Energy Healing

Energy Healing

To clear, cleanse and balance your energy system

There are dozens of methods to heal and clear your chakras and energy field. I use intuitive healing techniques, drawn from Reiki, Spiritual Healing and Angelic Energy Medicine. In my personal practice, I enjoy a variation in my practice. I use energy exercises, meditations, visualisations, yin yoga and dowsing to clear my own chakras, aura and etheric cords, as well as regular salt and baking soda baths (these ingredients mimic the cleansing properties of the ocean!). For clients, I work intuitively with your particular energy, drawing on Reiki, Spiritual Healing and Angelic Energy Medicine to bring your energy back into balance. Some of your chakras may require more focus than others. With a longer session, we are able to extend the chakra cleanse to include work on Etheric cords- the cords that bind you energetically to others in negative ways, we dissolve and cut these if they are present - and also intuitive aura scanning to see if there are any pockets of denser energy or tears to remove or heal.

You are a being of light and energy

Our energy centres - or chakras - push vital life energy through the body to ensure vitality. The chakras radiate energy constantly. Your thoughts control the energy flow around you so if you hold negative thoughts, your chakras become dirty with dense, dark energy. Dirty chakras can't push through sufficient energy, and you will feel slugggish and out of balance. You also lose touch with your natural psychic abilities. If our thoughts are based in love and faith, these chakras operate at a perfectly healthy rate. Your energy and life flow smoothly and you experience harmony and bliss.

You have hundreds of chakras within and around you,  located deep within the center of your physical body. Healers tend to focus on the 7 major chakras that affect your daily life. Almost every day we have fear based thoughts. We frequently encounter people or situations that inspire fear of some kind. As a result, we may absorb fearful energy into our chakras. Dirty or imbalanced chakras result in feelings of lethargy, fatigue and apparent blocks in one's creativity and flow of abundance. Clean and balanced chakras open up our flow of energy, new ideas and synchronicities. For that reason, it is a good idea to clear your chakras every day, just as you would wash your physical body everyday, so does your energy body benefit from regular cleansing. 

Energy clearing involves two steps:

  • clearing - releasing negative energy, thought-forms and etheric cords from our chakras and energy field; and 
  • balancing - chakras shrink in size when we hold fearful thoughts about the issues corresponding to the shrunken chakra. They enlarge out of proportion to the other chakras when we have obsessions about the issue related to a particular one. We need to keep them equally large so that the energy flows through them without interruption.

At the end of a healing session, I provide you with visualisations to clear your chakras every day, so that you can clear your chakras through meditation or even in a hurry if need be; information about specific chakra energy areas that may be an issue for you individually, and guidance on how to keep your chakras healthy with affirmations, diet, lifestyle and exercise. 

Energy Healing Package

90 Minutes of Energy Healing includes initial consultation, Chakra Healing, Etheric cord cutting, Aura scanning and a guide to cleaning your own chakras  .................................................................................¬£48

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*I am a member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists, a recognised professional organisation with strict Codes of Ethics and I hold practitioner insurance.