a group, we're able to inspire change in others. 

With this in mind we provide a regular get-together at a local venue, aimed at covering a different topic of mindfulness each session.  Each session runs for 2 hours and in this time we will cover a mindfulness topic, guide you through a meditation plus we make sure to work in ample time for sharing and chatting with each other. We may also have raffles, guest speakers and other special events planned for some of these sessions and you'll be updated on these through your local group. 

Each session is just £10 per person, payable when you attend, and this covers the cost of refreshments. Please see the individual details for your group meeting for more details.. There is no commitment required, you can come to every session or just one or two that are of relevance to you. However, the more sessions that you attend, the more you will notice positive changes in your life, and you may also pick up lasting friendships with like-minded people along the way

Each Workshop gives you all this:

  • Entry to our 2 hour mindfulness and meditation workshop
  • Access to the Happy In The Moment mindfulness program - special mindfulness topics which are designed to increase your self-awareness and your sense of happiness, to help you to live your best life
  • In-group guided meditations aimed at relaxation, stress-reduction and cognitive reprogramming
  • Hand-outs, information sheets and work shop packs to really consolidate eveything you've learnt at the workshop


  • A 'habit releaser' practice for the following fortnight. Think of this as brain training!
  • Access to special guest speakers and other special events
  • A friendly community of like minded people eager to share and support one another on your journey towards happiness
  • Access to our online community, support and resources
  • Tea, coffee and biscuits and that warm feeling that comes form knowing that you've done something really good for yourself and your own wellbeing.

"Due to the prolonged course,  I find for the first time that I can recall the teachings more readily in everyday life. Shorter courses 'come and go' and are forgotten very quickly."

(Mrs D, Wisbech Workshop)